Q&A With Yours Truly

Eeek to celebrate me hitting 600 followers on the blog, and 1.4k on twitter, I gave you all two post options. I either do a Q&A or I answer some of your assumptions about me. As we can see, the Q&A won so I’ll be going through answering all the questions I got asked, on twitter and instagram. 

Thank you to everyone who asked me a question! I do believe I’ve answered all the questions, I got asked. If you have any other questions you wanted to ask me, then feel free to ask in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer them! 

Would you rather get a new book everyday (no repeats) or read the same book for a year?

I mean, if I read the same book for a year I’d hope I’d be able to recite it off the top of my head. Plus I could attempt to read the one book in different languages to learn a language. Hmmm I’d rather get a new book every day, and drown in all the books I’ve yet to read hehe. 

Recommend an upcoming standalone book?

Off the top of my head The Priory of the Orange Tree by Samantha Shannon is an upcoming standalone. (its already out though so you should go check it out). I’ve not read it yet, but I really want to not only does it feature DRAGONS but there’s also a f/f relationship in it, and I’m down for that. Even if the book is HUGE.

Tell us a blogging secret

Hmmm ok I’ll give you two, cause I’m not sure which way I’m meant to interpret this one. My URL bookdragons247 was born out of how I actually remember numbers and read them out. So 247 I read in my head and aloud as 24/7 – I know pretty much no one else does that with my URL but it was how I came up with those numbers. It also linked in with being bookdragons all the time. HOWEVER the main reason I needed the numbers added on was due to bookdragons being taken…although that blog hasn’t been used since like 2011 or something like that. Yes I’m still salty ok…very salty.

This isn’t really a secret but if you find a post whether it be a discussion/guide/how to and something clicks in your head. You suddenly want to write your take on the topic, then you can. When we’re newbies just peeking out from under our blankets, we often worry that discussing a topic before isn’t original. Your. Voice. Is. Original. I and many others want to know your thoughts and opinions on a topic, how did you do the same thing but in a different way? All of us have a unique perspective to add on topics/guides/how to’s which have been done before. I’ll always read those types of posts, and I’m sure others will too.

Which was your favourite childhood series?

The Charlie Bone series by Jenny Nimmo. Whilst I’m a Slytherin (Slytherclaw) and do get HP references, I’ve never read the books. I don’t have any plans to either, they don’t appeal to me, they didn’t appeal to me as a kid either. Charlie Bone did…it’s not like Harry Potter either.

Charlie Bone focuses on these kids who are endowed, they have powers/gifts basically, Charlie’s is he can talk to and travel into paintings. Other kids are able to control certain weather elements, one can shapeshift into birds. The stories themselves revolved around the boarding school for the Arts. All the students who go there whilst also being endowed, were in theatre, arts or music. I’ve been wanting to reread this series for ages so…soon you may see the reviews pop up on my blog. hahaha like at the end of the year at this rate

What are the biggest challenges that you’ve come across as a book blogger, and how have you overcome them?

Lack of customisation freedom on a free WP plan.

I know, I could use Blogger but also I experimented with Blogger when I was 14. I ran away…far….I preferred WordPresses interface and also the WP reader really helps people stumble onto your blog.

Whilst I adore having my baby on WP and on the free plan, you could say all our babies can only grow so far on free plans. I’m not talking about stat growth…I’m talking the growth we have for them in our heads. Stuff we can’t physically do on a free plan because oh hi we’re on free, and we can’t have what others have. I get it…but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t frustrate the hell out of me.

For example….CSS control. I’m not saying I know what I’m doing with it. But I’d love to mess about with it and figure out what I’m doing, bonus I could make my blog more matchy matchy with its colours.

Themes….as I’m on free I am limited to the themes which are free on WP. This gives me about 4 themes I’d consider using…3 I’ve actually used.

Baskerville was the first one, that lasted a few months but I hated the overall look.

Lovecraft was the second one and the one I used for all of 2018 I think. Although I needed to tweak my graphics because that theme actually causes your blog posts to overlap with the banner. (I made my banner and blog background colour the same so they blended and bam it looks lovely)

Button I trialed on my test blog and yeah, it’s nice but I couldn’t get on with the accents it put on the featured images.

Nucleare. Is the current theme running on this site, I love it and I have no plans of changing at all. It’s downfall for me personally is I have to pick one of the colour palettes to use on my blog…so the blue read more and search icon are one of the three palettes. (I’d make them purple to match my colours but nope… >.>)

How much time do you spend on book blogging in total? All things considered; reading, scheduling and writing etc.

In total *brain short circuits* If we take a normal a week for me, where I am actually reading, erm… I’ll probably do a discussion post on this. But my free time is spent on blogging, writing, reading. Reading wise at the moment, I’m struggling with a slump, so my hours spent reading are very low.

This month I’ve spent 3 and a bit hours reading…and that was for one book. I read books in one sitting usually, other than that I’ve not read anything else this month. I’d say I easily spend 7hrs a day on blog related things probably more depending on the day, what I’m doing etc.

How long does it take you to finish a book?

If I’m into the book and it’s captured my attention, I’ll read 100 pages in 1 hour approx. So your average length book of 300-400 pages takes me about 3.5 hours to read. It’s why I typically read books in one sitting, otherwise I’ll get distracted…and may struggle to get back into the book.

