Blog’s Life: Past, Present & Future of Book Dragons (BEspring19)

Welcome to my first hosting day for Bookending Spring 2019! Today’s prompt is all about your blog’s journey. Where you started with your blog, how you began (past), where your at now with your blog (present) and where you’d ideally like to be with your blog in a year or two (future). If you’ve ever been curious about my blog’s journey, as well as my plans for the future, which I may or may not share some of my plans for the future. Then grab a cuppa, get comfy as we dive into this BESpring19 post!

This post is part of Bookending Spring 2019, which is one out of four events run under the umbrella term, “Bookend Events”. It’s Co-Created by myself and Sam @ Fictionally Sam, for more information on Bookend Events as a whole check the link! This is my first prompt post for the event!




Before I dive on into this post, for those taking part in Bookending Spring 2019, please don’t think you have to be as detailed/personal as I am. You talk about what you’re comfortable with, and share what you wish to share. As long as it’s talking about your blog’s journey it totally counts for this prompt!

Where It All Began…

August 16th 2017 is where my blog’s life began. Marked with it’s first post ahem which I have linked if you want to check that out. (don’t judge me too much ok, I was 16 and erm the formatting is shockingly bad.)

Anyhoo my blog was born out of my need, to have an outlet for all the topics I wanted to talk about, but had no one really to talk to. Hence my blog started off with discussion posts, and still does have a lot of discussion posts. I dabbled in memes but eventually I got rid of them mostly, I developed an addiction with tags as I wanted to basically collect them all. (we’re still doing this one slowly but surely).

From August 2017 to December 2018 – Book Dragons has undergone at least 3 redesigns. Possibly 4 redesigns, in terms of graphics, layout and themes. The one thing which has stayed mostly the same though is this little guy.

Since this dragon basically is the blogs identity at the moment, I’m going to share a bit of how I designed him.

Past – How The Dragon Came To Be

I knew I wanted a dragon graphic, clue in my name, however digital drawing back then wasn’t something I was good at. In fact, the dragon was probably, my first proper attempt at drawing digitally for the first time since I was a kid. My dad had taught me how to use CorelDraw, so it’s been very much a rediscovery process; a lot of the tools in the software I already knew how to use.

I’ve never been great at drawing from my imagination, I admire everyone who can draw from their imagination, I am not one of them. Not yet, I can write from my head though and imagination. Moving on, I found a base graphic on Pinterest of a cute dragon, using that as my base I then drew over the top to get the proportions right. From there, I changed a few of the things so my dragon doesn’t have horns or ears or…feet. Ahem because at the time I was more about keeping it simple then over complicating it and getting myself in a pickle with lines.

The dragon was drawn in an afternoon, a solid 5+ hrs was spent drawing him, and since then he’s been converted into a cross stitch pattern thanks to my mum. (I’m also working on cross stitching my dragon). He’s undergone several colour changes to get him and his mates, the colours they are now.

As for my other graphics, the ones you see at the moment in this post, all come from the older versions of them as I developed them and my skills further. Sooo whilst I basically cringe seeing old graphics on my blog, they brought me to now…

Book Dragons Right Now

Right now as of April 2018, my blog is running on the free WordPress plan still, with the Nucleare theme. The graphics have been revamped which was either the 3rd or 4th time, I can’t remember at this point, and I’m still posting discussion posts.

I’m sitting with over 600 followers WP & Email combined and I couldn’t be happier with my lil blog, as it’s come so far. My blog has let me meet some of my closest friends, more importantly being a book blogger, has opened my eyes so much to the world around me. Often we live in our own little bubble, we tend to assume that everyone has access to similar things, we do. Unless we’ve been told/shown otherwise, which is what blogging has done for me, I thought everyone had access to a library. They don’t and I don’t think I’ll ever put into words how stunned or sad I was, to learn that, not everyone has the same privilege I do. I’ve learned that yes I have privilege, but I don’t have all the privileges some may think I do, with living in the UK, England.

