5 Things Bookdragons Do Before Going Away

Can you believe its January?! No me neither! strikeout I’m totally not writing this in October 2018 Anyhoo, it’s a new year and with a new year comes adventures! Whether that’s educational adventures, general holidays or you know…the weekend get away. Something I’m sure you book dragons know, is how your friends, family, partner will say how you don’t need that many books. I know, I know they don’t get it. It’s alright, we’re gonna get through this together.

Are you ready, as I run down the things most of us will do, to prepare to go on any type of getaway? Let’s dive into this.

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Dragons Discuss: Privileges

Dragons Discuss is a new series that gets featured at Book Dragons and at Bookdragonism. It’s co written by the blog owners (Clo and Rain) and is all about discussing a variety of topics, sharing thoughts and opinions, as well as just having fun. 

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Hellooooo bookdragons! So I may or may not have totally spaced on this post, we’d thankfully already prewritten the content for it. I just spaced cause I got super busy. Which is why we’ve got a Dragons Discuss today…instead of a Blogoween post. Look…it’s Rain and I! Plus we’re doing it a slightly different style, it’s more like a chat between the both of us. 

So if you like this style of reading us chatting about topics, make sure to let us know in the comments. That way we know how to style them! 

Purple is me talking and blue is Rain talking

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Today we’re gonna be talking about Bookworm Privileges, which considering when we’re writing this, is fitting. Cause book twitter blew up with the chat about piracy again, which we’ll touch upon in this discussion too. I’m from the UK, I live in the UK and whilst I am still an INT bookblogger, I am aware thanks to the book community that I do have privileges.

Libraries for example – I just thought everyone had access to them like, it didn’t ever occur to me that places wouldn’t have libraries. I have been extremely lucky in that my parents, grandparents always fed my love for reading. Birthdays and Christmas’ ended up with them having to specifically ask me what I wanted – other than books. I had access to a library where my grandma lives. So as a child I spent a lot of time in that library with my grandma.

I guess looking back I always had access to books whether it be outside of my house, in my house, at school…I had access to them. I also consumed them at an alarming rate *chuckles*

So Rain, tell us what it’s like for you both when you were younger and now (I’m also really curious cause I love learning about what it’s like for other ppl in other parts of the world)

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I am an international blogger (from the Philippines) and let me just say this: IT’S SO DIFFICULT LIVING IN A LITTLE TOWN IN A NOT-SO-BIG COUNTRY. I don’t live in the city. There are no bookstores or libraries here. I’m so tired of hearing people say “going to your local library” is the greatest solution to an international reader’s problems. I understand the sentiment. But there are just areas that DO NOT have local libraries so we travel hours to get to the nearest bookstores just to have access to books (the nearest bookstore from here is more than an hour away).

There is online shopping of course but the shipping fees are just so expensive, that my wallet often cries and coughs in blood. I know there are sites like Book Depository that ships internationally for free but if you convert the prices of the books there (from US dollar to Philippine peso), I can say that the books are still expensive. Maybe even more so than those with shipping fees. So in the end, I just resort to online shopping because I don’t travel to cities that often. As a bookdragon, buying books is the first priority. WHAT ARE CLOTHES? WHAT IS A NEW PHONE? IS EATING EVEN IMPORTANT??? (Fine. Eating is important.)

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I am the most thrifty person I know. Because books are expensive, I save up every coin from my school allowance, which isn’t a lot because I’m not from a particularly well-off family.

But like Clo, my mom (who is a bookdragon herself) is so supportive of my reading life. She buys books for me and my sister during our birthdays or during Christmas. I’m still lucky that my mom knows how passionate I am when it comes to reading.

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Also I’d like to point out, like Rain I live in a village, like it’s a village we have no shops; nothing and for me to get anywhere I rely on my parents driving me places. My closest library is a 20 min drive away give or take. But the library I prefer to go to because it offers more choice, it’s bigger and I love it is a 45 min drive away. So yeah I have libraries, I don’t go to them regularly though because of transport issues etc – it sucks but I’m just thankful to have libraries around me.

