Taking A 2 Month Hiatus

I’ve actually talked myself out of taking a break over 10 times now, each time I just told myself I’d be ok, I can’t take a break right now because I have this or that happening. It took me attempting to write a blog post on a certain topic, for me to realise I should probably take a hiatus. Then it took some awesome friends telling me I need to take the break, for me to start accepting it a bit more. I slept on it, wrote an entry in my journal about it. Then when I woke up looked at my planned content for May and June to see what can get reshuffled to a later month. 

I don’t think anyone wants to go on hiatus, sometimes though we need it and it took me having migraine symptoms for me to finally realise I need a break. My stress shows itself through giving my migraine symptoms, so eyes aching/hurting, headaches and have had blurred vision before. Though that was in secondary school. 

You’re Going MIA For 2 Months?

Not quite, I’ll still be about on my social media and on Discord. I may take a while to reply to comments, blog hop etc but I’ll be doing my best to keep up with it whilst on hiatus. I’m aware this is being posted in April, whilst Bookending Spring is happening. I’ll still be about supporting peeps in BEspring19 as best as I can, as well as on our twitter @bookend_events. I do have three scheduled posts for later on in the month, along with my rewind posts. Other than those, I won’t be posting anything else this month.

My blog will become extremely chill with the posts. As I plan to only be posting the Goals post, Rewind posts, Novel Newcomers and any Collab posts I’ve been working on with others. This does mean Book Blogging 101, won’t be coming back until July at the earliest, whilst I take care of my health. I’ll no doubt my plotting my little soul away whilst on hiatus, for how to better manage my content, so I don’t get overwhelmed again.  

If you want to keep updated on what I’m too, then make sure to read my monthly rewind posts! Other than that, I’ll see you all properly again some when in July…for Bookending Summer 2019. 

Also I did a post a while back on Bookwyrming Thoughts on Why It’s Okay To Fall Off The Blogosphere Now And Then it was one of the first posts I do on there, anyhoo feel free to check it out as I feel like I need to take my own ducking advice. We’re all great at giving out awesome advice, but taking our own advice, is hard. 


27 thoughts on “Taking A 2 Month Hiatus

  1. Oof Clo I’ll miss your posts but if anyone deserve a hiatus it’s you! I always wonder how you schedule and manage so much without going crazy. Take care of your mental health❤️❤️❤️


  2. I totally should have taken time off these past couple of months, so I 100% respect your decision. It’s a very mature thing to realize that you need to do this for yourself.


  3. As someone who has taken a hiatus and then has been on-again-off-again with my blog, I completely understand your need for a break. I’m really glad you’re doing this for yourself and we will all be here for when you come back!


  4. Aww it’s okay Clo, I’m prone to migraine aswell — in fact they are ones of the reasons I can’t go into my accounting studies anymore. I can’t cope with the stress and the awful bosses I had in the past. I know they are the absolute worst and more than once I went to the ER for them to give me SOMETHING to ease my pain; blogging is supposed to be fun and not be inducing pain to you.

    Take a good 2months rest xx
    work on your WIP if you want but oh god Clo, DONT WRITE POSTS!


  5. I hope you’re able to recharge and take care of yourself during this hiatus and afterward. I’m still quite new to this scene so I’m glad I’m seeing self-care right at the beginning so I know down the road I can take this advice 🙂


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