Halloween Tag 2.0 (Book Tag)

Oh look – I’m doing this awesome tag. Though I’m not counting it towards my posts for the event, I was tagged by Anthony @ Keep Reading Foward. So without further a due, lets dive right on in.

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Answer all prompts

Answer honestly

Tag 1-13 people

Link back to this post

Remember to credit the creator (Anthony @ Keep Reading Forward)

Have fun!

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A Magical Character or Book

Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater. They’re not witches, but this series is full of magic, adorable friendships, mystery and just…I love these books.


The Perfect Book to Read at Night

All books are perfect to read at night…well unless it’s a horror. Maybe not then, but as a night owl I usually read at night and have often stayed up late to read. In honor of the one book I remember reading with werewolves in, Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater. I have plans to reread this book so I can continue with the series.


A Book that Truly Shocked You

A Quick Bite by Lynsay Sands. Not in a good way, I just felt like it has potential but fell flat. Which is a shame cause I love vampire books.


The Devil
A Dark, Evil Character

Maeve from the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J Maas. Fun fact, I googled her to check I was spelling her name right. I got spoiled cause erm…something just was revealed to me which I didn’t know. #strugglesofabookdragon so now I’m sad, still she’s a nasty piece of work.


Grim Reaper
A Character that Should Never Have Died

I’m just gonna link to my post on Character Deaths I’m Not Over, cause they all STILL STAND *sobs*


A Book that Made You “Hungry” for More

All the Chicagoland Vampires books by Chloe Neill, I love her books and just…I always want more books from her. Her writing, the characters just everything!


A Character that You Would Protect at All Cost

Jem from The Infernal Devices, will protect at all costs. *hisses*


A Book that Sucked the Life Out of You

It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover, this one emotionally drained me in a good way. It caused me to think about a lot of things.


A Book that Still Haunts You

Anyone which has a character die, haunts me…specifically though Frostbite by Richelle Mead. A certain character dies and I just…I was so close to throwing the book off my bed. I was crying and it was a dark few minutes ok, coming to terms with this horrifying development.


A Book that Really Scared You

I don’t read horror, so I’m not scared easily but I do remember when I was maybe 7 or something my mum got my the Charlie Bone series by Jenny Nimmo. I couldn’t get past the first few pages cause I found it creepy so I got my mum to read that series to me. 8 books, it was a lot of fun.


A Character You Have a Bone to Pick With

I have many. Jules…why didn’t you just say no to being her parabati you idiot.


A Book You Would Preserve Throughout Time

The Infernal Devices, closely followed by all my vampire books cause VAMPIRES and magic and paranormal stuff.

Creepy Doll
A Cover too Scary to Look At

Skippingggg cause I literally have no covers that spring to mind as scary.

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Merv @ Merv Reads

Charvi @ Its Not Just Fiction

Vee @ My Reading List

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Oof fun fact, this tag was meant to go up Monday but I fell asleep for once. Then got up late, so yeah…we’re gonna have two posts in one day me thinks. 

So, have you read any of the books I mentioned? Where applicable I’ve linked back to a review of mine on the book. How’s everyone enjoying Blogoween so far? 



Bloodlines (Book Tag)

Finally I’ve gotten round to doing this tag, created by the lovely Jamsu @ jamsudreams. I loved The Vampire Academy but I loved the Bloodlines series a whole lot more, mainly cause Adrian was in it. Still this vampire world is one of my favourites – so let’s dive on into this tag.

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Link back to the creator Jamsu @ jamsureads

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A Magical Creature I’d Take As A Pet

Hmmm I honestly can’t think of any magical creatures right now. Is that a bad thing? How about we go with a dragon, just because DRAGONS.

Golden Lily Tattoo:
Bookish Tattoos I Have Or Would Like To Have

I have no tattoos haha, though I love the artwork to a lot of tattoos I’d never get a tattoo. Mainly because it’s permanent and well, whilst the artwork may be amazing I just don’t really want it on my body. On a wall though, that’s a different matter.

