Rating Systems (The Bloggers In The Attic)

Whether it’s for a film, a TV show, a product or in our case a book, rating systems are used to give potential buyers an insight onto that particular product. In our case as book bloggers, we’ll primarily be showcasing a rating system for books, some of us may also have one for on screen media etc. However since everyone’s rating system is different, how important are ratings on our reviews? Today I’ll be sharing my two pence on this topic, along with why I plan to change my own rating system on the blog.

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Night Owl To Early Bird? (Teen POV)

If this is your first stop off at my blog, hello welcome. I am a teenager who is slowly becoming an early bird?! I know…terrifying to actually type that out. The thing is, us teens seem to have a harder time changing our habits…at least that’s what it looks like to me. Particularly our sleeping patterns. We like being up late, we’re being productive. We’ve all been there ok, it’s like a rite of passage. How do we change out sleeping pattern then?

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Authenticity In Engagement

It’s shouldn’t come as a surprise to any blogger, that writing posts can be draining, articulating your thoughts onto a blank screen? Yeah, let’s just pretend this post will write itself, shall we? That’d be lovely though. We put hours into each post we publish, taking into account any research, reading, writing the post, formatting and editing the post, graphics…oh and huzzah! Scheduled/published.

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