Do Blog Stats Really Matter? (Novel Newcomers: Sakhile @ Sakhile Whispers)

Stats. Some of us get slightly obsessed with them, others of us forget they exist and then there’s the majority of us who sit in between. we’re aware they’re there but try our best not to get too caught up in them. 

You can find all of Sakhile’s links at the end of the post, so grab a cuppa, get comfy as Sakhile takes over the blog in her guest post!

What’s Novel Newcomers?

The idea of debut authors being featured across the blogosphere, but with book bloggers instead. But there were so many features already focusing on debut authors at the time, why not focus on newer bloggers in the bookish community as well?

In 2016, Nori from ReadWriteLove28 and Sophia from Bookwyrming Thoughts joined forces to feature some of the newest additions in the book blogging world. In 2017, Sophia started it… but dropped off the face of the planet due to other commitments and put the feature on a hiatus for 2018.

Now Novel Newcomers is back for 2019! With me, Clo, as Soph’s co-host. Are you ready for this years fun, as we shine a light on newbie book bloggers who started in either 2017 OR 2018?

It’s difficult not to focus on blog stats and let them dictate how you feel about your blog or where you rank in a fictional blogger head that exists only in your head. When I first started blogging, I honestly didn’t care about statistics – I didn’t even know how to check my statistics. I just wanted to write about books and that made me happy. I’d be happy every time I got more than 5 likes on a post. Gradually I started averaging 20+ likes but after a mental health hiatus and an ill-timed illness, I hardly reach my goals.

“The key to getting views and not letting your engagement die is blogging consistently.” That’s what everyone says and I’m pretty sure I’ve said it before. But life gets in the way; school, work, mental illness and access to the internet all make blogging a little more difficult. For me it’s the last three. I don’t have access to the internet at home and that affects how many posts I can publish per week which affects my so-called statistics.

It’s important that bloggers know that statistics aren’t a measure to how good your content is. This is advice that’s been said over and over again but it’s difficult to not care about that when they play a big part in how other bloggers and publishers perceive you, especially when it comes to receiving ARCS or being approved for blog tours.

There’s a lot of blog for love and not statistics but this is unrealistic because at the end of the day a lot of people care about statistics. It’s human nature to want to be appreciated for your efforts, for someone to acknowledge the good work you’re doing. And in the blogging world that acknowledgement is reflected in your statistics. Although it’s not an accurate measure of how good your content is. But we can’t stop obsessing about them regardless.

I don’t have any solutions for this. We need to realise that we bring different opinions and ideas to the table that matter and nothing, not views not likes, can take that away from you.

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4 thoughts on “Do Blog Stats Really Matter? (Novel Newcomers: Sakhile @ Sakhile Whispers)

  1. I found myself worrying about stats a ridiculous amount when I first started realizing they were important to me, but I learned to kind of relax about it. I keep an eye on the numbers but when I start to get overly concerned, I know it’s time for me to take a step back. Loved your outlook on stats

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  2. This is so hard to let go. A lot of people see statistics as the reason to continue doing what we do – part of the validation process. I’ve had to learn to content myself with the relationships that I’ve built through blogging. It’s that deep connection that matters more than numbers. 😘

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  3. I think statistics are important if you have a business plan and try to make money out of your web site. Otherwise, the number of readers or the number of likes you get, are more for your own satisfaction – just like checking your likes on facebook or Instagram.

    And I know there are lots of readers who aren’t on WordPress and don’t want to give up their email to comment or like a post, so…

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