Monthly Rewind: March

*slams the big red panic button* THIS IS NOT A DRILL IT’S APRIL TOMORROW AND BOOKENDING SPRING BEGINS! I REPEAT THIS IS NOT A DRILL! April is going to be an awesome month, but before we let April, roll us over into a pancake. Let’s rewind March, what did I get up to, books I read, upcoming event and more!

Books Read

This Is What It Feels Like by Rebecca Barrow

Books Borrowed


Books Bought

Beautiful Broken Things by Sara Barnard

Seven Days of You by Cecila Vinesse

The Problem With Forever by Jennifer L Armentrout

Shadow of the Fox by Julie Kagawa

Books Won



  • reply to comments
  • blog hop frequently
  • schedule & graphics
  • keep writing
  • read one book
  • GYST days
  • Weds = Social Media Free
  • maintain a consistent sleep schedule

My replying to comments was erm…decent, I may have missed a few and if I did then I’m sorry. I do read all my comments, I just don’t always reply to every comment. But appreciate you all ❤ I fell off the wheel with blog hopping for a bit, March was a bit of a weird month for me to be honest. I fell behind with scheduling and graphics, although the weather played a major role, in terms of falling behind on graphics. 

I did however keep writing this month, rewriting the bits I’d written, rereading old fanfictions too I’d written. Hilarious entertainment that is, mostly I find my own dialogue amusing, what can I say. Sarcasm, dirty jokes, I’m gonna be snickering ok. I did read a book this month so woooooo and I mostly stuck to no social media on Weds. GYST days ended up happening sporadically and at times daily…I just have a lot of shit to get together ok dragons. 

My sleep schedule has improved a lot, the latest I got up this month was just gone 8am and that was only on one day. The rest of the time I was up between 6am-7am so huge improvement for me. Yes, even on weekends I’d be up at that time. 

Treasures From My Travels

Kristina @ Books and Dachshunds talks about being Bilingual By Choice vs. By Need

Soph @ Bookwyrming Thoughts reviews Opposite of Always by Justin A Reynolds

Kal @ Reader Voracious discusses whether Stats Should Dictate What We Post Kal also has a fabulous post on Stats Transparency where she’s dives deep into her own stats to help give the community some transparency on stats.

Haley @ The Caffeinated Reader discusses the important topic of Book vs. Book vs. Book…in other words the ducking format us readers choose to consume our books in shouldn’t matter.

Makayla @ Makayla Sophia shares an exciting project New Adult Writers Union. If New Adult books interest you, whether it’s reading them, writing them, boosting them then go check out this post!

Life Updates

March has been a time. It’s the month leading up to Bookending Spring, so naturally things get a wee bit chaotic for both Sam and I. Making sure everything’s in place for the prompts, getting the announcement post live. Keeping each other sane in the lead up to this event, which we couldn’t put on without our awesome Hosts.

I also handed in my animation assignment this month, and started my second to last assignment ever. *squeaks* I don’t know how but I’ve nearly finished my college course and wow…where did these 2 years go? Anyhoo, I will finish college in July so I’ve still got a while but erm…yeah our current assignment is on advertising and branding. It’s fun, I love it and I love it all the more because I’m working on something super exciting.

I’ve also been having a ton of fun with my bullet journal this month, it’s relaxing and helps me stay on top of things. However, graphics for some of my posts featured images haven’t been there. This is due to two things…the weather this month was against me. The days I wasn’t at college, it was cloudy, rainy or just crappy weather. The days I was at college it was sunny.

So I didn’t have good lighting for most of this month, in terms of sorting out featured images. Second thing, I was spending more time getting my assignment sorted, posts written, formatted and scheduled than worrying about graphics. The featured images can be put in later, so for that…I am sorry about the lack of featured images. I am on it, trying to play catch up but it’s a work in progress.

Oh and the book blogging 101 series is going to be on a month break in April, in the interests of keeping me sane. Those posts will be reappear in May, so if you’re wondering where they are…just wait for May and they’re return!


