Thoughts I Have While Organising My Bookshelf (Off Tangent Thoughts)

I can proudly say I organised and cleaned my two bookcases last month. I still have my three shelves on my wall to do but sssssh it’s fine. Also my books may be plotting my demise like somehow my TBR of owned books has slowly been growing when I wasn’t looking.

Okie so erm to give you an idea of things, I have two rooms, this is important to know. Secondly, in my bedroom I have two bookcases facing the back wall and on the right wall there’s three wooden shelves which are probably older than me. I’ve always had them. The bookcases are newish, and are black hehe. Now I split my books into unread and read…they actually need reorganising again as I’m typing this but erm no. I don’t have ze energy for that right now. but like a good dragon I organised them now since this post has sat in my pending section for three months…give or take

Off Tangent Thought’s Prompt

Thoughts I Have While Organising My Bookshelf

“This won’t take me long at all.”

“Erm…who said 2 hours could rudely pass and I’ve only just taken all my books off the shelves?”

*glowers at the clock*

*takes another stack of books off the shelf*

Wow where did my floor go?”

“…and my bed?”

*glances at the stack of books*

*cautiously steps over piles of books over the floor to get to my other room*

“oh thank god I made it.”

*rests books down on my desk in the other room*

“now to organise them…but first a cuppa break.”

*makes a cuppa, sips a cuppa, debates leaving the books off the shelves and lying on them instead of a bed*




*begins dusting the shelves with toilet paper*

*dusts the books as needed*

*waddles to make another a cuppa*

“Ok. Time to organise you all.”


4 hours later…6 cuppas later


*pulls out a section that doesn’t look nice to reorganise it*

*shoves a different set of books in there*

“Book. Fit in that space. I don’t want to spend another half hour reorganising the whole shelf for you to fit…oh to hell with it.”

*reorganises said shelf*

“Oh wow there’s my floor and bed.”

“Hahaha I’ve got so many books to read still…”

“They’re glaring at me.”

*pets the spines of my read books*

*peeks under the bookcases to make sure my special editions are still bubble wrapped safely*

“So I’m thinking this may last a week?”

“Or you know – until I buy some more books…which won’t be yet.”


the next day…


*buys two books*

*shuffles them onto the bookcase*

“remember you love me bookcase and shelves…and I’ll get to you all erm…within the next life time.”

Ahem I’d like to clarify that when I cleaned my shelves last month I didn’t use toilet paper this time, I actually used kitchen roll and Mr Sheen (its a brand of polish to help trap dust etc) Anyhoo what are some of the thoughts which go through your mind when you organise your books?  (if you click on the OTT logo it’ll take you to the memes main page!)


12 thoughts on “Thoughts I Have While Organising My Bookshelf (Off Tangent Thoughts)

  1. your first mistake, as I’m sure you already know, was trying to organize your bookshelf in the first place 😜 when I clean/organize any of my stuff I also have to start with pulling everything out and spreading it all over the floor and my bed, so I can absolutely relate … and to taking a break after making a huge mess, because laying everything out is work okay.

    great post, Clo, and so accurate it hurts 😶


  2. Ha, ORGANIZING? What is this? Never heard of it. (Actually, I’ve tried to organize my bookshelf so many times that I’m afraid I can’t function anymore.) I have to take out all my books before I even decide on what order to put them back on my shelves. And no, I don’t use dusters. I use TP, paper towels, sometimes the flannel I’m wearing, etc. lol. Reorganizing my shelves is basically just an excuse to reread my favorite passages from books and drink lots of tea.

    Anywho, I love this post so much. ❤


  3. haha, this is all so relatable! I make such a mess out of my bed and floor as well!
    Usually, I end up dragging all the chairs from the dining room to my room so I can place my books on them and get my brother to keep shifting them to the next chair one by one.
    And being unable to fit that one last book in is such a mood!

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