Which book would you recommend to a person who thinks reading is boring?

Depends on what they’re looking for in a book. If they think reading is boring but for instance, really like romantic films/romance etc I’d probably recommend contemporary books to them. If they’re more into Fantasy I’d probably recommend an Urban Fantasy so it’s still got parallels with our world, as high Fantasy can be a lil overwhelming at times for any of us.

What was the last book you bought/received?

I’ve not received them yet, but my best friend went to V E Schwabs event, I wasn’t able to go for various reasons. But she offered to get me a book/s for me and get them signed, and I’ll give her the money for them. So the most recent ones are This Savage Song and Our Dark Duet by V E Schwab and yes I’ve read. I will probably reread them at some point, but I adored them.

Where do you see yourself taking your blog within the next year or so?

*grabs plans, stuffs them away and slams some books down to hide said plans*

Well, I’m not going to be saying much on this, there’ll be a Bookending Spring prompt where I reveal a tiny bit more about my plans for the near-ish future. However I can say that I am definitely going to be renaming my blog. You’re all welcome to guess what it’s changing to, if you follow my personal Instagram, then that’s your clue. My twitter username will change soon, which may help with the clues hehe.

Generally though, I hope my blog keeps growing, providing enjoyable content for all of you guys. I also can see Sam and I expanding Bookend Events next year…if all goes well this year. So a lot is actually resting on these events this year. (we have many plans for Bookend Events hehe)

Where do you see yourself in 10 years in relation to blogging but also in general?

*laughs hysterically* I see myself as a 28 year old having a crisis of some sort xD

I’d hope I’m still blogging in 10 years, geez I’d have been blogging for over a decade by then. I also hope that the friends I’ve made through blogging, are still blogging in 10 years too, if not then I hope we don’t lose contact. Cause a love you guys. Ooooo by 28 I hope I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Soph, Sam, Kal, Cami, Izzy, Michelle and Jamsu hehehe. Although they may disown me as a friend when we meet *rolls about singing off key*

I honestly can’t really see myself in 10 years…I can’t even see myself next year in terms of where I’ll be in general. I kinda live life as it comes, making plans, adjusting plans as things fall apart around me. Making new plans and just generally trying to make the most of each day, I do want kids at some point. Ahem I also have a plan on how I’m managing 3 kids. (I made this plan when I was 16 ok, so lemme share the basic gist of it with you)

  • first kid when I’m 27
  • second kid when I’m 30 because by then the first one will be able to go to preschool or something
  • third kid before I’m 35
  • my logic here is the oldest will be in school by the time I’d have the next one and then they’d all be going through their stages of life at different times
  • so I’m not getting hit for a ton of uniform costs all at once etc
  • also this plan may totally burst into flames one day but for now it’s staying

What’s the best part of being a book blogger?

You guys. The community, whether it’s fellow book bloggers, booktubers, bookstagrammers or readers. I love you all and I can’t wait to get to know you all better over the years. I mentioned this in another post of mine, but it’s totally fact. I came for the community and I will stay for the community.

If you had to murder a fictional crush who would it be?


*keeps blinking*

*grabs list of fictional crushes*

Erm ok let’s see here, who am I murdering here, probably Angel from Buffy The Vampire Slayer. I love Angel but also…as much as it would pain me to kill him, he’d probably get brought back somehow.

Thank you for following this blog and for following me on twitter. I hope you enjoyed this Q&A and learned something about me? (what did you learn about me in the comments let me know!) Here’s my question for you all, where do you see yourself in 3 years? Whether it be blogging, life, with reading whatever it is, let me know ❤


9 thoughts on “Q&A With Yours Truly

  1. Don’t even ask me where I see myself in 3 years! As a high school student I’m desperately grappling with the here & now let alone the future! 😱
    Great post & congrats 💕


  2. I’m excited to see what you guys come up with for future Bookends – we’re doing it this month and it’s been really fun. I totally agree with you about bloggers being able to have their own voice on any topic and they shouldn’t worry about if it’s original content or not – as long as it’s their voice. Great post. Looking forward to seeing the new name of the blog.

    Followed 🙂



    spill the beanssss

    Also same I’m so salty because I can’t keep my name notjustfiction on Twitter since aome blog which has been inactive since god knows how long owns it 😤😤


  4. Honestly, questions like “where do you see yourself in 10 years” give me anxiety. I hate thinking about my future and procrastinate making life-changing decisions until last minute. Hence why I choose my university course only a couple weeks before I applied to take my college entrance exam. But I’d say you have a pretty solid plan! I’d looooove to have three kids, though since I see my future as a single mom, it would be pretty hard to handle three of them on my own, hahah.
    By the way, you have no idea how important it was when you said that “all discussions are important, because all voices are important”. I feel like discussions are the hardest posts for me to write, because I always try to come up with original topics. And you put it very well! Every voice is important; it doesn’t matter if this topic has already been used multiple times before.
    And I totally, totally relate with the struggle of not being able to customize my layout. I had a blog on Tumblr before that and it was extremely convenient, because I could literally change anything I wanted and pick out the themes that worked the best for me. It’s been a hard transition and sometimes I don’t even go into my blog, because I’ll get frustrated about all the things I can’t change, lol. One day, I hope to be able to afford WordPress and I won’t have to settle anymore for the free layouts! Preach!


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