Ways To Organise Yourself & Blog (BEspring19)

Ever wondered how to go about organising your blog? Whether that’s the layout/appearance, content, yourself, there‘s much to organise within a blog. In this post, I’ll be breaking down the ways I utilise, to organise the blog as well as myself.

*pops party poppers* 

This post is part of Bookending Spring 2019, which is one out of four events run under the umbrella term, “Bookend Events”. It’s Co-Created by myself and Sam @ Fictionally Sam, for more information on Bookend Events as a whole check the link! This post was inspired by Jayati @ It’s Just A Coffee Addicted Bibliophile’s prompt: Pre-Scheduling & Organising Your Blog ft Mood Blogging. 


Daily View Diary & Scrap Paper

I actually started out this year, with a diary which was a day view layout. So it’s about A5 size, and each weekday takes up a whole page. Then on a weekend it’s split into two, and below we can see a photo of how it looks when I’ve actually used it.

Now, I will be talking about my bullet journal in a bit, but for now I’ll talk about how I use this type of layout to stay on top of things. We all have to do lists, some of us may use scrap bits of paper for that. Only for us to lose the paper, thus our to do list is gone and we have to make a new one. I basically needed a place to store all my to do lists, in one place. This diary was my place and it’s been working really well for me. I also adore the cover and quote on it.

Having my diary, which gives each day (albeit weekends) an entire page to themselves, means I can make a lengthy to do list without worrying. I also do have a colours involved, as you can see in the picture. I use green, orange and yellow highlighters for keeping on top of that days tasks. If I decide to totally remove the task or I cancel it I’ll cross it out.

Green = done
Yellow = started
Orange = moved

Sometimes I don’t get everything done, which means it’s either been started, or in most cases will be moved to another day. Highlighting them with the correlating colours, allows me at a glance to see where I’m at with things. It’s also super useful for me, to be able to flip back through and see what I’ve done, what still needs doing. No more hunting for that bit of paper.

I do use scrap paper for something else though. Rough calendars, ahem for blog content. I have two currently one for May and one for June and they’re on my desk. (I will be doing a post at some point all about how to plan ahead easier) Now I use my BuJo, to reference the current months content calendar. Problem is, I like to have a visual representation of two months ahead to get a better idea of what I’m up to. Where things are heading, what needs doing and what posts can be moved.

Scrap paper is my life saver, I have a ton of it and I draw a rough calendar on it, in my case I did two. May 2019, June 2019, plopped in the dates and then penciled in when I’m thinking of having certain posts go up. They’re held up on part of my desk with magnets, and I can see them whilst I sit and type. Couple with my BuJo that is usually open in front of me, I can easily get an idea of what’s been loosely planned without moving anywhere.

Kal’s Fabulous Spreadsheet

I may be a paper planner at heart, but there are some things I prefer to do digitally, Kal created an awesome spreadsheet for us book bloggers. The sheer amount of work which went into this is unreal and even though I use maybe 3 sheets in the entire spreadsheet, every sheet is useful. So go check out Kal’s post where she breaks down the spreadsheet and grab a copy for yourself!

As for what I use mine for, Bookish Stats, Blog Stats and Daily Stats. That’s it. It’s basically where I track all my stats, I do intend to print out copies of these at some point to file away at some point. I love hard copies ok, hard copies can’t suddenly disappear unless they’re shredded, burned or chucked out.

If you find digital planning easier, and works for you, than I’d highly recommend checking out Kal’s spreadsheet. It’ll save you time, after time, after time.

Bullet Journal

I recently did my first ever Bujo Rewind post. It was a ton of fun, and having a Bullet Journal has also been super fun for me, getting to draw, plan, colour code aaaaah my hearts happy. However, a lot of people I think feel intimidated by bullet journals due to there being so many pretty ones. Look I get it, we all love having pretty things, pretty things mean nothing if they don’t work for the purpose they were created for. Your bullet journal can be however you want it to be.

The spread layouts are yours to change, adapt, colour, draw however you like. You can go simple or complex. Minimal or artsy. My spreads tend to be more simple and minimal, I have a deep love for my black fine liner pens which I use for everything at this point. Writing, drawing, doodling = black fine liner. I do go more artsy with title pages though, just to have some fun haha.

With this in mind, my bullet journal whilst also being an escape for me, is also something I’ve started to rely on to have blog things in one place. My memory is about as good as a sieve is for keeping water in.

I have a section for blogging, not all the pages have spreads in yet, but I’m sure they will by the end of the year. (pages I have in this section at the moment: Pages – log of pages on my blog, when they were last updated; Blog Maintenance, Tags & Awards – I’m forgetful ok, that’s it as of now) In my April monthly section I’ve got dedicated spreads to Bookending Spring and the Tidyathon, which so far have been HUGE helps to me keeping on top of things.

