Bookending Summer 2019 Announcement!

Do you hear the sound of seagulls and waves knocking on your bookshelves? It’s time loves, for another Bookend Event! July is bringing you some summery fun as our Summer event takes place all month long, we’ve got some hot prompts lined up, twitter chats in the works and much more! Thank you Sam @ Fictionally Sam as always, for being my partner in all things, these events wouldn’t be possible without Sam and I working together. 

Bookending Summer 2019 kicks off July 1st, and as with our Spring event, we have some awesome things lined up for those taking part. These events are open to all book bloggers – so if you’re a book blogger looking for something fun to get involved in – keep reading!

What Is It?

Bookending Summer is one of the quarterly events, running under the umbrella term “Bookend Events”, aspiring to bring the book blogging community closer together! Bookending Summer has a vague theme of Ocean, Beach, Vacations, Contemporaries (you know…Summer), but you DO NOT need to stick to this theme at all!

What Counts?

  • Posting a minimum of 3 blog posts (you can use the prompts or not, up to you)
  • Taking part in the Tidyathon

Now, you don’t have to do ALL of them. You can do one or both. It’s totally up to you.

The Rules

  • Book reviews don’t count as part of the event – but you’re more than welcome to still post them throughout the month. Just remember they won’t count as part of your 3 posts
  • Not restricted to a theme/topic – you can post about whatever you want, however, we do encourage discussion posts and/or creative post types to branch out and have fun!
  • General Topic Ideas: Discussion Posts, Tags/Awards, Memes, Writing Themed Posts, Blogging Themed Posts etc.
  • You MUST include the Bookend Events logo somewhere on/within your post, this is so we know which posts are part of the event/got inspired through the event. It also helps us with blog hopping.

How To Sign Up

Join in on this fun by filling out the form! When you sign up, this allows us to see who’s taking part/planning to take part. It’s totally OK, if you end up not being able to take part etc. It’s to give us an idea and make sure we know who we’re blog hopping to.



Hosts & Prompts

We’ve got some wonderful hosts again this event, who create prompts to help you out if you’re stuck. You don’t have to do these prompts if you don’t want to, you’re free to come up with your own, or use some of the prompts as inspiration. Whatever floats your boat on this ocean *chuckles* 

Charvi @ Not Just Fiction  (1st-3rd July)

Monday 1st July

Books That Make Temperatures Rise
What are some books that make you hot headed with anger? List down some books that manage to get on your nerves for some reason or the other.

Tuesday 2nd July

Summer Personified
Each fictional character is unique in their own way but there are some of those sweet and cheerful ones whose goodness reminds you of summer. Make a list of characters who are truly summer personified.

Wednesday 3rd July

You’re off to the beach for a nice time and you can take 10 other fictional characters with you. Whom would you choose and why?

Theresa @ The Calico Books (4th-7th July)

Thursday 4th July

Books that Give me *Insert Your Country* Pride
July 4th is America’s Independence Day. So, in honour of that, I’ll be listing books that I feel inspire me with American pride! You will list books that you feel inspire you with your country’s pride!

Friday 5th July

Pool Party Book Tag
A fun and summer-y book tag that lets you decide which bookish characters you would invite to a pool party!

Saturday 6th July

Favourite Books that Remind me of Summer
Share some of your favourite books that remind you of and put you in a summer state of mind!

Sunday 7th July

A Bookworm’s Pool Day Essentials
Share all of your essentials for a perfect, bookish day at the pool or beach!

Jeimy @ A Novel Idea (8th-10th July)

Monday 8th July

Lemonade Stand tag
An Original book tag to get you in the summer mood.

Tuesday 9th July

Summer Vacation: Top 10 book cities/worlds you’d like to visit
A list of the ten fantasy worlds/cities you would like to spend your summer in.

Wednesday 10th July

Books by the Sea Tag
What kind of books would you read by the sea? A steamy summer romance? An underwater adventure?

Isabelle @ BookwyrmBites (11th-14th July)

Thursday 11th July

Every Body Is A Beach Body
Swimsuit season is here, but you don’t need any special diets or workout routines to prepare. Media plays a huge role in making us think otherwise, though — discuss what constitutes body positivity in books, what you’d like to see more of, any recommendations for body-positive books, et cetera.

Friday 12th July

Down and Acrostic
Pick a summer-themed word (ex: beach, fireworks, heatwave, barbecue, vacation) or the title of a book with summer vibes. Write it vertically, then try to fill in titles that start with each letter (you can omit determiners like “the” and “a”).

For example, if your first book is Radiance, then you might have [The] Raven Boys, Anna Undreaming, Darius the Great Is Not Okay, and so on. Difficult mode: Use only books that fit a theme, such as “three-word titles” or “YA contemporary” or “squad goals.”

Saturday 13th July

Table for Two
Lucky you, you’re going on a dinner date — romantic or platonic, as you prefer — with any book character you want! Tell us who they are and why you chose them, where you’re going (fancy restaurant from their book? picnic in Central Park? Feel free to be creative and detailed), and what’s on the menu. Bonus points for multiple courses and/or dishes inspired by or straight out of books!

Sunday 14th July

Since July is
Camp NaNoWriMo month, why not try putting together the basics of a novel? I’m sure you’ve noticed that most books contain several familiar elements; it’s the specific combination that makes each one unique! So in whatever order makes the most sense to you, choose a basic plot, an appropriate setting, your favorite tropes (including a beginning trope and an ending trope), some archetypal characters, and anything else necessary for us to understand the heart of your narrative.

