BuJo Rewind: March

Eeeek first ever rewind post for my bullet journal! In these posts, I’ll be sharing how my monthly spreads went, what worked, what didn’t along with the new spreads I make for the next month. Wheeee let’s get into this, I’m ridiculously excited to share my BuJo with you all! 

March 2019

I went pretty simple for the title page, you’ll notice throughout my pages, I use a black fine liner throughout. It’s become an extension of who I am, I love my black fine liners, they’re lovely to write, draw, doodle with. I’m also using a mix of watercolour brush pens and pencil crayons. Anyhoo I’m super proud of how my first title page turned out.

I originally was going to highlight my posts, with the correlating colours, to what I use in my content calendars at the front of my journal. (you’ll see those pages at some point, when I make a post about pages book bloggers need!) But then I realised some of the colours are dark and the text wouldn’t show up too well, so hence only March Goals was highlighted. I think I will keep highlighting my deadlines though for assignments. 

This spread basically acts as a place for me to visually see what posts I’m planning on putting up when, you’ll see in the April one that not all of them are in pen. There’s a reason for me using pencil first hehe.

Yeah the habit tracker went out the window on this one, I think it was a mix of me trying to track too many things; along with the layout. I found it hard trying to figure out where I needed to mark an x soooo the habit tracker changes in April. I’m hoping the change and cut down of habits, will allow me to keep on top of it more.

The sleep tracker….or sleep log as I now call it. It works, I love it, and I’m not sure how well you can see the x’s but basically the green section is the time I’m aiming to be sleeping in. The white is the time I’m aiming to be awake in. March was a pretty damned good month for working on my sleep schedule, the sleep log did help massively though. Both for accountability, as well as giving me confidence as I could see my progress.

It was an experiment, which flopped majorly as we can see I really didn’t use this like at all. I use my day view diary more in terms of, organising my tasks for the day. But I’m glad I tried out this, just to see if having a masterlist of tasks could help me. Turns out it can’t….so there’s that. But I’m in love with my banners still.

This is a really quick overview of March, there may be another book to add by the time this goes up. BUT the four boxes are: Books Bought, Books Read, Goals Met? and Fav Songs. The fav songs is just a place to note down the songs I kept going back to in the month, and the other three are I guess tracking my progress. Yes I spent £30.36 on books in March ok. Despite my reading slump punching me in the face, I’m still buying books. I didn’t buy another last month though sooooo it’s all good. 

April 2019

It’s pink. I literally just swapped the colours round for April, so it’s more pink themed with some green rather than mostly green with some pink. Anyway moving on from the title page.

Same layout as the March calendar, but as I mentioned earlier I write things in pencil first this means that I can be flexible with my schedule. If I miss a post, no worry I can rub it out with an eraser. Need to move a post, again I can erase it. It’s saved me countless times, already in March. 

Similar layout to the March one, only instead of a green watercolour brush pen. I used a pinkish pencil crayon to shade in the time I want to be sleeping. The habit trackers I changed, so the dates are inside the box and I’ll either use different colours for different habits, to colour the days in, or just one colour for all. I’m hoping that having it laid out like this, lets me quickly see where I need to mark off relevant habits. 

New addition to April, I’m not sure what else I’ll put in this spread, for now it acts as a quick reminder to see when I’m in college. When I should be sleeping, and generally how much time I have in a day to get things done. 

April is when one of the Bookend Events take place. (Bookending Spring 2019, if you want to find out more and/or sign up, check out the announcement post. Sign ups close Sunday 14 April 2019)

From the past two events Sam and I have run, I mean it literally when I say the month can get chaotic and overwhelming fast. Particularly the first two times around, when we were totally new at everything. Now, I have a better handle on things, but having this content calendar will be a HUGE help. Basically it shows me whose hosting when, their prompt and the dutch door will be for the twitter chat information. 

Alongside Bookending Spring, we have the Tidyathon (more information here) and so in an effort to keep on top of what I plan to tidy. I figured I may as well create a spread…so we’ll see how much of it I get done.

