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About Me!


Welcome to my lair!

*snickers* I’m a bookdragon, hence me having a lair, anyway welcome, thanks for stopping by. I’m Clo a, 17 year old; reader, writer, bookblogger and graphic design student from the UK, England. Below are a few facts about me to help you lot to get to know me a bit better. 

  • My middle name is Eloise, which is why my @ names use eloise
  • I have natural blonde streaks in my hair – so no it’s not highlighted or dyed
  • If I could only read one genre for the rest of my life, it’d be paranormal, I love vampires, werewolves, magic all things supernatural really
  • I’m currently taking a Graphic and Digital Design course at college – hence the cute drawings around my blog
  • I have an addiction to tea thus falling into that stereotype for Brits. 
  • I’ve been reading since forever, for more on how I became a reader click here for my post on How I Became a Reader
  • I’m an only child but I do know how to share (just not my books, but can any bookdragon share their books? I think not xD)
  • I’m fluent in sarcasm
  • Total animal lover, we have a German Shepherd, Zephyrus (picture below) as such a pet peeve of mine is killing animals off in books. I can’t cope with it.


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About the Blog


I am international – UK, England

I created this blog as a way to talk about the thoughts floating in my head, 70% of those thoughts tend to be book related. Book Dragons is primarily made up of discussion posts – both book related and more chit chat related. So if you’re yearning to discuss about something, chances are I’ve discussed or am planning to discuss it. I love a good discussion post. I do accept review requests for more information see my review policy 

Below is a list of the content you can expect on this blog. 

Tea, Talks & Thoughts ~ discussions galore! blogging related, book related and other types of discussions are found here. 

Book Reviews ~ reviews as well as review and discussions happen for some of the books I read and have taken notes on

Writers Den ~ an ongoing series for writers, where I offer my advice and insight into the chaotic world of writing.

Bookworms Explained ~ an original series of mine, where I take bookworm quirks, saying, habits and do my best to explain it. It’s both an informative post and also a light hearted snarky series. Cause I like sarcasm.

Dragons Discuss ~ monthly collab series with Rain @ bookdragonism

Colourful On Pastel ~ posts on the 1st, 3rd, 5th weeks of each month (starting Sept 2018) this is a new series where I invite bookbloggers from all over the blogosphere to discuss something, here on my blog

Weekly Wrap Up ~ I wrap up my week, share posts I’ve read and thought would be interesting as well update you on my life, my reading and upcoming things on the blog.

You can also find me over at Bookwyrming Thoughts, I contribute there sometimes 

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Contact Me!

If you’d like to get in touch with me about anything then I’d recommend simply DMing me on twitter OR tweeting me there. I’m most active there and will answer within the same day.

If you’d rather contact me via email please take into consideration that it may take 3-5 working days for me to respond. Thank you 🙂

My Email: bookdragons247(at)gmail(dot)com

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Twitter – @eloisethewriter

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Enjoy your stay in my crazy corner of the internet! I can’t wait to discuss books, writing tips and more with you! 🙂

 Thanks for reading!