A Paranormal Book

The Demon Trappers series by Jana Oliver. Amazing series, demons, trappers and it did have religious undertones but it all interlinked with a great story and plot.

A Book With A Character You’d Like To Bring Back

I. Have. Too. Many. Here lemme link you to Character Deaths I’m Still Not Over, they still stand haha.

A Book With A Kickass Character

Merit from Chicagoland Vampires series by Chloe Neill. I love Merit, her wit, snark but also how she’s not invincible and has flaws. Yet she does her best to stay strong and I just… *squeals* this series is one of my favourites in terms of having vampires in.

Mental Illness Book

Skin Deep by Laura Jarratt is an underrated book with a main character who has disfigurement. There’s also mental health within the book, read my review for more.

Sydney Sage:
A Book With Witches/ Magic

The Devil’s Isle series by Chloe Neill, I don’t mention this series as much as I should. Claire is kickass, and I love the series. BEYOND excited that we get a 4th book because man the 3rd books ending hurt me…magic, supernatural just…go read it please.

Adrian Ivashkov:
A Character You’d Date

Adrian. Oh am I meant to pick someone other than Adrian? Boo to that, *unfolds long list of potential characters*

  • Will
  • Jem
  • Adrian
  • Aedion
  • Dorian
  • Rhys

To name a few right there hehe.

The Fiery Heart:
Favorite Ships

Merit and Ethan from Chicagoland Vampires, Jules and Emma from The Dark Artifices and so many more!

Brayden Cartwright:
Contemporary Book

Songs About A Girl by Chris Russell – I’ve been meaning to reread this one and the second one, so I can finish the series. But it’s amazing, they’re really thick books but so worth it. Music, bands, mystery and just…so many feels!

Jared Sage;
A Character You Just Can’t Stand

Hmmm Tamlin or Nesta from ACOTAR.

Rose and Lissa:
Friendship Goals

Jem and Will I mean…they are just goals. I love them so much aaaah.

Jillian Mastrano Dragomir:
A Book About Royals/Royalty

The Red Queen series by Victoria Aveyard, I’ve only read the first book but I do really love the world.

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If you wanna do this tag – consider yourself tagged! You’re more than welcome to link back to this post, if you wanna do this tag.

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Oof look at me, clawing my way to the top of this tag mountain haha. Now I’m off to go write up some more tags haha.


Finally Autumn (Book Tag)

Ahem so it’s actually known as the Finally Fall tag but cause I’m from the UK, and English we don’t say Fall. We say Autumn so I decided to rename it cause I have issues with calling Autumn, Fall. I’m not Fall-ing anywhere – ok except far behind my reading goal and with things in general. That’s so not the point though haha.

Fun facts, I was going to do this tag last year but never did, so it’s sat in drafts for well over a year; then the lovely Paige @ Bookish Paige tagged me in it. Thus giving me an excuse to finally dust the cobwebs off this, and write it up; thank you for tagging me in this Paige ❤

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In fall, the air is crisp and clear:
name a book with a vivid setting!

Hmmm vivid setting – probably The Infernal Devices for me. I just remember picturing everything so clearly and coming back to reality that first time was jarring.

Nature is beautiful… but also dying:
name a book that is beautifully written, but also deals with a heavy topic like loss or grief

*forgets every book she’s ever read* I remember reading The Year of the Rat by Claire Furniss I think last year…maybe the year before in 2016. Also remember crying over it, and onto the pages…ooopsies. Lemme check Goodreads for you all xD

Ok so I checked and I read it back in 2016, December time I think too…and people say we can’t remember what we read.

Fall is back to school season:
share a non-fiction book that taught you something new

I read this last year but it’s Doing It! Let’s Talk About Sex by Hannah Witton and honestly, it was so interesting, insightful in terms of explaining things like relationships, sex etc it gives you a lot to think about. Just…if you’re curious like me go read it.

