Night Owl To Early Bird? (Teen POV)

If this is your first stop off at my blog, hello welcome. I am a teenager who is slowly becoming an early bird?! I know…terrifying to actually type that out. The thing is, us teens seem to have a harder time changing our habits…at least that’s what it looks like to me. Particularly our sleeping patterns. We like being up late, we’re being productive. We’ve all been there ok, it’s like a rite of passage. How do we change out sleeping pattern then?

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Authenticity In Engagement

It’s shouldn’t come as a surprise to any blogger, that writing posts can be draining, articulating your thoughts onto a blank screen? Yeah, let’s just pretend this post will write itself, shall we? That’d be lovely though. We put hours into each post we publish, taking into account any research, reading, writing the post, formatting and editing the post, graphics…oh and huzzah! Scheduled/published.

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Why I Schedule Like It’s Going Outta Fashion

Full on disclaimer here, I’m sat here writing this in October 2018. I know! Crazy right, who in their right mind would wanna schedule THAT far ahead?

Me. I do. I need to cause I like having breathing room, but what with dealing with my inner perfectionist, (my thoughts on embracing or destroying our inner perfectionist). It’s hard to get that breathing room where I know for now, I’m ok. By ok I mean my posts are scheduled and I can focus on other things.

For me, scheduling is my life jacket. Maybe you don’t like scheduling, but have you ever thought about pre writing a few posts?

Consistency is key with blogging, in order to grow your blog, you need to be consistent.  Hence today’s discussion is, why I schedule like it’s going outta fashion. My reasons why, along with alternatives for those of you who struggle or don’t like scheduling ahead.

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