Writers Den

Hey lovelies! This page is just to allow you easy access to all posts in this series. Before I list them out though, I’m going to just give you some background info on how I got into writing etc. If you want to skip down to the list of posts, once you reach the green and pink hearts you’ll reach the post list 🙂


I began writing stories when I was in primary school, at around 6 onwards, I’d be writing stories but they weren’t that great. Still I was writing and I was reading, it was a way I could escape as I always found words came easy to me. When I was 11 I’d just started Secondary school and suddenly I dove head first into writing, it was perhaps the one thing other than reading that truly saved me. It enabled me to totally escape from the world and reality and create something of my own. As I’ve grown older, gained a bit more life experience my writing has evolved with me.

But I’d like to think that my writing voice is still pretty much the same, I have a thing for sarcastic characters and I love hurting my characters a little too much. With that all said, I do know a little bit about how hard it can be to write. It’s not easy, it’s a hard process and at times I’ve wanted to give in. But I live and breathe words, I have stories to tell. I intend to tell them someday. So whilst I’m 17 at the moment, I’ve been writing stories since I was 11 working and honing my skills. I’ve dabbled around with poetry and lyrics. The art of becoming a better writer, is to write to read, to never stop. The more you write the better you’ll become. But you’re going to need a support network too, no one can do this on their own. 

This series started due to me wanting to get back into writing totally original stuff, and not just fanfiction. It was created as a way for me to try and help other writers, like you, to believe in yourself. And to know that it’s ok to have doubt and want to delete everything. We all have those moments. The important thing is to continue on, finishing the first draft of anything leaves you with one of the best feelings ever. 

green and pink hearts

Below you’ll find the list of posts in this series. I do hope these are useful to you. Enjoy 🙂

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Writers Den #4: Creating Characters + look into dialogue


If you have any questions, about writing or anything at all don’t hesitate to tweet me or DM me on twitter. I’ll reply quickest that way, since I’m
always lurking on there haha. Thank you for reading and remember to keep writing, keep believing and drink tea.