Oh and my nearest bookshop is probably in town with Waterstones and WhSmiths, that’s about an hours drive away from me I think give or take. Shipping fees are a killer, like seriously, they’re expensive but then sometimes your parcel gets lost, or it just takes forever like WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH MY PARCEL READING THE BOOKS BEFORE YOU SEND THEM OFF hehe tad over the top but you get the point.

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Ahh Clo when my books take too long to ship, my anxiety levels go higher than Mount Everest. Like, “WHERE IN THE WORLD ARE MY BOOKS?? ARE THEY IN THE SEA OF MONSTERS NOW?”

Yeah I feel you, like it’s terrifying, luckily mine tend to arrive quickly. I’ve had it before where I ordered some (The Lunar Chronicles) and they came but…god I’m 99% sure they were beaten up before they were sent; they weren’t how they were described. Oh yeah and my biggest struggle is still to buy all the Iron Fey books by Julie Kagawa – DO YOU GUYS KNOW HOW FREAKING HARD IT IS TO GET THEM AT A REASONABLE PRICE?! You’d have thought backlist books would be cheaper n? They’re not, some of them are damned expensive like ouch, my bank accounts crying here.

You see, bookdragons? Our lives aren’t easy. I know some of you are struggling out there too. I’m not as privileged as those who live in first-world countries but I’m lucky that there are people who understand and support my love for books. My wallet is always bleeding but even though I’m often broke, at least I’m happy.

Even though books take 2 weeks or more to ship, there are a few things that can compare to the joy of holding most-anticipated books in my hands. Being an international bookdragon IS NOT EASY but every sacrifice I make is worth it because my love for books is so great.

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I’d also like to point out that the US, in my opinion has more privileges than UK, mainly because a lot of the authors live in the US; they’re published over there. The UK is great and we’re lucky enough to get authors come and visit us which I’m forever grateful for, but like…we also get cut out of opportunities like giveaways cause we’re UK not US/CA which sucks. Cause whilst not all countries are equal in wealth, we’re all united by our love for reading.

Giveaways folks, giveaways that are only US/CA are great but then it sorta makes the rest of us feel excluded. I know, it’s cause of shipping costs but there are other ways you can give to the INT folk. For instance I hosted a giveaway for graphics and I’m helping an INT bookblogger redesign her blog. Also to clarify, I personally count CA as INT because it’s outside the US, so like if you’re outside the US I count you as INT just saying haha.

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I am so grateful for giveaways! If you’re an international reader who struggles with book accessibility, you can always join giveaways. There are giveaways in goodreads but they’re seldom open internationally. There are A LOT of international giveaways on Twitter though. I’ve retweeted a lot of them on my profile so you can check it out and join giveaways that are still open.

Sure, there’s about 1% chance of winning in a giveaway but no matter how slim the chance, we still need to grab the opportunity. There are also a lot of twitter users who support international readers. In fact, I met someone recently who agreed to ship an ARC of a very anticipated release to me despite their financial struggles.

Awww that person is an angel, see I’d do that but I worry about it not reaching the person cause like I don’t have much faith, in the postal service these days. But like Rain said, INT giveaways however slim are always a chance to win, I’ll probably run more graphic based giveaways to help fellow book bloggers out cause, we all know a blog is a time consuming thing. Particularly when it comes to graphics and the overall look of your blog, so I do my best to offer my help here and there.

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I’m always grateful to Clo and to other supporters of international readers out there. Seriously, this world needs more people like you.

Ah I’ll always be grateful to you INT folk, who open my eyes and let me learn what it’s like for you, cause let’s be real I’m a stereotypical English girl; white as a snowflake, addicted to tea BUT I do love learning and helping as best I can.

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Rain’s Socials




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If you don’t already follow me on my social media, check the sidebar at the top, my socials are little dragon eggs hehe. Due to Rain being at school, and myself going back to college, we can only post monthly, so while it may be a long wait for next post. We are doing our best, busting our tails off for you lovely lot. 


Embracing Or Destroying Our Inner Perfectionist?

