Monthly Rewind: February

How is it March tomorrow?! Howwwww? I don’t understand this, before I started blogging months dragged by, now it’s like they were here and BAM gone. Anyhoo grab a cuppa, a snack and settle down as I rewind the past month for you all. What I got up to, how I’ve been, books I’ve read and more!

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Book Blogging 101: Guest/Collab Posts

It’s nice working with a fellow book blogger on a post. As well as fun bouncing ideas back and forth, it’s also fun having a guest post or two on your blog. Or doing them for others! However…it’s not as simple as you first think. Or is it? Have we just over complicated what a collaboration post is? 

Wait hold on Clo, what are guest/collab posts? Well, let’s do a brief recap of what they are before we get into this content type!

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