Bookending Spring 2019

AAAAAH IT STARTS TOMORROW! If you haven’t already, go check out the announcement post, for the event over on Sam’s blog. All relevant links, information can be found within that post! If you are wanting to sign up, then sign ups CLOSE Sunday 14th April 2019 for the spring event. After that, you can no longer sign up to be part of this event. (if you miss out on this event, don’t worry…we’ll be back again in July for Bookending Summer!)

Bookish Collision

Just a reminder that you’re welcome to join this discord server! It’s a place for all book lovers, whether you’re a book blogger, bookstagrammer or booktuber. Hell if you’re just a reader you’re welcome to join, you will need either a twitter or goodreads which can verify you are indeed a reader. (just because we don’t want trolls ruining our bookish fun!)

The whole idea of the server, is to bring the bookish community together. We can also support everyone better, across the platforms which is great, spreading love is so important in this community. Particularly across platforms I feel, you can also make friends too.

At the moment we’re still a smol server, but we truly hope you’ll swing on by and join in the fun. ❤

Join Bookish Collision

Rewind The Posts

March Goals

Authenticity In Engagement

Book Blogging 101: Blog Hopping & Community

Night Owl To Early Bird? (Teen POV)

Talking Writing, Books, Recs & More (Novel Newcomers: Stephanie @ The Secret Reader)

BuJo Rewind: March

As we spring on into April, what books are you hoping to get to this coming month? Are you taking part in Bookending Spring? Anyone joining me in the Tidyathon? Favourite moment from March, bookish or not, let me know in the comments!


41 thoughts on “Monthly Rewind: March

  1. I’m coming up to Easter break (only one week left! 🥳) and my goal is to read the hunger games series – all 3 of them! Hopefully I get them done! 🤞
    And it’s so funny that you’re doing a tidyathon since I literally just made a tidying post 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    • SNAPSIES I have this week left, then I’ve got two weeks off wooooo. Oooooo have you not read The Hunger Games series before or are you rereading? Either way, I hope you enjoy them, I remember loving the books when I read them several years ago ❤ ooooooo tidying post *waddles to find it so I can read it*

      Liked by 1 person

        • oooooo I mean The Hunger Games and The Maze Runner are more dystopian classics rather than fantasy but like *tips hat to you* I read book 1 and a bit of book 2 to the maze runner and I just fell out of love with it. I may consider giving it another try but I did love the films. So I wish you all the luck with tackling the books!

          Liked by 1 person

  2. Your March with blogging was my February. I felt so off and was so busy. I finally feel like I’m back in the swing of things. Congrats on turning in your assignment! I am reaching the end of my last semester before a year long residency in the school system as a teacher before I graduate and I can’t get over how time flies. You are almost done and that’s awesome!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. March was an odd month for me as well so I don’t blame you for kind of falling off on blog hopping and stuff. It just seems like it was one of THOSE months, you know? And it’s unfortunate. I’m glad your sleep schedule has improved, btw! Here’s to hoping April treats you well.

    Liked by 1 person

    • yeah it deffo seemed like one of THOSE months for me >.> which is annoying but there’s not much you can really do. Ah thanks Jessica, hope April treats you well and is better than the odd ball of March ❤


  4. Ahhh I can’t believe April is already here! 😣 I feel like I’ve only read a handful of books so far! Who am I??

    March has indeed been a time. School was stressful for me, and that’s why I haven’t read much! 😂
    But congrats on almost finishing that course, Clo! You’re almost there!

    Hopefully April is a better month 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Oh hey, you finished a book !!! Is that slump finally over ? 😁
    OMG, so- will you get “fierce fragile hearts” by Sara Barnard too ?? it’s the #2 of “broken beautiful things” (well, from another on the trio’s of friends POV – not the same girl)

    eeeeek !! thank you so much to have included my bilingual post! ❤️❤️


    • Yassss I did. Sadly no, like it’s a weird slump that basically means whilst I can still read. The motivation to read isn’t totally there, and it’s not the same even when I am reading atm. Hasn’t been since last Aug. So yeah, as long as I can read a book a month though I’ll deal with the rude slump.