Perfectionism. It’s something we’re often told we can’t attain, no matter how hard we try. This idea of being perfect is simply, impossible and a lot of them time people like myself, who are perfectionists get told we should stop. How it’s harming our productivity. And you know…I think there’s some truth in that but I also believe that we shouldn’t have to crush our inner perfectionist.

The reason behind me writing this post, is simply down to me being a perfectionist, I’m not a perfectionist with everything I do. But the things I love, enjoy and are my passion I often become a perfectionist with them. I like things to be just so it probably won’t make any difference to the person reading, looking at it. Yet for me…it makes a world of difference.

I think there are times to hold onto that perfectionism some of us have in us; just as there are times to loosen our hold on it. Let it breathe, let yourself breathe and remember…we learn from our mistakes and our failed attempts.

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Staring Your Perfectionism In The Eye

Probably a bizarre thing to say, why would we want to face it head on? Why not just crush it and accept we can never attain perfection? Well…perfection seems to be derived from our fear of accepting anything less than perfect. So we can sometimes put things off, out of fear it won’t be good enough, or we spend too much time on one little aspect of something.

I’ve known for a while now I am a perfectionist with a lot of creative things, I like things to be perfect…to other people it’s probably not perfect. To me…it is usually. It’s this constant battle with myself knowing, no matter how perfect I get something, I can always improve on it. We can always improve on things from before because we’ve grown, changed, matured as a person. Our ideas will have grown and our priorities have more than likely changed.

Let’s take a bullet journal for example. A lot of bloggers will either have one, want to start one or have started one but gave up because it’s not as pretty as others. The idea of a bullet journal is to be functional…not pretty. I’ve stopped and started with bullet journals, currently I’m using a sketchbook as a bullet journal and it’s going well so far. I told myself at the beginning making it pretty wasn’t a priority, it was there to be functional. To sort my head out and get myself organised.

Yes, I’m still striving to make it perfect but I also know when to let go and not redo a banner for the third time because it doesn’t look right. (how do you draw straight lines with a ruler please, someone tell me how *chuckles*) But you know what? That’s ok, my journal is for me and I’m using it to try and ease up, on how much of a perfectionist I can be. I have to learn, when it’s ok to let it slide. When it doesn’t need to reach that level, people tell us we can’t attain.

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Perfection Is Unattainable?

I think a lot of people accept ‘its good enough’ over accepting it and then trying to improve on it. You can’t attain perfection like *clicks fingers* that. Perfection is also how you choose to perceive perfect. How you may see perfect isn’t how I or someone else may see it, it’s something which is movable.

Blogs. Yes, I’m going there, that fear in all us bloggers that we’re not good enough, that our blog isn’t good enough; it’ll never be perfect often will lead to us either procrastinating on everything…or we just accept that we’ll never get it to the level we want. I think, there’s stepping stones we go on, at first it’s probably going to be a hot mess. We don’t know what we’re doing, having a play, feeling our way round this thing. We see pretty blogs, see stats, others doing better and already BAM! We feel like a failure before we began.

Stop comparing yourself to others. That’s my first step nowadays, you’re not competing with someone else, to be more perfect than them. You’re competing against yourself, to be a better person than before, to accomplish more than last time. To perfect what was already good, make it better, improve upon it. Notice it’s flaws, acknowledge them, along with what already works. Now…take what doesn’t work, how can we improve that? Take what works, does it need improving right now? Or at all?

Something this doesn’t apply to is writing, writing is a whole other story. We will never write a perfect story, poem, song ever. But, as writers every new thing we write should be an improvement in some way on the last one because we have more experience.

Perfection is attainable, if you know what you want to achieve. It won’t stay perfect for long, as you’re probably (if you’re anything like me) going to grow, learn more skills and look at what was perfect before and want to rip it to shreds and start over. We don’t rip it to shreds, we use it as a base for the next version of it.

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Knowing When To Hold On; When To Let Go

Something I’ve struggled with, is wanting everything to be perfect, or done in a certain way. In reality, that’s not possible for us to make everything perfect the first time around. We have to have that first time of mistakes, learn from them, iron them out for the next time. Also, not every aspect of ours lives can be perfect. As people…we aren’t perfect. There isn’t a perfect human being that we should all aspire to be, I think we should all aspire to be the best version of ourselves.

