Thoughts I Have When Someone Interrupts My Reading (OTT)

Luckily very few people interrupt my reading, maybe because they know when I’m reading, I’m erm reading. Wild revelation there but book dragons don’t like being interrupted whilst reading. I actually loathe it when I keep getting interrupted, like hello…IS THIS BOOK NOT OBVIOUS ENOUGH FOR YOU THAT I DON’T WANT TO TALK TO YOU? Apparently for some it isn’t.

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Lemonade Stand Book Tag (BEsummer19)

July has been a roller coaster for many reasons, anyway the important thing right now is, it’s still July. Meaning it’s still Bookending Summer 2019! Today I’m doing a book tag which is a prompt from Jeimy @ A Novel Idea. Do check out the original post guys, and now onto the tag.

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Blogging Pressures We’ve Faced As Teens (ft Charvi @ Not Just Fiction)

This post should’ve gone up months ago. Alas it’s here now so please, welcome one of my awesome friends to the blog, I love her to pieces and if you’ve not been to her blog yet. What are you doing?! It’s Charvi @ Not Just Fiction! Her blog content is honestly some of my fav content and she’s such a sweet, lovely person too.

School is a pressure most teens have, whether we like it or not. Anyhoo, as teens we also face other pressures that can be unique to our age. Some of these pressures, will fade as we get closer to our 20’s others will still be here, because no matter our age, our background we are all under different pressures. 

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Imagine If Two Bookdragons Dated…

Every bookdragon has imagined this at some point, we’re here craving an endless book supply, a bookdragon to fall for and an assassin to protect us from our TBR pile. So this post idea and another one which you’ll see at some point, came from a chat on the New Bloggers discord server. Basically we were talking about dating, and then someone said about wanting to date someone who likes the same genres as them. To which I was like BUT HAVE YOU THOUGHT LONG TERM. (they hadn’t)

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