Rating Systems (The Bloggers In The Attic)

Whether it’s for a film, a TV show, a product or in our case a book, rating systems are used to give potential buyers an insight onto that particular product. In our case as book bloggers, we’ll primarily be showcasing a rating system for books, some of us may also have one for on screen media etc. However since everyone’s rating system is different, how important are ratings on our reviews? Today I’ll be sharing my two pence on this topic, along with why I plan to change my own rating system on the blog.

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April Goals (ft My Tidyathon List!)

BOOKENDING SPRING 2019 STARTS TODAY WHICH MEANS IT’S APRIL Y’ALL! Haha I mean can we tell I’m super excited for Bookending Spring? This months goals are gonna be slightly different, as I also run the Tidyathon alongside the Bookend Events.

I’m also taking part in the Tidyathon…sooooo my goals combined with my Tidyathon list. As i want to outline what goals I’m aiming for, along with my Tidyathon list/goals. 

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Monthly Rewind: March

*slams the big red panic button* THIS IS NOT A DRILL IT’S APRIL TOMORROW AND BOOKENDING SPRING BEGINS! I REPEAT THIS IS NOT A DRILL! April is going to be an awesome month, but before we let April, roll us over into a pancake. Let’s rewind March, what did I get up to, books I read, upcoming event and more!

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