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*blows dust off this tag* I may have hoarded this one for a while, anyhoo I was tagged by the wonderful Sam @ Fictionally Sam, she’s awesome, my partner in crime and if you’ve not checked out her blog yet go now! Just make sure to come back here to read this post! 

Favourite Shows?

NCIS: LA hands down this is my all time favourite show, like I am trash for this show. Heartland is also my other favourite show, technically it’s a TV show and it airs over on the Canadian network. I’m not sure if it airs on TV over here in the UK BUT I have the seasons on DVD. So yes it feeds my addiction. (Heartland is about horses and set on a ranch in case you hadn’t heard of it before, it’s also based off of the books by Lauren Brooke.) I also love Escape to the Chateau which follows Dick and Angel as they renovate their Chateau and yes I’m trash for that too. A new season starts soon which I can’t wait for! I adore seeing them make progress with the Chateau which is their home and business.

Favourite Genre?

Ok so I think all the shows I watch fall into the drama genre, but I have a strong preference for action/crime shows and family type of shows. OH and I also enjoy watching DIY shows.

Least Favourite Show?

NCIS: New Orleans – I’m just not a fan of any of the characters. I’ve watched several episodes and it’s ok like I’d watch this over the original NCIS any day but yeah.

Most Re-Watched Show/Favourite Show To Binge Watch?

NCIS: LA. I kid you not I’ve rewatched the first 4 seasons so many times because I only have access to freeview channels and they keep repeating the first 4 seasons…get to the finale of season 4 and bam. Season 5 never appears. But you bet I keep recording the show just on the off chance I’ve not seen the episode.

Do You Prefer Watching Things Week-By-Week Or Binge-Watching?

Honestly depends on my mood. Sometimes I’m happy with watching things week by week if I’m not in the mood to sit and do nothing but watch TV. Other days I literally just sit and watch whatever I’ve got recorded.

Favourite Television Characters?

Georgie from Heartland: she first comes into the show in season…9? I think it’s 9, anyway my dad has bought me the DVD box sets for each season as they come out. So since I was in secondary school, Heartland has always been something I’ve been watching. In fact its one of the shows I love binge watching. But I used to relate with Amy more in the early seasons but now, as Amy is older and Georgie has been added into the show, I relate a lot more with Georgie since she’s about my age. (the actress who plays her is also the same age as me!) Anyway the relatable thing aside, I just really love how Georgie’s character grows and develops. 

Favourite Television Ships?

Deeks and Kensi (NCIS LA)

Amy and Ty (Heartland)

Walter and Paige (Scorpion)

Show You Could Never Get Into?

The original NCIS. The one set in Washington with Gibbs, I just…I’ve watched some episodes but it just doesn’t hit the same feels as the LA one does. I think I just love the LA teams chemistry more.

Show You Fell Out Of Love With?

Marvels Agents of SHIELD and The Flash. I got to like season 2 of SHIELD but I just stopped watching after a bit, I wasn’t really invested. Other than wanting Daisy to get with Lincoln. The Flash I think I got to like episode 8 or so of the first season and noped out xD I do still see odd episodes cause my mum still watches them.

Cancelled Too Soon?

Scorpion. Man I’m not sure if I’ve seen all 4 seasons…I think I’ve seen up the end of season 3. Regardless this show was just amazing, I loved it and it shouldn’t have been cancelled like a group of geniuses who all have amazing character arcs, while saving the world and solving problems. 

What Are You Currently Watching?

Numb3rs yes it’s meant to have a 3 in it. Anyway I’ve recently started watching the first season with my parents, only the first season aired on TV. Then they aired the rest on Sky >.> Luckily my dad got hold of the box set so we’ve been watching it, and we’re nearly done with the first season which is super exciting! 

Oh I’ve also been watching The Big Bang Theory as it’s literally on every day, reruns of it and I used to hate the show. Now though I love it haha.

What shows have you been watching recently? Do you love any of the shows I do? Let me know in the comments!


17 thoughts on “The Television Tag

  1. I’m surprised you didn’t mention Dark Angel when talking about shows cancelled too fast. I’e tried starting shows but lately nothing interest me? I was very exited for Love Alarm to start but ended up watching only the first episode. Instead I’m re-watching shows I’ve seen many times.

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  2. I LOVED SCORPION!!!!! ❤ Actually there was 5 seasons and I'm still SO mad at how the ending was so unsatisfying. They created so much drama and so many problems that didn't need to happen and we didn't get to see any of it fixed. Instead they just cancel it and it just ends. D:

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  3. Such a fun tag, Clo!! Confession time, I’m not a big TV watcher at all! There are so few shows I’ve actually watched … it’s a little bit pathetic. Lol! I tried getting into the Flash a while back as well, but never got into the second season. I’ve never watched any of NCIS: LA, but maybe I should? 👀

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