In order to keep warm, it’s good to spend some time with the people we love:
name a fictional family/household/friend-group that you’d like to be a part of

Either the Shadowhunter group back in the Victorian era, Celaena’s group in Throne of Glass OR the squad in Six Of Crows…(honorable shout out to the Inner Circle in ACOTAR also another group I’d love to chill with)

Can we tell I’m bad at picking one?!

The colourful leaves are piling up on the ground:
show us a pile of fall-colored spines!

I would…but I have no energy to take photos

Fall is the perfect time for some storytelling by the fireside:
share a book wherein somebody is telling a story

Every book is someone telling a story, at least to me it is soooo Nowhere Girls by Amy Reed because it’s the story of millions of girls. It’s a powerful story and I loved reading it so much.

The nights are getting darker:
share a dark, creepy read

I don’t really read creepy books like the best we have are the paranormal reads…which aren’t even that bad.

The days are getting colder:
name a short, heartwarming read that could warm up somebody’s cold and rainy day

A Quiet Kind of Thunder by Sara Barnard because this book warmed me up when I was down, made me laugh, get emotional…I just loved it.

Fall (luckily, it’s my favourite season) returns every year:
name an old favourite that you’d like to return to soon


  • Chicagloand Vampires by Chloe Neill
  • The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare
  • Devil’s Isle by Chloe Neill
  • Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas
  • The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare
  • The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater
  • A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J Maas

Fall is the perfect time for cozy reading nights:
share your favourite cozy reading “accessories”!

Ermmm I’m usually with a mug of tea in the autumn/winter time downstairs, candle lit reading. At least I was last year xD

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Erin @ Bluestocking Bookworm

Vee @ My Reading List

Monica @ Torn Pages and Roses

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Wheee so that’s a tag finally done, I’m sorry in advance for sheer volume of tags that’ll be coming your way. HUGE tip, don’t procrastinate on tags. They soon pile up on you and then, next thing you know, they’re plotting against you with your TBR pile. 

If I tagged you, you don’t have to do the tag, but it’d be nice if you did. And if I didn’t tag you, but you wanna do the tag anyway then feel free to link back here and enjoy! 


The Entertainer Tag (Book Tag)

The lovely Merv@ Merv Reads tagged me in this, seriously go check out her blog. I don’t blog hop to her blog as much as I should. (sorry Merv!) Anyway the way this tag works, is I answer Merv’s Questions, ask my questions then tag some lovely dragons.

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Merv’s Questions

What’s the saddest book you’ve read?

Hmmm I cry a lot at books, I get emotionally attached to characters, I also feel emotions a lot when reading. I have a heart when I read, inconvenient when you become a new water feature in your bedroom xD The saddest one though, the epilogue to A Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare always hits me hard.

The book you’ve read/DNFed that you would never recommend

I’d still recommend them, but I’d make sure the person knew my thoughts and problems with the book. If they think it’s still for them, then go them. Not every book I dislike/DNF is a total write off, often it’s just because it’s not my cuppa. Might be someone else’s though 😉

What was your last 3 star read and why is it in between?

Lobster by Tom Ellen and Lucy Ivin. I actually ended up buddy reading it spontaneously with Sam @ Fictionally Sam, it was fun and we have plans for more buddy reads soon.

As for why it’s 3 stars, I also give half stars but whilst I enjoyed the feels and the cute romance. The characters weren’t all thought out, some of the arcs flopped and a particular character’s arc was crap…the way they acted. Then how it all got explained quickly, pushed aside and I just…I’m not about that life, where characters act nastily and don’t get karma slap them in their faces.

An underrated book

I have many, mainly due to me lurking round reading backlist books. I still think The Iron Fey by Julie Kagawa is an underrated series.

Fictional character that you actually hate

Oooo one I actually hate…Bella Swan from Twilight. Once upon a time I liked her, but I grew up and saw how flawed she was…I can cope with flawed. If they are flawed but likeable. Makes them more real you know, Bella though, I don’t think I can even remember any good traits of hers. And the way she treats both Edward and Jacob *shakes head*

Your opinion about Cover Reveal posts

I mean, I don’t really read them. But if you want to do them, then you do you, it’s your blog after all.

