Bookworms Explained

Bookworms Explained is a series I created here at Book Dragons, where each Friday I take something us bookworms do, and I explain it both as a way for other bookworms to be able to relate to something and for non-readers to try and get an insight in how we think. Being a bookworm is a dangerous thing – but knowing one can well…be just as dangerous if not more. As we’re fickle beings and one moment we’re singing your praises, the next you’ve gone and said something, without realising it’s hurt us.

The purpose of this series – is for me to have a laugh trying to explain and breakdown the things I do and things other bookworms I do – in a way that is both light hearted, funny and informative. So bookworm or non-reader you’re both welcome here as long as you’re open minded and remember I’m just one bookworm out of millions. (it’s ordered so the latest post is first, the oldest and first post is at the end)


Bookworms Explained #14: Why We Endanger Our Books With Baths!

Bookworms Explained #13: Our Stressful Relaxation – organising shelves, stressful books…

Bookworms Explained #12: Why We have a Weird Love for Stationary

Bookworms Explained #11: Why We Judge Books by their Covers (we’re all magpies really)

Bookworms Explained #10: Extroverted Bookworms (GUEST POST)

Bookworms Explained #9: Why We Reread When We Have a Never Ending TBR Pile

Bookworms Explained #8: Spoilers Aren’t Hilarious…

Bookworms Explained #7: That Never Ending Debate Over What Counts As A Book

Bookworms Explained #6.3: Our Weird Logic Untangled

Bookworms Explained #6.2: Our body language decoded

Bookworms Explained #6.1: How to talk to us

Bookworms Explained #5: The old age question of ‘What’s your favourite book?’ and why we can NEVER pick just ONE

Bookworms Explained #4: (stereotype crunch) We’re not always an introvert who’s shy and wears glasses

Bookworms Explained #3: Why do we spend tons of money on books…that end up gathering dust?

Bookworms Explained #2: Why we play hide the floor

Bookworms Explained #1: Why we bring a book everywhere with us…


Thank you for reading! And make sure to check out the posts, leave a comment with your thoughts? Who knows, maybe you’re the exception to one of the topics I chat about. Or are you a non-reader? Did you find them helpful or will we forever remain a mystery to you? 


series created 12/01/18