Yes, it’ll mean a lot of stress at times, failures, self doubt, wondering if we should settle for less but…does settling for less mean you’re not happy with your work or whatever you’ve settled for?

There are times where we have to breathe, look at what we’ve done and accept for now, that is the best we can do and that is ok. We can always revisit certain things to improve them, make them better, work better. For example, your blog is ever changing, growing which can be scary if like me…you like things to all look the same, like it belongs; inconsistencies don’t sit well with me. But…I don’t have time to go through all my posts and sit their painfully formatting them all right now, maybe later on I’ll be able to take time out draw up a schedule to tackle this.

But until then, I have to let it go that not everything will look the same with my older posts, because I’ve grown as a blogger which is totally ok! We don’t get it perfect the first time around, despite what our inner perfectionist tells us.

There are times though, when we need to grit our teeth and embrace our inner perfectionist for instance, when I write I know I’m going to have to edit bits and pieces. Face writers block, and that’s ok, because I’m determined to get it perfect right that time, and then I can go back and improve on it. But if I’m constantly fighting my inner perfectionist, self doubt with my writing…I’m not going to get far. This applies to blog posts too for those who may not be into the creative sort of writing.

For example, writing a discussion post, you’re worried it won’t be like the ones you read. I mean…I should hope not? It’s your voice, your opinion, YOU writing this DISCUSSION post sharing your thoughts with us. So write it, maybe the first draft really sucks, so what? We rarely publish blog posts in their raw draft form, we tend to edit, format, cut bits out add bits in. But if you never stare that fear in the eye, of failing, you’ll never get that first draft to work on and improve.

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We shouldn’t seek out to combat our perfectionism forever, it’s not something that needs to be squashed forever. It’s something we should recognise, as an area of grey. It’s not black (bad) nor white (good) but grey – it’s a mixture of good and bad. It’s something which can hinder us, yet also something which can help us improve. It’s about seeing the bad in this trait we have, facing it, accepting it; embrace it and embrace the good it can also bring you.

When we first start out in anything, we’re usually not good, some people recently have said; they wish they could write stories as well as I can. Instead of trying they’re just accepting that they won’t? It hurts that 11 year old girl I once was, I stared that dream of being an author in the eye, and said to myself I have nothing to lose by starting now and since then I never stopped writing. I think I’ve always had a natural way with words, which has helped a lot. But having a natural talent doesn’t pay, if talent doesn’t work hard. Someone who isn’t naturally gifted but works hard, could still achieve the same results as that talented person who just didn’t try as hard. They’ll probably never reach that same level if they both tried hard, as one is more natural at it than the other. But they shouldn’t be competing against one another. It’s about competing against yourself.

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Try, Fail, Try Again

A lot of us have dreams as a child, and people around us probably influence, whether we actually chase those dreams. Some of us have had those unrealistic dreams, like wanting to be a singer, or an actress something that typically, people around us smile and say that’s great. But they probably won’t encourage you, they’ll encourage you towards more realistic dreams, like being a teacher, doctor, lawyer a job which pays well, is mostly stable. Not a creative job, which is hit and miss, not a guarantee you’ll make it and could take years for you to break through.

How many of you, reading this have wanted to be an author? Or wanted to go into a job that your parents disagreed with? How many of you tried, failed and never tried again for fear of failing and getting told be friends, family that it’s a waste of time?

When I was 11, I knew in my own mind I wanted to be an author as my job. Oh look – unrealistic dream alert. I was aware back then, I couldn’t live off of my writing right away, if ever…I need a back up. A job that would provide me income to support myself. Back then…the back up plan could wait. I dove into writing, I’d just started Secondary School and writing became this escape for me. A place I could create, manipulate and tell these stories. Weave pieces of myself, friends and family into characters, it went a way to making the writer I am today. It taught me to write regularly, I actually get antsy going too long without writing now.