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my questions

  • A book/series you picked up, which has taught you something invaluable
  • What do you wish book covers had more of?
  • Genre you don’t read much of and why?
  • 3 Songs you’ve been listening to on repeat
  • Favourite backlist book/series?
  • If you could go back in time, and give yourself some advice at the start of your blogging journey, what would you have said? 

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Camilla @ Reader In The Attic

Sam @ Fictionally Sam

Charvi @ Its Not Just Fiction

Tiffany @ Read By Tiffany

Evelina @ Avalinah’s Books

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If you weren’t tagged but wanna answer my questions, feel free to use them, just make sure you link back to this post 🙂 


The Sunshine Blogger Award (Round 2)

I’ve already done this tag but the lovely Anne @ The Reading Life tagged me in it and Charvi @ Not Just Fiction also tagged me. I decided to just merge both sets of questions into the one post. I hope you enjoy my lovelies. (also this is soooo late, I’m so so sorry!)

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Thank the person who nominated you in a blog post and link
back to their blog.

Answer the 11 questions sent by the person who nominated you.

Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write
them 11 new questions.

List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and/or on your blog

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Anne’s Questions

Which book to movie adaptation did you hate the most?

Oooo such a good question. I think it’s got to be either The Vampire Academy or City of Bones. I mean…both were shockingly bad. As movies go they’re decent but as adaptations go not the best ones – particularly City of Bones.

What book character superpower do you want (you can only chose one)?

Erm…*brain short circuits* I think I’d want to be a shifter (not a werewolf!) A shape shifter though, I’d want to be one of them. I was always sort of obsessed with shifters and vampires.

Which book character would you want to be your husband/wife (you can only chose one)?

Just one? Ok let’s see *consults never ending list* nope I can’t pick there’s too many here. To be fair I don’t think I’d actually want to marry any of them, I’d rather be able to play cupid with them *cackles* pairing them off with one another – oh the fun you could have. (if I had to pick it’s probably either Jem Carstairs or Adrian Ivashkov.)

Would you rather have the ability to erase your memories of books as you wish so you can repeatedly re-read them, or the ability to turn back the clock when you bought a book you’re super disappointed in?

Interesting. I believe that even the books that disappointed us taught us something, whether we realise it or not. They all go towards shaping us, as for erasing my memories. No need, I reread books anyway for the fun of it because it’s like I’m coming home. So…I don’t know. I suppose turn the clock back.

If you can only read one genre for the rest of your life what would it be?


Oh wow I actually chose a genre *laughs hysterically* fun fact, paranormal is one of two genres I can read in both YA and Adult meaning I won’t run out of reading material anytime soon. I also just have a deep unconditional love for this genre, it brought me into the YA world and I just love everything about it.

If you can only enter the book world (of one book) what would it be?

*stares at the question*

I don’t know! I love so many worlds, and most of the ones I’d want to go to are highly dangerous, with demons rampaging around. Shadowhunter world? We’ll go with that one shall we.

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Charvi’s Questions

If you can have any one character always by your side, who would it be and why?

Merit from Chicagoland Vampires by Chloe Neill. She’s got a great sense of humor and is sarcastic (like me!) She loves food which is always good, she’s a vampire and a great fighter. So it’d be great.

What according to you is the most important part of a novel or book that draws you in?

That’s a tough one. I think personally it’s down to the writing and pace of the book. Slow books tend to get me into a deep session of procrastinating. So as long as the book is fairly quick paced, but well written, the characters are all fleshed out and aren’t morons. Who are only there for the main character to look good; I’m down. 

Name a book villain that you found yourself sympathizing with and why?

Oh geez villains eh? I think it’s probably gonna be Sebastian from The Mortal Instruments series. Even though he was a goddamn nasty piece of work, you could understand why, with a father like Valentine. 