At the beginning of the BuJo I have mini calendars…I say mini they take up a page instead of two ok. To me they’re mini, anyway I have 12 calendars consecutively there, so I can fill in the blog posts that went up and colour code them with what category they’re in. It also means I can easily flick through the months to see how my posting pattern changed, what I post the most and it’s just easy access.

My bullet journal is mostly blog related…like my life is my blog and my blog is my life at the moment. I also merge my personal and college stuff with it, primarily though the BuJo is geared towards my blog. Yours could be geared more towards your personal life, if that’s what you feel would work best for you though!

Eeeeek so how’s everyone been enjoying #BEspring19 so far? I’ll be swinging by throughout the month, on the posts you guys do. As well as checking up on how everyone’s doing with the #Tidyathon. HOWEVER thoughts on how you get yourself organised? Are you a paper planner or digital planner? Maybe a mix of both? 


12 thoughts on “Ways To Organise Yourself & Blog (BEspring19)

  1. I’m not actively participating in BEspring19 or Tidyathon, but I love reading everyone’s post for it so far! I’m definitely more of a digital planner, and Google Calendar is my saving grace ❤ It's helpful because I plan for a lot of my glasses and life on there too. Your bullet journal spread is so beautiful! I can see why you enjoy being a paper planner 🙂


  2. I hadn’t really considered whether I’m a paper planner or a digital planner until I read through your post… but now I realize I’m a weird mix of both 😱 I keep all my blog-related stuff in one Scrivener doc. I have a page where I keep my updated blog planning stuff—what posts go up when, etc.—and it’s highlighted with color-coding based on status. But then I use my bullet journal to plan out time to spend blogging. Each week, I lay out goals for my blog that week (posts I want to get up, etc) and then I have a spread for daily goals where I organize what days I’m going to work on what.

    I really like your idea about scrap paper though. I find myself changing my mind a lot, which is why I keep specific post planning in digital form so it’s easy to erase. I definitely want to incorporate scrap paper more to take the pressure off!

    Thanks for sharing these tips! Looking forward to seeing everyone else’s posts for BESpring! 💕


  3. BUJO PICS YESSSSSSSSSSSS. I think highlighting each task would bug me just because I tend to get cheaper notebooks that bleed/ghost, but it sure looks pretty and it’s definitely easy to see the status of each task! somehow it never crossed my mind to use scrap paper for planning, though occasionally I’ll use it for a daily to-do on really busy days; I keep future events and tasks on a Post-it in the back of my bujo and sometimes in my Google calendar – but as a pretty visual thinker, I might borrow your idea of drawing out future months!

    possibly it’s that in my mind blogging has always been a primarily digital activity (doesn’t help that I mostly read on devices, i.e. my Kindle or occasionally ADE) so most of my blog planning happens digitally too, in Kal’s spreadsheet 🤔

    but planning is sooooooo much fun either way tbh, I just love inputting post titles and stats just as much as I love lettering dates and pasting in pictures, and I love seeing how other people plan! thanks for sharing, Clo 💕

    also (wow this is becoming an essay welp) tidyathon is a little delayed for me because I’m about to be hit with my third exam this month, but hoping to get lots done this weekend … starting with making a solid list 😅


  4. Digital planning has never worked for me. Something about looking at a screen makes me anxious when I’m getting shit done. Right now I’m not in school so the only planning I have o o is for my blog and I keep it simple with monthly calendar print outs and lists in a notebook.

    This summer I will be trying out different systems to see what I prefer to use for when I go back to school in the fall so I might also use that time to check out what other bloggers are doing. Another reason to be excited about BEspring!


  5. Ooh to do lists are life! I used to have a little diary for them but then I shifted to my notes app and now to the gyat channel ☺️

    I’m more in favour of physical planning than digital plus Kal ‘s spreadsheets are intensive in the sense that I’m a smol blogger so I don’t have the need to record all the intricate details she does. Plus a lot of it starts overlapping with my planner which I’m still getting used to.
    Great post, Clo!


  6. I am spreadsheet addict and I loved Kal’s spreadsheet, though I use a different version for myself, not only for the blog but also for reading and even daily to do list. Now all that is remaining is to get more organised.


  7. Thank you so much for all the kind things you said about my spreadsheet! It’s interesting because I am a pen & paper kind of person when it comes to To-Do Lists and whatnot, but I honestly can’t stick with physical planners? It is so annoying because I keep buying them and forgetting about them after like 3 days lol.


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