Book Blogging 101: Tags/Awards

Book Tags, Awards both content types are a great way to boost our view stats as well as discover new blogs! Of course, this all depends on whether you’ve been tagged or have tagged others. Both types are also great content fillers, for when you maybe have no other content ready, or you just want a break.

Let’s recap briefly, what exactly book tags and awards are, before we dive into how to create this content type.

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Book Blogging 101: Book Reviews

Book reviews are the main type content type, us book bloggers are expected, to have on our blogs. There are many ways to layout your review, it’s entirely up to you how you decide to lay it out. In this post, we’ll break down a few ways you can lay out your post. Along with examples from other bloggers, to help visually show you.


Let’s recap briefly, what exactly book reviews are, before we dive into how to create this content type.

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Why I Schedule Like It’s Going Outta Fashion

Full on disclaimer here, I’m sat here writing this in October 2018. I know! Crazy right, who in their right mind would wanna schedule THAT far ahead?

Me. I do. I need to cause I like having breathing room, but what with dealing with my inner perfectionist, (my thoughts on embracing or destroying our inner perfectionist). It’s hard to get that breathing room where I know for now, I’m ok. By ok I mean my posts are scheduled and I can focus on other things.

For me, scheduling is my life jacket. Maybe you don’t like scheduling, but have you ever thought about pre writing a few posts?

Consistency is key with blogging, in order to grow your blog, you need to be consistent.  Hence today’s discussion is, why I schedule like it’s going outta fashion. My reasons why, along with alternatives for those of you who struggle or don’t like scheduling ahead.

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Book Blogging 101: What Should I Post First?

You’ve got your blog, it’s set up now…what do you post? What should my first post be? What am I going to post on my blog, other than book reviews?

These are all questions we’ve had, at some point in our blogging lives. You’re probably thinking your niche is books, which is mostly accurate, but I’ll list some other niche’s you can dabble in if you want. I’ll also be briefly breaking down the content types, giving you a quick summary of the types, pros and cons.

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