If your life was turned into a book what would it be titled?

Hahaha here’s a selection of titles since I have no idea which ones I prefer.

  • Hermits Life
  • Introvert Faces World and People
  • Bookworm Goes To the Bookshop (AGAIN) 

Which was the first book or series that had you fangirl and discover a fandom?

Oooo erm I think it was The Mortal Instruments. Or perhaps Twilight. I don’t know to be honest, I don’t actively participate in book fandoms haha. I do take part in band fandoms though. 

Name a few books or series you wish you had read when you were younger

Percy Jackson series. I’ve read the first book now and omg, I want to smack my younger self haha. I also wish I’d finished the Slated trilogy by Terri Terry all those years ago when I started. Alas I have not and still need to haha. 

What is/are your go to book(s) for when you are feeling down?

The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare. OR I’ll go to Chicagoland Vampires by Chloe Neill. It depends which I can readily reach haha.

Which recent book gave you a serious hangover?

It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover – such a good book! 

Which fictional character’s name do you want to steal and rename yourself and why?

I don’t. I like my name thank you haha, if I had to choose though; probably Tessa from The Infernal Devices. Not her full name which is Theresa, just Tessa xD I just like the name I guess, it’s also not a common now nowadays. 

Which book brought a significant change in your life and how?

Honestly, no clue. I’ve read so many, forgotten so many, vaguely remember some and have so many more to read. I think a lot of the books I’ve read change me a little bit but none really spring to mind that have significantly changed my life. 

Which fantasy or fictional creature would you want to have as a pet?

A dragon. I mean I am a dragon, cause erm bookdragons and all that jazz, but yeah, I just like dragons. Ideally I want Toothless…if you don’t know who Toothless is google Toothless the dragon or something, you can thank me later. *winks*

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my questions

  1. If you could read any series/book again, like it was the first time you were reading it, which series/book would you choose?
  2. Current song on replay?
  3. Are you bilingual? If no, do you wish you were? (I took French and German at school, I’d been doing French since Primary school though but I actually found German a lot easier to pick it and remember. I dropped French early in year 11 cause the coursework of two languages, history and art was too much :/ wish I could pick languages up easier though.)
  4. Favourite 3 posts of yours you’ve done and why?
  5. How long have you been blogging and do you intend to ever quit forever?
  6. Thoughts on book to movie adaptions? (e.g do you enjoy them? or do you usually find they don’t meet your expectations after reading the book?)
  7. If you could be a season which season would you want to be? (I’d be Winter, love the cold and also the rain here in England *laughs*)
  8. Aside from travelling in books, have you ever traveled? If so where, if not do you want to and where do you want to go?
  9. Odd or even numbers?
  10. Do you DNF books? 
  11. A popular ship everyone seems to ship in a series, that you just weren’t on aboard with?purple dragon divide


If I tagged you don’t HAVE to do this, obviously. But I’d love it if you would at some point, no matter how long it takes you I’ll still be ready to read your answers. Everyone tagged, is also in the spreadsheet I’m working on, I used a random number generator and these are the blogs that corresponded with the number. Much love for all of you guys, some of you I know well, others I’m sure I’ll get to know you better soon 🙂

Joleen @ StarlightBookTales

Merv @ Merv Reads

Tiffany @ Read By Tiffany

A @ Diary of an Avid Reader

Luxe @ Mind of Luxe

Tanaz @ The Keysmash Blog

Justine @ Bookish Wisps

Carolina @ Santana Reads

Kristina @ Books and Dachshunds

Louise @ Foxes and Fairytales

Camilla @ Reader in the Attic

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Wooo I’m honestly so sorry it’s taken this long to finally get these two done. You know the hilarious news, cause I’m such an excellent procrastinator. I have another round of The Sunshine Blogger Award heading your way next week hopefully. Next round all the blogs that get tagged again, will be from the spreadsheet only they’re going to be on Blogger or self hosted blogs ❤