March Goals

March means it’s Spring. Well not yet technically but it does mean we’re switching to my Spring colour palette now. (it’s my favourite colour palette I think) Anyhoo, goals, goals and GOALS. If you wanna see how my February goals went, as well as how my month went checkout Monthly Rewind: February for all the details. 

Let’s see what goals I’m setting myself this month shall we? Grab a cuppa, sit back and read on to find out! 

Yearly Goals

  • Eat healthier food: cut out crisps (chips) from my diet, most sugary foods too
  • Self Love/Acceptance: Be able to look in the mirror and not always hate what I see (for the record, mirrors are rude and society’s “standards” suck)
  • Grades: Finish my College course and get the grades I wanted (this will happen half way through the year eeeeek!)


  • reply to comments: last month was quite a month of self reflection funnily enough. So much so I realised I was putting waaaay to much pressure on myself to reply and return comments. Despite the fact I had been blog hopping pretty much daily, I still felt guilty for not returning all the comments. It may seem silly but it was something playing over and over on my mind, comments can make our day.

    So many of you made my day last month and i just felt hella guilty knowing I may have missed some of you. So if I pop up out of the blue, you may have commented on a Feb post and I finally got round to returning your comment! However, I will be mostly focusing on replying to my comments this month we’re not mentioning the stack from feb I’ve let build up

  • blog hop frequently: I’m doing pretty good at blog hopping so far this year, weekly sort of turned into daily-ish hopping. However we’re phrasing it as frequently for my brains sake and my stress level sake. (also this is in my habit tracker so I may end up basically doing this everyday just to colour in boxes)
  • schedule & graphics:  I managed to get most of my posts written for March in Feb. The graphics however…well the featured images still need doing. So this goal is basically to get ahead on this months featured images, as well as Aprils. AND do my best to write content for next month. 


  • Keep Writing: whether I end up using this as a way to revisit some of my old WIP’s or focus on the fanfic I’m writing. I just want to keep writing this month, it’s one of the main ways I de-stress actually. 


  • read a book: Hi I’ve had a reading slump since Aug 2018 which is basically making it hard to find the motivation to read. Last month I didn’t finish any books which was a lil frustrating. So if I’m able to finish just one book this month, then it’s a win. I’m going to claw my way out of this slump steadily.


  • GYST days: yes they’re still here, we’re keeping them. GYST (get your shit together) is a life saver and mine are every Sunday along with an extra day added in somewhere in the week usually. 
  • Weds = Social Media Free: Since I’ve been going social media free on Weds and I erm…turned my notifs off for erm WordPress, Discord and YouTube on my phone. (I turned Twitter and Instagram back on) I just noticed I spend a lot less time on social media these days. I’ll still go on it…but it’s no longer a reflex reaction. Instead my reflex reaction is PINTEREST BUJO SPREAD LOOK AT PRETTINESS yeah xD
  • Sleep Schedule: Last month I mentioned sorting my sleep schedule was one of unwritten goals. Guess what…it’s now a written goal. I am here to conquer my sleep schedule. My end goal is to be waking up around 4am, so this month I’m going to be striving to consistently wake up around 6am. I have a sleep log as well in my bujo so that spread is gonna be hella useful this month. 

Did you set any goals for February? How’d they go if you did? If you set goals for the year how are they going? Lastly, March goals, what are yours? Oh and thoughts on the Spring colour palette? Let me know in the comments! 

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30 thoughts on “March Goals

  1. I so love the concept of social media free day. Social media can be really vexing at times and I too am thinking of taking off days to just put my shit together.

    Also, you are beautiful, don’t let the mirror tell you otherwise😊😊

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yasss social media honestly at times can not only steal time away from me, but also it’s just toxic with what you get shown in terms of sad/depressing new stories and sometimes you don’t need that in your day. Also the people you like to connect with will still be there tomorrow. I went for a day off rather than a total detox cause wow a detox wouldn’t help me

      awww thanks Surbhi, honestly I try to love how I look and it’s taken years to look at the things I like/love about myself in the mirror rather than all the flaws I see. Its a WIP though ❤


  2. Love the spring colours! 💖💚
    Everyone seems to be in a reading slump! 😂 I think I’m getting over mine, all you can do is a little at a time and just keep going….♥️

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  3. Ooh, I am loving the spring palette colors! 😍

    I really like the idea of having social media free days! Although I don’t strictly tell myself to get off social media, I do have a day or two each week where I focus on studying and family time, so I keep my phone tucked away in my room. Haha. I also turn off some of my notifications because I’m very easily distracted. 😬

    Wishing you the best of luck with beating your slump, Clo! I’m sure you can do it! ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    • yayyy so glad you love the spring colours *pats the spring palette*

      social media free days are useful, it’s a day of no social media, not a week or a month just a day. So it’s not too bad and ooooo I feel ya on being easily distracted. Its why I have to listen to music when I’m doing something otherwise I’ll get distracted, plus I can’t deal with silence.