It taught me that not everything will be perfect, and you’ll face hurdles, you’ll fall down and there’ll be people who’ll ask you why you’re even bothering. Why bother? You’ll never make it? You’re not going to be good enough? Strong enough? Fast enough? Talented enough?

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You can’t fail…until you stop trying

That is what I live by, and have lived by for several years now. As long as I’m trying my best, I’ve not failed no matter the outcome. I tried, and I’ll keep trying until I’m happy with the outcome. That is perfectionism, to me, persevering until you, yourself are happy with the end result. Seeing others happy or react positively towards the end result is always going to make you feel better. But you should be in this for you, not for anyone else.

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Wow so this is my longest post to date, but I hope you take something away from reading this super long post. This topic is pretty close to my heart for obvious reasons, and I’m sure it’ll resonate with many of you.

Let me know your thoughts on perfectionism, whether you’re going to embrace, destroy or work with yours? I’m doing my best to work with mine – at times it’s difficult but worth it.


Alternate Ending For ACOWAR?

Disclaimer: I do actually love this series, but I can recognise that it has flaws, it’s not perfect. That’s fine, but there’s something that happened in ACOWAR which ticked me off. So I’m gonna discuss, share my thoughts, it’s not done to offend you ok. Cause I am a fan of the characters and series too.

Don’t read the post if you’ve not read ACOWAR cause major spoilers are EVERYWHERE

Ok. Let’s get one thing out in the open, Rhys dying and being brought back to life IN THE SAME BOOK is a crappy move. *wait’s a beat* Yep, I said it. Look I know we were all hoping he wasn’t actually dead, I think my heart disappeared down under praying he was coming back. And he did…yet it almost felt like cheating. Something a lot of people tell you as a writer is don’t kill off your character, then bring them back straight away, or ever. If you’re gonna bring them back, I feel like there’s a right way to do it?

That way isn’t in the space of 5-10 pages. *looks at those offending pages* So what I’m about to propose is an alternate ending, which in my opinion would have made ACOWAR better, given the character more depth. And ACOFAS would be longer. (I’ve not read ACOFAS so I don’t know what happens in it, this is just me explaining how I’d have probably gone about the ending.)

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He Stays Dead…

No not forever, I’m not a monster. I love Rhys, and I’ve mentioned how I love the series. I just think the whole Rhys dying, being brought back was too easy. I don’t want easy, I’d rather suffer and cry an ocean. So when Rhys died, he stays dead, for the rest of ACOWAR. To bring him back, they needed the combined magic of all courts right? If I’m remembering this correctly from reading it back when it was released.

Rhys being dead for the rest of ACOWAR, would have had a huge impact on not only Feyre, but on Mor, Cassian, Amren, Azriel…and the rest of the Night Court. It would bound to impact them, change them it’d also give us as readers a depth to them as characters. Grief, affects us all differently, that’s fact. I feel like Feyre wouldn’t just give in, I feel like she’d let the loss of him influence her a lot and it’d be her drive to finding him because he’s her mate. Because she loved him and they were bonded.

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ACOWAR ends in uncertainty, mystery, grief and whilst they won…there’s this loss that we’d feel. Roll on ACOFAS where we could truly explore the affects of Rhys not being there, it could open doors to flashbacks to memories from Feyre, Mor, Cassian, Azriel and Amren which I would have been down for. You could learn a lot about Rhys, by reading flashbacks from other times.

Rhys comes back at the/near the end of ACOFAS. So we’d spend ACOFAS rebuilding the Night Court which I’m guessing is what it’s about? And exploring the loss of Rhys, the affects and how they all cope without him. Nothing shakes up a character more than the loss of another, it could enable character arcs to happen hell…Nesta could be nice for once to Feyre? (maybe that’s pushing it…)

Now because Rhys could only be brought back by the combined magic of all Courts, we could spend a lot of the book travelling with Feyre as she goes to the Courts to convince them to help her. Bonus thought, Tamlin can join her in an uneasy truce to start making amends for his appalling behaviour earlier in ACOMAF. It could be a character arc for a lot of the main characters, giving them room to develop expand.

