Monthly Rewind: July

Somehow we’re in August already and this post is kinda late. Anyway, July has been a whirlwind of a month where a chapter of my life came to an end. Prompting me scrabbling round trying to find the page to my next chapter in life…yeah I’m still searching for that page. Anyhoo grab a cuppa, and settle in as I share how my July went!

Books Read

Wild Hunger by Chloe Neill

Songs About a Boy by Chris Russell 

Are We All Lemmings and Snowflakes by Holly Bourne

Poet X by Elizabeth Acevedo

Books Borrowed


Books Bought

Editions bought are linked to Goodreads, so if you wanna check them out, click away dragons.

The Finisher by David Baldacci

The Keeper by David Baldacci

Fireblood by Elly Blake

Nightblood by Elly Blake

Dead Beautiful by Yvenne Woon

So I splurged last month but The Finisher, The Keeper and Dead Beautiful were all Charity Shop buys so they were really cheap. Ahem and I splurged on Fireblood and Nightblood because holy hell did I love Frostblood so much I needed to get the next two. 

Books Won


Treasures From My Travels

Life Updates

July was quite a month. What with me finishing college and finding out my final grade is MMP (Merit Merit Pass) which I’m super happy with. I was aiming for all Merits but what I got is still good. After finishing college it’s been very much a downward spiral in terms of my mental health again. As some of you may remember I’ve been trying to get up at 6am everyday so that I can gradually work backwards to waking up at 4am. Anyway this month was an absolute train wreck, which hasn’t helped at all. I’ll talk more about this in a later post. Due to my mental health being rude I ended up being very ghostly within the Bookending Summer event and for that I’m sorry. I just wasn’t up to blog hopping, engaging or really doing anything because I was already drained.

I will be doing my best to blog hop to some of the posts from BEsummer19 that I’ve missed out on though, so you may see me popping up in your notifications throughout this month.

Moving onto a more positive note, I applied for two jobs which is super exciting and I really hope I get one…I mean I’ve heard back from one already. *crosses fingers* Ironically neither job is in the graphic design field ha, so yeah there’s that. The Reading Rush happened on the last week of July as well which is where I managed to read 4 books and start another…which I finished in August. Ahem as for August, my blog turns 2 this month bless it. I’m not sure what post I’ll be doing to celebrate it so if any of you have any suggestions lemme know!

Bookending Autumn will be happening in October so of course much planning will be happening to prepare for that event which was previously known as Blogoween. Due to my mental health the Tidyathon will not be running in the Autumn event. I may bring it back for Winter, if not it shall be back for Spring. I just want to focus more attention on the main event and making sure that’s getting the attention it deserves.


Bookending Autumn/Fall 2019: HOSTS WANTED

Previously known as Blogoween, this event is pretty special as it marks a year of these events as we started off with the Autumn one. October 1st – 31st is when BEautumn19 kicks off and we’re looking for hosts! If you’d like to be a host for the Autumn even then click below, which will take you to the form! 

Sign Up To Be A Host! 

Bookish Collision

Just a reminder that you’re welcome to join this discord server! It’s a place for all book lovers, whether you’re a book blogger, bookstagrammer or booktuber. Hell if you’re just a reader you’re welcome to join, you will need either a twitter or goodreads which can verify you are indeed a reader. (just because we don’t want trolls ruining our bookish fun!)

The whole idea of the server, is to bring the bookish community together. We can also support everyone better, across the platforms which is great, spreading love is so important in this community. Particularly across platforms I feel, you can also make friends too.

At the moment we’re still a smol server, but we truly hope you’ll swing on by and join in the fun. ❤

Join Bookish Collision

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Thoughts I Have While Organising My Bookshelf (Off Tangent Thoughts)

How was everyone’s July? Out of the books you read last month, which two stood out most to you? For me Wild Hunger because aaaaaah I love Chloe Neill’s work and also it’s a spin off of one of my all time fav series. Though please don’t read the synopsis of Wild Hunger on Goodreads as it’ll spoil the main series…well a main part of it. And the other one would probably be Songs About a Boy because I’m trash for contemporaries and being able to say “I’m with the band” is something I will be trash for until I heave my last breath. Probably. Hahaha. 


20 thoughts on “Monthly Rewind: July

  1. Man -Iknow i’m not a morning person but 4am is WAY too early for me 😂 i’d be fine with 6.. most things are closed anyway at that hour, so whatcha wanna do? 🤔

    Ah lord, Clo, don’t excuse yourself! I’ve been there and it feels already overwhelming in itself, you do not need to put blogging stuff over it. We understand ❤️ take the time you need to bloghop to them, do only a small amount per day if you gotta.

    Yay for passing another year !! 👏🏼👏🏼 hopefully you’ll hear a positive answer from the jobs 🙂 regardless if it’s in your course or not, it can still be good experiences to take. Xx

    Have a lovely august, my darling. Take care of yourself now 💕 don’t want to throw you back in that loop trying to get back from it too soon!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Well, June, July and now August have been awful. Bipolar disorder is a nightmare when it doesn’t behave. So, I’ve been going through moving, medication changes, depression, guilt, you know. The only thing that keeps me centered is reading these days, and that’s been kind of slow.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oof looks like a lot has been going on in your life! Congratulations on finishing college and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that you hear back from the other job too 😄
    Btw I’m curious, what kind of jobs did you apply for?
    Also wohooo 2 years!!! So excited to see what you come up with 😍 You could do a q/a maybe?

    Liked by 1 person

  4. OMG Clo!! Can’t wait to see what you thought of Songs About a Girl. I bought it last month, but haven’t read it yet (all those ARCs are not decreasing!! 😅), and I’ve not seen or heard anyone say anything about it. I just found it at the bookstore and, uhhh, really liked the cover… it was so shiny!! 😍

    Liked by 1 person

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