      Ooooooo I may do if I end up loving the book, and of course, I loved that post of yours ❤

      Liked by 1 person

    • I HOPE I ENJOY IT TOO also I’m kinda salty that the US covers are prettier…but also if I end up loving it I can totally see myself rebuying the book/s in the other cover edition because I am here for both covers xD (I will read it soon….like before the end of the year hopefully? xD)

      I got dis thanks to you all supporting me


  6. I’m so proud of you. You actually finished a book! Let’s hope your slump will soon be over. I hate it when I want to read but I’m just not mood for it. I need to catch up with my reading goal and hopefully read The Wicked King and re-read Clockwork Angel. I’m also hoping to finish my Romanceopoly challenge since I only have two more books to go.

    I almost ordered The Problem With Forever once because I love her Lux universe and The Dark Elements but I don’t just think it’s something for me. I read one of her contemporary books set in college and I was just so meh about it. I think I’ll just stick to her fantasy books. I do want to give her her book Moonlight Sins a chance.


    • eeeek ikr I finished a book! *dances happily* Honestly I feel like this slump is gonna be clinging to me for a while longer but thats ok, as long as I’m able to read one a book I’ll take that over not reading anything. Ooooooo hopefully you can finish your Romanceopoly challenge!

      See, I want to read her Lux series because you liked it and I’m 99% sure I’ll end up liking it too. But I did enjoy her other contemporary book, and I’ve been wanting to get The Problem With Forever for a while now. (the cover is so damned pretty and I couldn’t resist)

      Ooooooo I’ll need to branch out into her fantasy books shortly I think ❤


  7. I really enjoyed your blogging 101 posts and look forward to seeing them again in May but for now….adios to a decent March and bring on April and Bookending Spring!!!! WOO!! I can’t wait to see your posts for April!


  8. Aaah I’m so happy for you about college, sis! I’m glad it’s going really well. I’ve read 6 books in March—all of them spectacular.

    I think my highlight from March was when I found out that I got into the scholarship program that I wanted so badly ever since the year began. I actually passed the entrance examination to my dream university too so I’M REALLY REALLY HAPPY RIGHT NOW.

    I’m hoping to read more books this April. Wish me luck!


  9. yay for making progress on your goals! keeping up the early wakeup on weekends has always been one of my biggest struggles so especial kudos for managing that. (and wow I’m going to have to go back and reread one of my old fics because I’m rewriting/finishing it for Camp NaNoWriMo and it’ll be a time I’m sure.) GYST day is every day at this point, life is messy but we’re here for you 💕

    you already know I’m doing BESpring (whooooo), and I’ll be Tidyathon-ing too!

    Liked by 1 person

  10. March was definitely an odd month for me… I was so busy with other stuff that I just didn’t read or blog as much as I would’ve liked. Funny how February was way more productive for me… :/ but I did get married so I guess that’s kinda cool ❤


  11. This is me waddling into your post that I swear I read (super proud of the progress you are making on your goals and HELL YES TO APRIL) to tell you how completely and ardently proud I am of you and everything that you do. Literally you are the biggest portion of what keeps B.E. going and moving and ily so much for being there for me when I’m in the abyss. You are a blessing partner in crime and I don’t know what I would do without your friendship and constant love! 100/10 would recommend over and over again.

    I’m super proud of the journey and growth you have not only in your personal life but also with your blog. It is truly a gem and a safe place for many, and I just wanted to let you know I appreciate you in more ways than words can say!

    So here is a huge hug from your southern belle across the pond! ❤ you!

    Liked by 1 person

    • *tackles you in a hug* I’ll be here to keep things moving when the abyss takes you, because it’s what friends are for Sam. Regardless of us running BE together, if you ever need to step back then tell me and I’ll cover for you cause your health is more important than some event, it’s also more important to me than some event lovely ❤

      The events will be awesome always, whether it's mostly me planning or you planning, or both of us equally. Cause it was created by us both which makes it pretty darn special 😉 Gah I'd probably cry an ocean without your friendship love Sam, love chuuuu you millions my southern belle ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  12. This month I’m hoping to finish a couple ARCs (and I’ve already finished one so I am on track at least), as well as The Boy Who Steals Houses and Descendant of the Crane! April has most of my most anticipated 2019 books so I’m REALLY excited to do ALL THE READING.

    That’s so exciting that you’re almost done with college! I am just holding out for my semester to end right now. Haha. But early congrats!


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