Talking Art, Movies, Food & More (Novel Newcomers: Charvi @ Not Just Fiction)

Eeeeek in case any of you haven’t seen Charvi’s blog yet, what are you doing with yourself? I love her blog, her bookstagram and just Charvi in general. She’s awesome and I get the pleasure of interviewing her for Novel Newcomers. Soooo here we go!

You can find all of Charvi’s links at the end of the post, so grab a cuppa, get comfy as we learn a bit more about Charvi!

What’s Novel Newcomers?

The idea of debut authors being featured across the blogosphere, but with book bloggers instead. But there were so many features already focusing on debut authors at the time, why not focus on newer bloggers in the bookish community as well?

In 2016, Nori from ReadWriteLove28 and Sophia from Bookwyrming Thoughts joined forces to feature some of the newest additions in the book blogging world. In 2017, Sophia started it… but dropped off the face of the planet due to other commitments and put the feature on a hiatus for 2018.

Now Novel Newcomers is back for 2019! With me, Clo, as Soph’s co-host. Are you ready for this years fun, as we shine a light on newbie book bloggers who started in either 2017 OR 2018?

Outside of blogging and reading, what other interests do you have?

I swear I could do a whole blog post on this 😂 I have so many hobbies and interests that it’s hard to keep track and juggle them. I love painting and drawing, actually anything related to art and I’m in! I also play the guitar and love to swim and of course, writing is the love of my life! Another major interest is trying to survive life- watch me flail.

What is your most unusual accomplishment?(doesn’t have to be blogging)

Ooh I had to think about this. Just recently a friend of mine put it out that she wanted to commission someone to design her blog banner and the artist in me screeched ‘I volunteer!’

I went in with zero expectations since I’m mostly into mixed media and not digital art, quickly whipped up a portfolio and she liked it? I’m currently working on it and it’s the most fun thing ever. It was all so unexpected!

What is your favourite food? 

The food gods will curse at me if I answer this. Seriously, I can’t choose one! Okay I’ll try categories? Speaking of sweet stuff I would sacrifice my family to the crocodiles for some good donuts. (I legit ate a donut just an hour ago 😋) I mean donuts are the answer to everything, right?

Also I love spicy food, my Indian family(Indian food is very spicy if you didn’t know) doesn’t eat the amount of spice that I do. So literally all spicy stuff is a go!

I know you draw (I also think you’re super talented!) favourite drawing you’ve done to date?

Eep, thank you so much!

This is the hardest question ever, equivalent to which is your favourite book 😐

Uh okay I have a strange answer. My favourite drawing hasn’t been completed yet. I love making portraits and I usually only do them with pencil but one day I got in the mood to try a portrait with watercolors. It was my first try and yet it turned out so good? I had to leave it in between and then I accidentally cleaned my palette and lost all the original skin tones so now I’m scared to start it again and mess it up…

I just stare at it and promise myself that I’ll complete it one day, hehe.

Favourite show/film at the moment? (you can share as many as you want)

Thank god you said as many because at this point I would have cried if I had to choose one more ‘top favourite.’

I haven’t watched as many shows but I absolutely love Shadowhunters, it’s one of the only shows I completely follow with utter devotion and then there is Impractical Jokers which always cracks me up so hard!

Gah it’s so hard to choose even a few movies but definitely including ‘Love, Simon’, ‘Isn’t It Romantic’, ‘The Night We Met’, ‘Jumanji 1 & 2’ and ‘’Baby’s Day Out’ that I can remember right now.

Share a post you’re proud of!

I loved writing my post ‘Thoughts I Have While Reading A Slow-Burn Romance’ because I was just literally writing all my crazy thoughts and for the first time it felt like the post was reflecting me? Like this is my brand and I want people to look at a post like this and go ‘oh yes that post screams Charvi!’

Oh and everyone absolutely loved it and I now turned it into a meme 😄 (pssst Clo here, be sure to check out Off Tangent Thoughts meme page here!)

Top 3 places you’d love to live/visit?

What is it with all this top favourite stuff? It’s just RUDE.

  • Let’s see, I really want to go to Greece because of Greek mythology and the Percy Jackson books.
  • Also whichever place in the world that has beautiful and less crowded beaches with water sports (I’m a huge fan)
  • And I’m cheating with this one but a cruise to go to every place where each and every one of my bookish and blogger friends are ❤️

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3 thoughts on “Talking Art, Movies, Food & More (Novel Newcomers: Charvi @ Not Just Fiction)

  1. I thought I commented here? Lol.
    But this was soooo much fun! Even though the questions were super hard and made my brain beat up hehe. Thanks for having me on the blog 😘❤️


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