Review Policy

Currently NOT Accepting Requests

I am more than happy to accept books for Review (R) or Review and Discussion (RD) consideration on Book Dragons. If you would like to contact me about  a book review and discussion please email me, using this email address Note the following as contacting me, implies that you have read and agree to these terms.


  • I’m always happy to hear from publishers/agents/authors, about books. However, I cannot guarantee a RD, to come out of every book I read.  This blog is a hobby of mine, and I do not get paid to do it. I’m in full time education, which eats into my time, preventing me from reading the things I want to as it is.
  • If I choose to accept your book for a R/RD, please remember, I will give my honest opinions about said book. If I didn’t like it, I will explain why, but I’ll always say for people to give it a go, if it’s in a genre they read. As we all love books others hate, and hate books others love.
  • The formats I accept, are printed copies/ARCs I’m more than happy to read and review the first book in a series in preparation for the sequel. I am no longer accepting eFormats of any kind, due to me preferring to read physically. I won’t be able to read your book quick enough, as I don’t get along with the eBook style.
  • I will read already published books as well as books which have yet to be published.
  • If I tell you I’ll do a Review or Review and Discussion, that means I will do one. Once I’ve read the book, and written the post.
  • The length of time it could take for the R/RD to be posted, depends on how busy my college life and personal life get. As well as how fast I read the book, and write the post. So with all this born in mind, please allow me a month to 3 months. And if there is still nothing, feel free to get in touch with me for an update on where I’m at with it. I won’t have forgotten, I will just be busy.


What I Will Consider for RD’s

I DO NOT read Adult UNLESS its fantasy or paranormal, even then you have a 50/50 chance of me accepting.

Within Young Adult: Paranormal, Fantasy, Contemporary, Sci-Fi, Dystopian.

If your book deals with topics such as Mental Illness, Rape Culture, LGBT+, Equality, Feminism etc I’m more likely to give it a go as I’m always on the hunt for books, dealing with these diverse topics.


The Difference Between R and RD

An R stands for Review – simply put it’s a non spoiler review which includes my thoughts, my rating and the synopsis of the book. A RD stands for Review and Discussion, which is split into two sections the review part at the beginning contains everything my reviews do. But then there’s the discussion where I discuss the book in detail with spoilers. That is simply the difference. An RD takes longer to write typically than a Review because I go into more detail in the discussion. For examples of both please check my review index. It states whether its a R or RD.


For My Readers

Unless stated otherwise in the Review and Discussion, the book has either been borrowed from the library or I’ve bought it myself. You can expect an honest review and discussion, regardless where the book came from.


What I do With ARC’s

After I have read and reviewed the book, if it is in a physical copy I will host a Giveaway on either my blog or my Twitter account for another blogger to receive, under the condition that they then read it and review it too. Once it is out of my hands, I have no control over what happens to it from then on. 


  • The giveaways, unless otherwise stated, are going to be UK only; due to postal costs. If by the time I get round to reading it and posting the R/RD, it’s past the release date, I may choose to keep a hold of the ARC 
  • I reserve the right to decline requests if I do not feel like I will read it and/or I don’t have any interest in it
  • Every Review/Review and Discussion I do will be my own opinion/s and will be my honest thoughts on the book, where the book came from does in no way impede my judgement on the book.


last updated 17/05/18