2 Year Blogoversary! (ft My Favourite Posts)

Ah finally I figured out what I wanted to do for this post. Hi, hello today this blog turns 2. Thanks to two lovely people on twitter, I finally settled on this idea. Sharing my favourite posts I’ve done throughout the 2 years and why they’re my favourite. If you’re ready to take a trip down memory lane with me, grab a cuppa and let’s gooooo!

Over the past two years, I’ve grown as a person, blogger, reader and writer. This blog gives you the hard evidence of that cause my old formatting ways are not pretty. They were past me. Future me shall eventually make everything all matchy matchy but until then, here are some of my favourite posts I’ve done so far on this blog. Here’s to many more to come!

Bookworms Explained

This one of the first features I made for the blog, which I am planning to start back up soon, along with a Book Bloggers Explained, Writers Explained series to go alongside the original series. Eventually you’ll have a post from each series once a month. (harharhar hear that future Clo, you’ve got your work cut out dragon.) Anyhoo these posts below which are in the series are some of my favourites, even though I didn’t get a ton of engagement with them, the engagement I got I adored. I also adored writing those posts a lot. (gah this is making me want to plan out more posts for these series)

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Bookworms Explained #1: Why We Bring A Book Everywhere With Us
Bookworms Explained #2: Why We Play Hide The Floor
Bookworms Explained #3: Why Do We Spend Tons Of Money On Books…That End Up Gathering Dust?
Bookworms Explained #4: (Stereotype Crunch) We’re Not Always An Introvert Who’s Shy And Wears Glasses
Bookworms Explained #5: The Old Age Question Of ‘What’s Your Favourite Book?’ And Why We Can NEVER Pick Just ONE
Bookworms Explained #6.1: How To Talk To Us
Bookworms Explained #6.2: Our Body Language Decoded
Bookworms Explained #6.3: Our Weird Logic Untangled
Bookworms Explained #7: That Never Ending Debate Over What Counts As A Book
Bookworms Explained #8: Spoilers Aren’t Hilarious
Bookworms Explained #9: Why We Reread When We Have a Never Ending TBR Pile
Bookworms Explained #10: Extroverted Bookworms
Bookworms Explained #11: Why We Judge Books By Their Covers (We’re All Magpies Really)
Bookworms Explained #12: Why We have a Weird Love for Stationary
Bookworms Explained #13: Our Stressful Relaxation – Organising Shelves, Stressful Books…
Bookworms Explained #14: Why We Endanger Our Books With Baths!

Embracing Or Destroying Our Inner Perfectionist?

As someone who has had to confront her inner perfectionist so many times since starting this blog, I can honestly say it’s hard. It’s so hard when some people view being a perfectionist as a weakness and others see it as a strength. The way I see it, there’s nothing wrong with being a perfectionist. Just don’t let it control everything, learn when to listen to it and when to block it out. Anyway I go into more detail in the post linked above, but I really loved writing this post and it was very therapeutic to write too!

The Etiquette To Discussing Books With Conflicting Opinions

Sometimes I think some people were raised in a barn with no manners. You are valid whether you like the same books as someone else. It’s valid for people to like whatever book they like I will say though, if you like a book which people have called out to have problematic content/rep etc than instead of getting defensive…acknowledge it.


This is a new series on my blog, where basically you guys can see my writing style for reals. So far we have two posts in this series and a new one will come out each month (at the very least!) I have a lot of fun writing these even though these posts have made me hella nervous. Still I hope you enjoy them and I can’t wait to write more in this series.

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Imagine If Two Bookdragons Dated
Imagine A Bookdragon Dating A Human

Why Diversity Matters

Another new post but this is one of my favourite ones. Why? Well because I want to see my friends being represented in books. I’ll also be doing my best to read more diverse books, books by diverse authors etc as I do tend to read a lot of backlist books which aren’t really diverse.

Whether you’ve followed me from day 1, or just found me now, I appreciate you. Thank you to all the book bloggers who’ve truly made these past two years something memorable. Thank you, the fact I’ve been blogging for 2 years feels so surreal and I can’t wait to see how this blog and I evolve in the next year!

When’s your blogoversary? Share one of your favourite posts in the comments if you want, and when I get a chance I’ll check it out ❤



27 thoughts on “2 Year Blogoversary! (ft My Favourite Posts)

  1. Happy 2 year blogoversary, Clo! That’s so awesome! 😀 🎉 I hope you have a lovely 3rd year of blogging, and I can’t wait to see what you do next on your blog! (And I’ve been behind on reading your blog lately, so I have to go back and read some of these posts!)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Happy Blogoversary my friend and to many, many, many more to come! I love the idea of you selecting your favorite posts that you’ve written. I also love them, as you know. I can’t wait to see what you come up with next! *hugs and kisses*

    Liked by 1 person


    they grow up so fast. *sniffs* HAPPY TWO YEARS CLO! I’m happy to have gotten the chance to be friends with you across the pond and watching you grow has been a very fun experience. You better stick around – we’re keeping you forever. 😜

    Liked by 1 person

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