Then after she’s convinced them all to help her, we get Rhys back and whilst he’s back. It’s not going to just revert to how it was, they were without him and he was dead. That’s going to leave its mark on them all, which I think would be interesting to explore in maybe a novella if we turned ACOFAS into the 4th book.

purple dragon divide

I think the main reason, why Rhys’ death pissed me off so much, is because of how it was executed. It was the easiest way out, in my mind. Something I’ve been practicing is writing characters, going through grief and having it explored. The person they’re grieving is dead, whilst somehow bringing them back would be easy…it’s just not the right way to do it. Not if its within fanfic or contemporary, most other genres where magic, and other things occur. It could happen, it does happen and it can be done really well. But it wasn’t done well in ACOWAR.

Yes it would have hurt us all to know he was gone, but surely then we’d be eager to know, if there was a way to bring him back you know? It’s about creating that tension, and not just creating it… only to solve the problem that caused it immediately. You have to give it a while. Equally he could have died earlier on in the book and then come back near the end of ACOWAR, that would’ve been better than we got.

What we got was a stupid death, which caused momentary distress, heartache, panic an exclamation of NO SHE DIDN’T DO THAT TO RHYS and then we get Oh…he’s alive it’s all ok? Like, I was waiting for something to actually happen. There was a lot of build, climax which ended in not a lot to my mind.

For me ACOMAF was the best book in the series. ACOWAR Flopped with a capital F guys, there were scenes I loved and the build would have been awesome…if it went somewhere. It flat lined though, which sucked cause it didn’t have to.

pink dragon divide

Sooo thoughts? I’d just like to mention that I’m not saying my ending is the right ending that ACOWAR should have had, it’s just an opinion of mine. In which I feel this ending would have made the book better…in my opinion. The ending we got is the one the author wrote, and it’s a decent ending all things considered. But I certainly believe, it could have been executed a lot better.

If you’d like to read up on The Etiquette To Discussing Books With Conflicting Opinions feel free, I think it’s important to discuss things and it’s totally ok for us to have conflicting opinions. But like I discuss in that particular post, there is a right way to discuss with fellow readers and bloggers. 

If you’ve read ACOFAS no spoilers please, I’m planning on rereading the trilogy to then read ACOFAS. BUT what do we all think of ACOWAR? Do you have an alternate ending that’s different to mine, you wanna share? Comment below, we can chat about alternate endings hehe.


My First Impression Of The Book Blogging Community

This post actually was inspired by Merv’s guest post, where she talks about Understanding The Bookish Community: A Newbie Perspective. Merv brought up some interesting points, which got me thinking, what was my first impression of the community? Was my impression accurate or not? And did my impression cause me to worry when there was no need to?

pink dragon divide

Finding Blogs

My biggest hurdle when I first started Book Dragons, was finding other blogs. I knew they were out there, I just had no clue where to start looking for them. It was a frustrating time, writing content and not knowing who else to blog hop to. Not knowing where to go for blogs. Other than Cait @ Paper Fury, I didn’t know any other bookblogger. Somehow I stumbled across Evelina @ Avalinah’s Books, where I saw a post that she was starting a discord group for bookblogger. I was so close to not even joining you guys *hides* but then I was like, I have nothing to lose right, so I went for it and that is one of the best choices I ever made early on in my blogging journey.

That discord group is where I’ve met so many amazing bookbloggers, I’ve made awesome friends and I love spending time on the server with everyone. It’s a support network, we support and help one another but we also talk about a lot of random stuff. It’s cool, you get to know the ones who live on the server, those who lurk and those who appear and disappear cause of school and/or life commitments.

If you’re struggling to find blogs, check the comments to a persons post, 9/10 times most of those comments are left by book bloggers. Which brings me to my next point.