(You can use the lists I’ve linked or search up your own.)

Erin @ Bluestocking Bookworm (15th-17th July)

Monday 15th July

Summer Lovin’
A lot of summer reading lists say romance is the perfect summer genre. Do you agree? Why or why not? What genre do you find yourself reaching for most in the summer months?

Tuesday 16th July

Summer Celebrations!
Myself and my husband have birthdays in the summer months. Our wedding anniversary is the end of June, and one of my niece’s birthdays is at the start of July. So we celebrate a lot over the summer. Do you? What is your favourite part of summer celebrations? Is there a book that has an awesome summer celebration you wish you could attend? Tell me all about it!

Wednesday 17th July

Sunburned Bookworms
PHOTO TAG – use books you have read or want to read this summer.

Book with a white cover, or with a light plot (sunscreen)
Book with a yellow cover or that made you laugh out loud (sunshine)
Book with a red cover or that centres on anger (sunburn)
Book with a green cover or that takes place in a green place like a jungle or forest (aloe vera)
Book with a dark cover or that has heavy/dark themes (shade)

Rachel @ The Must Reads (18th-21st July)

Thursday 18th July

Best Summer Book Club Titles
Summer is the best time to start (or continue) a book club. What are some of the best books you can read with a group of friends and why?

Friday 19th July

Summer Book Tag
A summer-themed book tag that lines up books with things like the beach, BBQ’s, outdoor concerts, picnics, parks, etc.

Saturday 20th July

Popular Books That I Couldn’t Get Into
What are some books that got all the hype but that you just couldn’t get into? No judgement here!  Just honest conversation of the books that didn’t work out for us, no matter how much we wanted them to.

Sunday 21st July

Series Spotlight
Summer is a great time to read a book series. What are some of the best book series to get you through the summer?

Crimson @ Read At Night (22nd-24th July)

Monday 22nd July

Managing Camp ___!
Create a summer camp based on prompts and tag someone else to see what they would do differently (or similarly)

Tuesday 23rd July

Showing Off Our Bookish Garden Book Tag
Bookish prompts based on flowers. Tag someone else to see what their garden would look like!

Wednesday 24th July

The Ideal Road Trip
Create an ideal road trip. Where would you go and assuming your party has access to a caravan (7 seater), who would your 6 partners in crime be?

Amy @ The Little Booknerds In The Corner (25th-28th July)

Thursday 25th July

“Well I had this Summer Fling…”
As it is mine and bf’s 5th anniversary I thought about summer flings that turn into romance. Who are your top 5’s OTP? This can be from TV Shows and books!

Friday 26th July

Summer Recommendations!
Summer is the perfect time to pick up new books after Spring Cleaning. Which 5 books do you recommend for people to read this summer?

Saturday 27th July

Hot Summer Book Tag
Original book tag I have made for this event. 

Sunday 28th July

‘Till September Comes
August is fast approaching which means September is coming up soon. What books are you hoping to read before summer finishes?

Laurie @ Laurie’s Bookshelf (29th-31st July)

Monday 29th July

Books to take on holiday, but there is a limit!
You are packing your suitcase for your summer holidays and you are allowed to take only 3 books with you, no matter the format (physical, ebook or audiobook), because you need to explore the place et cetera. Which 3 books are you going to take along with you?

Tuesday 30th July

Reading in your native language versus reading in English
Discuss the reasons why you are reading in either your native language or in both your native language and/or English. What are the pros and cons of reading in multiple languages? If English is your native language, what are, according to you, the pros and cons of reading in one language (English)?

Wednesday 31st July

Looking forward: most anticipated releases for the second half of the year
Summer is the time to start looking into the book releases for the second half of 2019. List your most anticipated releases for the upcoming months.

Using Hosts Prompts

  • MUST link back to the original prompt
  • Prompts can be posted AFTER the Hosts prompt date, but NOT BEFORE e.g you want to do Isabelle’s prompt which goes up on the 13th. You can post it on the 13th and after that date but not before the 13th

Other Information

Sharing On Twitter

  • tag our twitter account @bookend_events in any posts you do towards the event so we can see them. Blog hop to them and share them.
  • Also mention our personal twitters to doubly make sure we don’t miss you.
  • Feel free to @ us if you’re doing tidyathon and using twitter to give updates
  • Tag the tweets with the #BEsummer19!

Twitter Chats and more!

In the Spring event we introduced Twitter Chats, which went down a storm, so thank you to everyone who joined in with our twitter chats! We’ve kept them in for the Summer event, and we’re planning to trial out having them more regularly and at different times. This is to try and cater for various time zones, people’s working lives etc. To keep up to date on what’s happening with the twitter chats, and all things Bookend Events related, follow our twitter! 

We’ll be upping our game with interacting with you all on twitter, so swing by and say hey!


(this section will be updated with new and relevant information/links, so make sure you bookmark this post to find all relevant links in one place)


Events Running Time: 1st July – 31st July 2019

Participants Sign Up Form (sign ups WILL CLOSE on the 14th July 2019)

Tidyathon Info

GET THE OFFICIAL LOGO! (You will need this logo for posting during the event! it’s says Bookending Summer!)


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