My blog right now, is chugging away, with the banner still laughing at me as that was actually a temporary banner made permanent as I wanted to cry with stress trying to design a better one xD

Right now, my blog is where it’s supposed to be, on a free plan with an URL that confuses the heck out of a lot of people. Since the blog is called Book Dragons the URL is actually because the one I’d have had…was taken. (that’s a story for another time)

For all I’m happy with where my blog is at the moment, that doesn’t mean my mind is content, oh no my mind is buzzing away planning the future of my blog since last year actually. What plans am I cooking up for my blogs future?

Planning For A New Era On My Blog

*cackles* So I’m not going to be sharing a whole lot with you guys, not just because I want to keep most of it a secret for now. Also due to me chopping and changing my plans, I also don’t have a solid timeline sooooo this could take a while to come to pass. (also why I’m still wrestling in my own mind whether it’s worth changing my WP URL or not and waiting…short term or long term?)

  • My social media usernames will gradually be changing at some point this year…I’m sure.
  • I plan to redraw my dragon and draw some new cute characters, although I’ll probably be shrieking about it for a good while before I’m happy with them.
  • I’m planning on building my new blog from scratch and it’ll have a custom domain name. (twirls away that’s all you get on that cause we not elaborating any further mwahahaha)
  • Book Dragons will have a new name…(I mean you‘re welcome to guess…except those who already know my plans cause I got nervous and needed reassuring).

Mhmmm that’s all you’re getting out of me right now, hahaha sorry if you wanted more for the future of this blog, but just know it’s something I’m constantly thinking on, planning and working towards.

If you end up doing my prompt, remember you MUST link to this post as it’s the original prompt. I can’t wait to see your blogs journey! If you’re not planning on doing this prompt/aren’t partaking in BEspring19, then give me a quick rundown of where your blog was last year, to now and where you want to be in a year?


14 thoughts on “Blog’s Life: Past, Present & Future of Book Dragons (BEspring19)

  1. Nice post! I agree on changing your social media names as I always get confused by them combined with your blogs name. I alwasy expect to see Bookdragons there 🙂

    Fun fact: I also always thought that everyone had access to a library and I was also stunned and shocked when I found out it’s not a common privilege.

    this I actually the prompt I planned to do but didn’t haha. Curious for your blog in the future!


  2. Ooooooh you tease! I want to know more! Wait…does this wp blog just become an old horcrux once you’ve moved on? And I can’t wait to see what’s in store for your blog and what new name you’ll be flashin! I really enjoyed your idea for today’s prompt and I can’t wait to read everyone else’s who post today! (WHAT IS THE NEW NAME, CURIOSITY WILL KILL ME PLEASE TELL ME YOU SHALL REVEAL IT SOON!)


  3. ah, this is such a lovely post! It was really nice getting to know about your journey and I can not wait to see your blog grow in the future!
    I can not wait to see the new characters you draw and the name that you choose!
    What will it be? *thinks about guessing but gets too wrapped up in her mind*

    So my one year blogiversary is coming up this month and it just seems so surreal! I can not believe I have come so far already!
    Moving on, I don’t think I will be able to do much this year since it’s my last year in high school and everything but I have a lot of plans for once I am done with high school!


  4. *immediately hops to check out smol Clo’s first post* awwwww you’ve come so far! I love that you’ve had your little dragon for so long, and that he (and your other graphics) have developed along with your blog – as someone with no artistic skill whatsoever, I’m always in awe of your graphics 😍

    I’m trying not to ramble on too long since I’m doing this prompt and my post will be up later today, but I will say that I absolutely agree that the book blogging community is amazing for both making friends and becoming more aware of different levels of privilege around the world. it’s definitely an ongoing learning process, as is blogging in general, and I look forward to seeing what’s in store for you and your blog! 💕


  5. I have no idea where I want my blog to be in a year, but I’m happy just steadily growing it slowly as I learn new things and just doing new kinds of posts that I like doing and trying to do more original content and just experimenting.
    I think I made a good choice moving to WordPress last month, though. Even though I kinda miss the simplicity of using blogger. :/ But I do like how it is easier to connect.


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