Book Blogging 101: Guest/Collab Posts

It’s nice working with a fellow book blogger on a post. As well as fun bouncing ideas back and forth, it’s also fun having a guest post or two on your blog. Or doing them for others! However…it’s not as simple as you first think. Or is it? Have we just over complicated what a collaboration post is? 

Wait hold on Clo, what are guest/collab posts? Well, let’s do a brief recap of what they are before we get into this content type!

Guest/Collab –

Definition: Guest posts involve you writing an exclusive post for someone else’s blog, meaning the post you write can’t be posted to your blog. Collab posts are where you and one or more people, work on a post. To go up on one blog. You may choose to do multiple so you all get something for your blog.

Pros: You can make friends this way, and friends are basically connections…connections of knowledge, support, help and great friends if you make the time to get to know them. It can also give you and others a way to connect with other readers, who may not have heard of your blog. Basically, you get exposure for you and your blog.

Cons: Eh time zones for collab posts can make things awkward, and for guest posts it’s sometimes tricky knowing what to write for someone else.

Stats: depending on the post/s and the blog, but they’re usually med-high

Let’s chat about how we’d go about asking for guest posts as well as how collaboration posts typically work. 

Just a quick note, to say if you want to read any collaboration posts I’ve done elsewhere or/and guest posts – check on My Posts Elsewhere page. For guest posts and collab posts on my blog, check out Friends On The Blog page!

In case you can’t tell, I love collaboration posts I find it fun bouncing ideas off with someone else, and just generally working on a post together. Guest posts I also love, but I do prefer having discussion guest posts on my blog.

Guest Posts

I think the main thing that needs addressing here, is writing a guest post for someone else, means you can’t go and post it on your own blog.

Wait Clo…but it’s MY own content. I wrote it, so why can’t I?

Several reasons, the main one is it can mess up the SEO rankings. I don’t know a whole lot about SEO but if you want to learn more about it, do check out Becky’s Blogging 101 post on it. Super insightful and she knows what she’s on about! (here’s her other post on SEO optimisation!)

If you post the same content on your blog, when it’s on someone else’s, then the bots which are in charge or ordering which posts get seen first. Are going to wonder which was the original post, which one should go first, basically it’s going to damage both posts and your blogs may end up being ranked lower overall.

When you write a guest post, go into it with this in mind: “The content can’t go on my blog as well, but I can provide an external link, to drive traffic to my post and that persons blog. Win-win.”

At least that’s how I look at it, I also like knowing I can easily see all my guest/collab posts on one page.

Guest posting on someone’s blog doesn’t mean you lose ownership, at least it shouldn’t mean that. If you guest posted on my blog for instance, I’d include links to your blog, social media and I state clearly in my sign up form. You own the content, if at any point you wanted your guest post taking down, all you have to do is contact me. (Although I’d say don’t contact someone, to take the guest post down, just so you can post it on your own blog; that probably won’t go down well)

In terms of writing the guest post and sending it, I use Google Docs simply because it’s easy for everyone, no matter the tech you’re using. Google Docs will still work for you. Oh and a guest post doesn’t have to just be a discussion post, oh no it can be any type of content, I just happen to only accept discussion posts. I know of others who’ll accept book reviews as a guest post etc.

Collaboration Posts

I can’t stress enough how much I enjoy these posts. I just love collaborating with fellow book bloggers and I actually have been working on a few recently, as I erm…prewrite this post funnily enough. Anyhoo collab posts are most commonly seen with two bloggers working on one post…to go up ONE blog. That’s right, the one post will only be going on one blog. It’s why I’ll usually offer to work on two collab posts, so we both get some content and it’s fun!

You can however collab with more than one other person, of course the details are entirely dependent on the collab. For instance, I’ve participated in roundtable posts before, which are fun and insightful depending on the topic. 

As for the topic/theme you decide, the way I tend to go about it is throw ideas back and forth pick one (usually two so we both get content) and start writing it in Google Docs. Now Docs here will be so helpful, it means you can both see what the other is writing, and you can bounce ideas off of one another.

Look, if you want to collab with someone, just reach out to them. The worst you’ll get is a no or no response. Ahem, as for guest posts just have a look around. I accept Guest & Collaboration Posts and there’ll be others out there who do too, you just gotta ask. There’s people out there, waiting for a guest post…so what are you waiting for hm?

Ok all, Guest/Collab posts. Do you enjoy doing them? If you have any other questions on this topic, which I may have missed, leave me them in the comments. I’ll do my best to get round to replying to them asap. 

As always, any questions or any topic you’d like me to cover let me know in the comments!

If you want to support me and other book bloggers consider donating to my Ko-Fi page. To find out how I’ll use the donation/s, read this post.


30 thoughts on “Book Blogging 101: Guest/Collab Posts

  1. to be quite honest, I can’t take the word “exposure” seriously after being immersed in the debate on content creators (and their work) being undervalued and underpaid 👀 (but in this specific context, I do absolutely agree that it’s one of the biggest pros of guest posting!)

    Google Docs is such a lifesaver for any kind of collaboration! I remember trying to write story collabs with my friends in middle school and emailing the MS Word document back and forth, and sometimes you’d forget to attach it, or something in it would get messed up and you had to go back like six emails in the chain to find an older version that was fine … oof. (the funny thing is that GDocs was absolutely already a thing at this point, but we just didn’t trust it for some reason? 😂)

    at the moment I’m focusing on keeping up with my own posting schedule so I don’t have a ton of time to write guest posts for other people – though if it was an exchange, that could work … hm. 😉

    anyway, great guide – no surprise since it’s coming from the Queen of Guest Posts, of course! 👑

    Liked by 2 people

    • oof yeah I mean in this context it works but exposure for something shouldn’t mean you don’t get paid if in that context it should happen.

