Fantasy Starter Kit (Novel Newcomers: Dany @ Ambivert Words)

Novel Newcomers is back, this time we’ve got Dany on the blog, as she shares with us a Fantasy Starter Kit! Be sure to stick around for the end of the post, to check out her social links and blog! 

What’s Novel Newcomers?

The idea of debut authors being featured across the blogosphere, but with book bloggers instead. But there were so many features already focusing on debut authors at the time, why not focus on newer bloggers in the bookish community as well?

In 2016, Nori from ReadWriteLove28 and Sophia from Bookwyrming Thoughts joined forces to feature some of the newest additions in the book blogging world. In 2017, Sophia started it… but dropped off the face of the planet due to other commitments and put the feature on a hiatus for 2018.

Now Novel Newcomers is back for 2019! With me, Clo, as Soph’s co-host. Are you ready for this years fun, as we shine a light on newbie book bloggers who started in either 2017 OR 2018?

First off , thank you so much Sophia & Clo for having me in Novels Newcomers 2019. I’ve been blogging for 8 months and book blogging community is nothing but supportive. Thanks guys.
When it comes to fantasy , things can get a little messed up. Because as far as I know recs are given based on the other person’s fave authors instead of the reader’s preference.
So I am gonna give you guys a fantasy starter kit.

Fantasy for Romance fans

Romance is usually present in all genres. But Remnant Chronicles starts off slowly and sucks us into the world. So this is a great place to start.
Remnant Chronicles
(trilogy in which you will be sucked into fantasy void)
Kiss of Deception starts with a princess escaping her arranged marriage and living a normal life. She encounters two boys in her workplace. One is the prince she’s supposed to marry and the other is the assassin sent to kill her , the interesting note is we don’t know who is who until the end of the book.

Fantasy for Middle Grade fans

I really want to say Percy and Harry potter. But its not easy since both of them are long and might get intimidating.
This book series has everything . Magic schools , good magic and heroes , bad magic and villains . In fact , the graduates of this school get their own stories every year. This book series is so interesting.

Fantasy for Contemporary fans

Contemporary fans can easily start with low-fantasy or the existence of some other world in the same timeline kind of fantasy. Its easy to understand.
You guys are probably familiar with Fangirl. This is the book the protagonist writes in the book. Her Simon Snow fanfiction is Carry On. And it’s an easy way to start out.

Fantasy for Paranormal fans

Fantasy has always been famous for 2 tropes. Magic , Vamps and werewolves. (Hi hello Clo butting in here, so Paranormal is my fav genre and Fantasy is more than just one whole genre. We have sub genres. So you’ll want to specifically look for Urban Fantasy at first my fellow paranormal lovers. High Fantasy can wait till later.)

Fantasy for Horror fans

Fantasy has a particular genre named Grimdark which is basically everything dark and horror in fantasy. To start simple , try:
This is set in a world where all diseases are eradicated and humans can’t die naturally. The scythe are the people who kill others to keep the population in control.

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7 thoughts on “Fantasy Starter Kit (Novel Newcomers: Dany @ Ambivert Words)

  1. fantasy definitely spans quite a wide range, so this starter kit is such a great idea, Dany! Remnant Chronicles has been on my TBR for a while, and I just noticed recently that at some point my library picked up all the School for Good and Evil books so I’ve been meaning to continue the series! Carry On is also a timely rec since Wayward Son is coming out soon too. great list 💕

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