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Now, I’ve been in three band fandoms, but really the only one I’m hugely active in is the RoadTrip fan base, we’re roadies. Which is why you’ll see a lot of tweets about RoadTrip *laughs sheepishly* The point is, in a lot of communities you often feel like you’re competing with one another. In the Roadie fan base, I tend to just be chill and stay out of any drama which sparks up, cause I don’t have time for that. *rolls eyes* Girls arguing over a group of boys, or turning on one another is just…I just get disappointed when that happens or when our fan base ends up arguing with another one. Like really? Is it too hard to just be happy that someone got noticed, or a DM. I digress.

The book community is like a breath of fresh air, on my twitter timeline whenever drama kicks off in the Roadie camp, cause like you’re all my people. Sure we have different opinions, different views but we all read, and from reading we’ve gotten wise; we see the world in it’s many colours, greys, and the black and white too.

What I love most is how we’re always adding to how we see this world of ours, through what we read. Over a year ago, I started this blog, before starting this blog I had no idea about how my fellow book dragons lived in other countries. How hard it is to just get a hold of books, how they don’t have close access to libraries. Being part of this community taught me so much, when all I was hoping for was a place to belong, a community who understood what it’s like to be a booklover.

We’re not perfect, sometimes we mess up, but unlike other communities, I think we handle it better. We don’t turn on one another, or at least not that I’ve ever seen, we mostly respect one anothers opinions, even if they hate our OTP we grit our teeth and go ‘yeah cool, that’s your opinion’ some of us like me, may ask why they don’t like them together where others may not want to know. I’ve yet to come across a bookblogger who wasn’t willing to help me when I asked for help.

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You’re Less Than Others

This sort of comes with the nature of blogging, whilst we LOVE supporting one another, we sometimes feel like we’re less than those blogs we hop to. We judge their content and wonder why ours sucks (newsflash – it doesn’t I promise you!), or how come they have more followers than us. We all can say if blogging is our hobby, stats shouldn’t really matter…but in a way they do matter. It validates us, and our content. Getting a like is nice, a comment makes us feel like that effort of writing, editing, formatting was all worth it.

I think at the start I did feel less than other blogs, but that was down to my terrible formatting hahaha. No really, it was crap. It‘s better now. The thing is, we all start out not really knowing what we’re doing, we do our best to read posts on how to do this and that. Do our best to make our blog look nice. You know what? Just write the posts you want to read, I’ve always loved reading discussions hence there were discussions right away on my blog. Along with tags. Review came later. It’s your blog, do it your way.

Don’t feel like you have to read a certain amount of books each week/month otherwise you’re not enough, equally with posting. We’re all in different situations, some of us can manage our time better than others, some of us may have less commitments than others. Manage what you can, you’re still doing good.

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Being Everywhere

Aha yeah, you’ll probably see a lot of us are on many social platforms. I’m most active on twitter though, it’s where I reside other than the discord group. So don’t feel like you need all the platforms. I would highly recommend going with either twitter or instagram first. As a lot of us are on both those social medias.

As for when I first started, I wasn’t overly worried about being everywhere, I already had twitter, and my twitter is used for my blog and personal use. So I already knew how twitter worked, I know a lot more about it now though. Instagram is still an on off thing for me hehe. Stories a lot of fun though hehe.

I think something that made me wary was all of the legal stuff which seemed to be needed, it’s really not scary, well…not if you follow it and if you’re stuck just ask someone. We’re more than happy to help, explain, un-confuse you etc.

purple dragon divide

The conclusion to my first impression?

I was worried about finding other blogs, worried maybe the community would turn out to be competitive. After being in band fandoms, I’d just gotten used to it. People tearing others down cause of jealously, that they got noticed by the band. I wasn’t expecting to find a community as welcoming as this one, who’ll help you if you’re stuck. bounce ideas with you when you’re lost for inspiration.

The great thing about this community? We all want to help one another, in whatever way we can, whether that’s through getting ARCs to those who are International bookbloggers, hosting giveaways or doing a guest post for someone.  We do our best to blog hop to other posts, spreading the love, at the end of the day for most of us blogging is a hobby. Not a job. Yet sometimes, it feels like a job what with all the hats we have to wear.

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What was your first impression of the community? Do you remember any of your worries before joining? Share your thoughts with me in the comments ❤