      Google docs is just useful, I’d not use it for anything super personal though so like blog and college stuff i’ll use it. But I’d not use it for my own writing projects cause I don’t trust Google one bit. But my blog posts are going to go up anyway so like *shrugs*

      Exchanges are fun 😉 also you should check your email if you haven’t I did email you a week or so ago about Guest/Collab posts hehe.

      Awwww I’m using that title with pride now, Queen of Guest Posts ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      • oh definitely agree, context is everything – my strongest association is just of the other kind of situation 😅

        it’s funny because I actually still do my original writing in MS Word! Docs is cool and easy to use, and I like the easy access, but I’ve always written in Word so it just feels more natural to me.

        and yesssss claim that crown because you’ve earned it 👑

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  2. Queen of Guest Posts is right!! LOVEEE this post!! I don’t do a lot of guest posts on my own, it’s usually when someone calls for them on social media. But I like introducing myself to many new readers on someone else’s platform.

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    • you’re always welcome to guest post on here if you snoopity snoop on my page you’ll find the form hehe.

      Aww I’ll accept my title with grace and a cuppa 😉 I like doing collab posts with friends and basically anyone who I get along with or are new. Guest posts I don’t mind doing them for someone if they’re in need of them or they just want a guest post


  3. *taps mic*


    I’m looking forward to writing more posts with you, sis! Love ya xx

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    • guest posts are a lot of fun, when you know what you’re doing hehe, before then it’s a bit more like “wtf am I even doing someone halp” haha. Awh glad it was insightful for you Kelly, I’m also just trying to work with other book bloggers this year and boost them as much as I can on my platform. (as well as poke them into doing a discussion post to show them that they can totally write that content type since I know a lot of people struggle with that content type and I love my discussion posts…as well know xD)

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  4. I like writing guest posts, but I often feel bad because I can see on my stats that my followers almost never click the link on my blog to visit the guest post I wrote. I’d love to be able to give the host some traffic from my audience, since they were nice enough to invite me to guest post. But, for some reason, it just never happens and I don’t know how to change that.

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    • hmmm something I do is not only have a dedicated page for the guest/collab posts I’ve done elsewhere. But I also will tweet out the link every so often to remind my followers that hey, I did this post on someone else’s blog, you should go check it out.

      I think on my wrap up for July I’ll probably include a section within the my posts section to showcase the posts I’ve done on other blogs. It’s just trying to remind people you did this post, also it helps if the host blogger tweets it and you can retweet their tweet.


      • My co-blogger runs our Twitter account and I know she Tweets the guest posts. But I don’t know how many people click on the Tweet. XD Perhaps it is more than the people who click through from our blog, though.

        Oh, that’s a good idea!


  5. Your posts are always so insightful!! Thank you for this one, Iv’e been trying to figure out ways to be more interactive and meet new people through my blog. Maybe I’ll send out a few requests for these types of posts or maybe even just ask someone if they want to buddy read a book.

    Liked by 1 person

    • awww thanks so much Taylor ❤ and well if you want to meet new people in the book blogging community I can suggest two discord servers to you, if that interests you? One of them I co-own and the other I've been a part of since literally the start of my blogging journey, it's also how I've made some of my closest friends in the community. Another way of interacting is through twitter, but blog hopping and commenting will go a long ways to helping you make friends.

      (if you're interested in either of the discord servers let me know and I can invite you to my one and point you in the direction to get into the other one. Also you're more than welcome to sign up to guest post/collab with me hehe)

      Liked by 1 person

        • Awww yay, well the discord server i co-own is open to the whole bookish community, whether you’re a book blogger, bookstagrammer, booktuber (mix of all three) or are just a reader it’s aim is to help us learn about each others platforms, as well make friends and support one anothers content across the board.

          Invite link:
          (this one doesn’t expire btw)

          The other server, I can point either ask Lauren one of the mods for an invite link or we could wait until you join my one and I can DM you the invite link Lauren sends me on Discord as that one will expire

          If you’re interested in guest/collab posts with me then check out this pageeee

          Not all bloggers have a page dedicated to this, I do just because enjoy guest/collab posts so much ❤

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  6. Another great post, Clo! I honestly love how much you write guest posts and collabs, so this was very useful information to have! I’ve been focusing mainly on my own content, but this year I am slowly starting to branch out a bit more. I am working on a collab right now I am really excited for, and I am looking forward to our upcoming one as well!

    One thing I think would be fun is doing a kind of collab post for buddy reads, but it would need to be done in a way that doesn’t harm SEO. I am going to think on this.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Awwww thanks Kal, I honestly enjoy writing guest posts and collab posts, I enjoy collabs more because I get to bounce ideas off with someone else and it’s just super fun. Ooooo I’m excited for that collab and yasssss I’m ridiculously excited for our collab like it’s not even funny how excited I am for it hehe.

      Buddy reads hmmm I know one way of doing it, is asking each other questions on the book and then the ones you answered go up on your blog. And the one they answered go up on their blog. Other than that….I haven’t seen any other ways of laying out collabs. Oh it’s also usually styled as a review.

      So you have your review but instead of it being styled as your normal layout you have questions from the other person to answer which are on anything in the book basically.


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