These are the spreads I have so far for April, I may end up adding in one or two more but mostly, this is how April will look for me. Would any of you be interested in a post, where I share the spreads I use for blogging? Finally, are you paper planner or a digital planner? Or maybe a mix of both? Let me know in the comments!


30 thoughts on “BuJo Rewind: March

  1. Another beautiful bujo! I love them all so much but I just know that if I had one I wouldn’t use it! 😭
    Also, I think you skipped adding a hyperlink to your cleanathon link unless it’s just not working for me (ps: good luck! 💕)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ah thanks so much El! (I probs did forget to add in the link ooopsies, I’ll edit that in when I add the featured image to the post, thanks for letting me know!) I mean I didn’t think I’d use it but I also knew I loved using the paper and pen method, more than the digital methods so it made sense to give it a go 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    • aaaah thanks Heather! I mean I’ll maybe get more artsy later on but for now we go with cute and simple. Yassss honestly the march title page is my favourite page, I loved how it turned out so much ❤


  2. AHH! I love your Bullet Journal spreads! They are all so cool!
    Also, I am so excited for BookEnding Spring and your BuJO spreads about it make me even more excited!
    I like your new habit trackers too! They look really amazing and I have kind of similar ones this month, and well, that seems like a better way to track for me!
    You entire BuJo looks amazing!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Your BuJo is so pretty! I find it really hard to plan my days/months like this for a few reasons, one is that I can never decide and so the pages would be worn thin from constantly rubbing out and moving things. Two, my handwriting sucks and I can’t draw so mine would just look like crap. And three, I kinda already have something along this line that I already don’t use properly that I’m trying to improve on. Hopefully now I’m into my second book I can really use it properly. But I’m always so jealous of how pretty yours look!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Awh thank you so much! I mean you could always use post it notes instead? That way you can move them around, and when something is concrete then write it in, in pen. I mean imo if you can read your handwriting it doesn’t matter how pretty it looks. Drawing is great, but like for me a BuJo is both an escape and a way to organise myself.

      If I tried making it look pretty I’d spend more time on that, then actually doing things. If you already have something like this, then figure out what’s not working, what needs changing/improving/removing to make you use it. It’s a HUGE trial and error process.


  4. I plan with both. I plan my life stuff to my bullet journal but I use Kal’s spreads to track my reading/ blog stuff. It’s easy since you can just download the sheets up to your phone. I don’t have energy to write all of them down yet but I do plan to add some things on my reading journal at some point.

    I love your spreads! My lazy ass stopped doing monthly ‘front page’ -thingy but I love yours! I loved to see what you plan to do on tidyathon since I always just thought book and blog stuff belonged to it. I really should try doing some spring cleaning now that I have no longer school.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Originally the tidyathon was just book and blog stuff, but I decided to expand to like any form of tidying. Cause at the end of the day, it’s still tidying and it still needs doing.

      I mean my phone isn’t the best for digital planning at all, and I just gravitate towards paper more than digital planning. I do use Kal spreadsheet though for tracking stats etc. Awh I mean I like how the March title page came out, the April one was erm…something xD


  5. I also used mostly green with some pink for March…and mostly pink with some green for April! Must be Spring in the air or something lol

    I love seeing these kinds of posts, and I do hope you’ll keep sharing. I’m new to bullet journaling and still trying to figure out what works for me. It’s really fun seeing what other people are doing and what works/doesn’t work for them.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ooooo matching colour themes hehe. Aww well I do plan on continuing to share my BuJo posts, as well as some other posts relating to some other spreads I have in my BuJo. As I also adore these types of posts, more so when it’s from other book bloggers tho 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • It’s so fun to see how other people set up their spreads. I’ve gotten a lot of my ideas from other bloggers. Plus I like seeing how book bloggers use their bullet journals to keep track of reading and posting. It’s just such a fun community!


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