You’d Be Better As A Book (BEspring19)

Ever watched a film and liked it but thought it’d be better as a book? It’s not something that happens a lot for me, partially due to my lack of consuming films/TV shows. However this prompt is inspired from watching a set of 4 films, whilst I loved them I was mostly there watching them still because of the characters. It got me thinking that really this story would perhaps have been better suited in book form?

This post is part of Bookending Spring 2019, which is one out of four events run under the umbrella term, “Bookend Events”. It’s Co-Created by myself and Sam @ Fictionally Sam, for more information on Bookend Events as a whole check the link! This is my third and final prompt post for the event! If you do this prompt, remember you MUST link back to the original Hosts prompt!



Today’s my last day hosting for Bookend Spring 2019, taking over tomorrow is Michelle @ Michelle Likes Things who has some awesome prompts! For this prompt peeps, it’d be super helpful if you can warn people of spoilers. They may not want to watch the shows/films you talk about but spoiler warnings are nice.


(Dec 2014) Mythica: A Quest for Heroes
(June 2015) Mythica: The Darkspore
(Dec 2015) Mythical: The Necromancer
(May 2016) Mythica: The Iron Crown
(Nov 2016) Mythica: The Godslayer

I’m going to be focusing solely on these films, they are part of a series, as you can probably tell. If you want to watch them, or think you may watch them, you’re free to skip to the end of this post. I don’t want to spoil you. If you’re not bothered, or have no intentions of watching these films. Then you’re more than welcome to read the whole post.

Raw Plot Line Which At Times Felt Rushed

This series takes place in a made up world, if it were a book it’d be a high fantasy because of that. I absolutely adored seeing this world come to life, learning bits and pieces about the world our characters were in. However, there’s 5 films and a lot could have been explored. A lot of things could have been executed better too in my opinion, however I have a feeling they would’ve been on a tight budget and turn around.

The story as a whole, had a ton of potential, Marek is the main character and she’s a young wizard who’s got the power of necromancy. Just the fact we have necromancy involved was enough to pique my interest ok. However the love sub plot whilst I rooted for it between Marek and Dagen (he’s an elf) when it finally happened, man it felt rushed.

I watched the first three films with my parents, then I continued watching the last two by myself because I was addicted. Depsite the plot feeling rushed, it had inspired me within my writing and I was wanting more. Although I am not a fan of that ending…

A lot of the world wasn’t explored, and despite this series trying to be plot driven, the plot felt weak at times. What drove it and kept me wanting more were the characters, within a book series I feel like you can explore things in more depth. This world wanted to be explored in more depth I felt, the characters deserved to all have a chance to shine. I wanted to learn more but the films didn’t give me that…instead they dragged out one part of the plot of them going to find someone who was captured. When they could have kept that part relatively short, get it over and done with and move onto other plot points.


We’re pretty luck with the level of CGI these days, it’s super realistic which adds a lot to the whole experience. These films spanned from 2014 to 2016 so erm the CGI didn’t start out that great. Progressively it improved and really helped add to the films.

CGI is super helpful for creating scenes, landscapes, objects and so much more than the film makers can get a hold of or you can’t be in that location for whatever reason. Books don’t need CGI. I know, we use our imaginations but that’s the beauty of it, I just feel like these films could have been conveyed visually a lot better through books. Your only limit with the book is the word count. ~~probably a lot of other things but hey for now word count is our limit~~ this would’ve meant the world could have been brought to life a lot better.

The Characters Are What Made The Series

Books are either world driven or character driven. For me Mythica was character driven, without the characters, the humour etc I wouldn’t have watched past the first film if I’m being honest. Characters can make or break a story, in this case they made it. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t want to see them explored more, you know in book form, get inside their heads. Learn about their past, their feelings, what makes them tick etc.

Whilst there are ways to show this on screen, I feel like it’s easier to convey this through writing.

On screen has it’s pros and cons, just like books do. Most stories are better suited to one medium, some are able to translate well over both. For me this series whilst I loved it, didn’t reach it’s full potential. There was a lot more I wanted to see within this world, as well as wanting side characters being fleshed out more. Mythica has an interesting story to share, it just wasn’t executed all that well in my opinion. I also just really think this would’ve worked a lot better as a book series.

Wow…I watched these films back in 2018 so erm I can’t remember everything that happened. But I do remember the general gist and one of the strong feelings I had was, this would work so much better in book form. Also MAPS. We could have a cool map for the world and I was sold hehe.

 I hope you enjoyed my prompts as well as all the other awesome prompts, which came before mine. There’s still some awesome prompts, from lovely hosts to come after mine.

Are there any films/shows you feel would have worked better as a book/book series? Bookending Spring 2019 has been a time, I can’t wait to see everyone else’s posts! *waddles to blog hop*


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