You’d Be Better As A Book (BEspring19)

Ever watched a film and liked it but thought it’d be better as a book? It’s not something that happens a lot for me, partially due to my lack of consuming films/TV shows. However this prompt is inspired from watching a set of 4 films, whilst I loved them I was mostly there watching them still because of the characters. It got me thinking that really this story would perhaps have been better suited in book form?

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Wishing I Could Read You For The First Time (BEspring19)

How is it over half way through April and Bookending Spring already? Today I’m back, with my second prompt for you all. Books we wish we could read for the first time. Some books stick in our minds long after, we turn that final page. Those books, often leave a more noticeable mark on our hearts, our minds and our views sometimes too. Whether we fell in love with the characters, or the world…whether it was because we felt seen for the first time by a book. Some books you want to be able to read again but as if it were the first time, experience everything like you did originally.

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Blog’s Life: Past, Present & Future of Book Dragons (BEspring19)

Welcome to my first hosting day for Bookending Spring 2019! Today’s prompt is all about your blog’s journey. Where you started with your blog, how you began (past), where your at now with your blog (present) and where you’d ideally like to be with your blog in a year or two (future). If you’ve ever been curious about my blog’s journey, as well as my plans for the future, which I may or may not share some of my plans for the future. Then grab a cuppa, get comfy as we dive into this BESpring19 post!

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