      Thanks Kelly, I’ll get there eventually ❤

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  4. My March goals are: finish my Crossfire reread, pass my re-exam and internship so I can graduate and maybe try buying less books so I can save money to finally move out.

    I could never stop my Friday potato chip day. Maybe I can do that when I move out because I’ll be poor af and mom won’t buy them for me anymore. I have to wake up by 5-7 am for my internship so I try to go asleep by midnight.

    *gives some of her reading strength so Clo could read*

    Liked by 1 person

    • All good goals Jamsu, except for buying less books that’s sad but also the reasoning is a good goal. Cause then you can buy more books when you’re able to move out.

      thank you for the strength, I’ll need it ❤


    • I snickered when I first saw this comment Lauren, I mean I’ve been consistently getting up at about 6am at the moment so it’s not 4am yet. I probably won’t aim for 4am until about May/June time possibly July depends on whether I feel like the 6am is ingrained enough in my system to wake me up if I miss the 4am mark haha

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  5. Pinterest BuJo posts are my reflex too!
    Aw, so sad that you are still in a reading slump. Hope you are able to break out of it this month!
    Also, all the best on getting into a nice sleep schedule!
    Hope you are able to achieve all your goals! xx

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  6. I don’t think I set any goals in February aside from reading a few ARCs. I personally find that if I don’t set any goals, I have a better time with life.
    March goals include: applying for local jobs, and having fun reading.
    Great post, Clo! 😀

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  7. the spring palette is gorgeous, Clo! and ngl, coloring in habit tracker boxes is the reason I keep up with maybe 90% of my habits … and track some things that I already know are solid habits so don’t really need to be tracked 😅

    your comments are always thoughtful and make my day, so if you need to comment less frequently to maintain the quality I’m absolutely in support of that! (quality over quantity.) yay for keeping up with bloghopping and writing, and hoping March is a better reading month for you 💕

    I wrote up a “19 goals for 2019” list that I don’t think I’ve looked at since the end of January, oops. I should probably check on that to make sure I’m making some progress as the year goes on, and set some intermediate goals so I don’t forget again. *adds to GYST list*

    Liked by 1 person

    • thank you so much Izzy *squishes in hug* oof yeah highlighting, colouring in checking off things all make me want to do said things haha.

      awwww thank youuuu that means a lot, and likewise I always love seeing your comments pop up in my notifs ❤ Ahem have you checked said post? I'd write the goals in your bujo maybe? GYST is a lifesaver

      Liked by 1 person

      • I mean the list is in my bujo, but it’s with all the start-of-2019 stuff that I don’t always remember to flip back to 😅 that’s part of why I want to switch to a traveler’s notebook, so that I’ll have it in a separate insert and can’t forget about it that way

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  8. Those are good goals! Fixing my sleep schedule is mine as well, though not as much waking up early (4am sounds terrifying to me, lol), but just not going to sleep at 1…2…or even 3am. I have really slipped in the past few months.

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  9. I love the idea of going social media free on a set day of the week! I turned (most of) my notifications off, so now I only reflexively go into the apps when I’m bored (BUT I COULD BE READING) or on a break at work (COULD STILL BE READING). So yeah…I think that could be a good idea.

    Best of luck with sticking to your goals this month! You got this 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      • I’m also trying this thing where I really ask myself what parts of my social media life are actually bringing me joy. For instance I’m rarely on Facebook or Twitter anymore, because they either make me angry or anxious, or I feel like I just can’t keep up with everything. But on the contrary, blogging and checking Instagram make me feel more inspired with what I want to accomplish in life. I guess that’s how I avoid the FOMO. It’s sort of working? I guess?

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  10. Clo! I love so many things here!! Definitely loving the spring pallette, loving ALL of these goals, and *especially* your ideas for GYST days (I need to enforce this on Sundays) and social media free Wednesdays. Brilliant! I shall ponder these myself! Goodluck this month!

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  11. Ah, I love this color palette aswell – It feel so much “you” ! 😘

    AWw don’t worry too much for returning comments.. Sure it’s nice to have all of that accomplished, but not enough to panic over it! If you have to choose between bloghopping or returning comments… i’d choose bloghopping. you’ll cross path with thoses whom may have commented on yours eventually anyway! (given you’ve followed everyone from our discords groups back). I think Liking and/or replying should atleast be done though.

    I absolutely love the GYST day !! though mine aren’t set in stone just basically “whenever you are off work” x)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aaah thanks Kristina, yassss the Spring is probably either my favourite or second favourite. It’s a tie with the winter palette tbh hehe, but I do love the greens and pinks for it.

      So much truth in that, I’ve literally spent today replying to all my comments I’d let build up and then I’m gonna blog hop shortly. I think what I’ll do is return comments to those who I probably won’t blog hop to unless through returning comments on my blog, otherwise I tend to cross paths with most people at one point or another.

      GYST days are great, you can make them any day and even have them as half days it’s basically what works for you!

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