Graphics Disclaimer

As a Graphic and Digital Design student I have access to software at my college (Adobe Photoshop + Adobe Illustrator), to create my own graphics. Whilst I will use a base image from pinterest or google I DO NOT copy that design, I merely use it to guide the base of my own design. I then embellish my designs, make changes and switch it up to my own style. Currently all graphics, are drawn by myself.

Pictures may used from other people’s blogs if it’s either a meme or a tag e.g Sunshine Blogger Award. Otherwise I don’t tend to use photos as my images, I stick to my own drawings to avoid copyright infringement. Photos may be used with my Blogging Journal posts but they’re photos I’ve taken myself, of my journal, I own the rights to those images.

If for some reason you have an issue at any point, don’t hesitate to contact me via email bookdragons247(at)gmail(dot)com and we can deal with your issue that way. 

All the book covers used in my posts are taken from either Goodreads or Amazon, typically they’re from Goodreads and match the edition I read. 

I own the rights to final graphics implemented here, so please do not use graphics on this site without direct permission from me. If you want quote something from here, then please CREDIT me. That’s all I ask!

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Drawings and Writing

Within a Thursday Talks post (FOUND HERE) I shared some of my drawings, which I did by hand along with some of my digital work. I own the rights to those images and the photos of my drawings. 

Within the Writers Den there may be times I use excerpts of my OWN writing (typically I’ll use fanfiction which is already published on Wattpad) but it is my own work, I retain and own the rights to any content I share which is specifically from a story/poem/song I wrote. I will also say before I share it what it is so you know, if it is not something I’ve written you’ll see me credit the originator.

If for some reason I haven’t credited the originator or there is no credit, and you KNOW/ARE the orginator, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me via email (bookdragons247@gmail.com) for me to credit you. I love sharing other blog posts and snippets etc from places and I do my best to find the creator of the content. 

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All books reviewed/featured here on Book Dragons are either purchased by me, gifted to me by friends and family, borrowed from my library, won in a giveaway or provided by the author/publisher for free in exchange for an honest review. 

Unless I have obtained a copy of the book through the author/publisher or from my library group for free – I will not state where it came from. As the majority of the books I read; I either purchased, were gifted or borrowed from my library. 

I don’t receive any compensation for my reviews. I am NOT a paid reviewer! All reviews are based on my personal opinion about the book and my opinions are not affected by the source from where I got it.

Please do not request me to write a positive review of your book, in case you have requested a review. Please read my Review Policy if you’re unsure. 

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I have a lot of discussion posts, as you may have seen. All opinions are my own, unless otherwise stated. My Writers Den is geared towards helping writers with their writing, I am NOT a published author. My methods are just ones that have worked and helped myself, so I figured I’d share them and help my fellow writers out. If they don’t work for you, that DOES NOT mean it’s your fault, or my fault for you having a flop of draft/poem/song. It simply means you need to keep writing, keep practicing and find out the methods that work for you.

I retain the rights and ownership to my posts as I wrote them. If there are any Guest Posts on my blog, I DO NOT have ownership, the full ownership remains with the original content creator as indicated in the Guest Post. 

If I’ve used any quotes, infographics then I’ll caption them giving credit to where it was sourced.

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