Book Blogging 101: Blog Tours

Supporting authors is something we all strive to do, whether its through a review, shrieking about a book all the time. Or you know…a blog tour. 

Wait hold on Clo, what’s a blog tour? Well, let’s do a brief recap of what they are before we get into this content type!

Blog Tours –

Definition: signing up to a Blog Tour is where you agree to having a post promoting a book, on your blog. You may get given an ARC to read, so you can review it as part of the Blog Tour. It varies from tour to tour.

Pros: you can promote authors, read books

Cons: if you do a lot of them people won’t be interested in your blog, you’re literally stocking up on promotion posts which is fine. But the blog is your space, so put some YOU in it!

Stats: usually high, it is a blog tour after all

How can I be part of a blog tour? Do I need to be a big blogger to join in? How many should I sign up for? All of these questions shall be addressed in today’s post, along with why I’ve only done one blog tour to date.

A Blog Tour Is….

Blog Tours are created to promote a new release, spreading the word out about a book. The tour as such, is derived from several blogs taking part in the promotion stage, thus Blog Tour is born. The book tours the blogs, the readers tour the blogs…or not in some cases.

The important thing to remember here is, being part part of a Blog Tour can be a great thing, promoting a book, supporting an author. I know many book bloggers who enjoy Blog Tours, since they enjoy supporting authors and/or their favourite book/series.

“A blog tour is a set amount of time, usually a week or two, in which your book will be promoted across various websites and blogs. The dates are set in advance; each blog knows what material it will be posting, and the content should be unique to each blog.

This can be confused with a “blog blitz,” which features various blogs all posting the exact same content at the same time. A blog tour should consist of original content, with a focus on higher trafficked sites.” ~ source Penguin Random House

The extract from the post on Penguin Random House, is super useful, whilst it’s written for authors. I think it’s definitely interesting, if you want to get a better insight into Blog Tours. It also nicely told us, the difference between a tour and a blitz.

How Can I Join A Tour?

Tours are typically organised by an authors marketing team, although with Indie authors I’d imagine they organise them on their own. A tour can also be organised by a blogger as well, it’s been known to happen.

In terms of joining up, check twitter, google as well can help pull up upcoming tours you may want to sign up for. If there’s a specific book coming out, you’d like to be part of the blog tour for, then I’d suggest keeping an eye on that authors socials.

For a more thorough look into this check out Ashley @ Noze Graze for her post on How To Participate in Blog Tours 

Do I Need To Be A Big Blogger To Join In?

No. At least not in my mind, that was what I’d thought originally when I requested to be part of the Wild Hunger Blog Tour…(also the first and only tour to date I’ve been part of). Back then I had less than 300 followers I believe, but the thing is I wanted to be part of the tour, because I adored the authors books. I love Chloe Neill’s writing – I could go on about it for eons.

Stats are nice to look at but you can’t make someone enthusiastic, about a book they don’t actually have an interest in. I’d definitely say don’t shoot yourself down before you’ve even tried. If you want to be part of the Blog Tour because the book interests you, or you’re part of the minority it’s representing etc, then you have a shot in my eyes.

Meaning to other people you will also have a shot, of course with larger and more popular books/authors they may overlook a smol book blogger simply because a lot of the time they care about stats. (too much in my opinion because wow numbers are numbers, and that doesn’t compare to letting someone smol be part of a tour, if the book represents them somehow)

Alas we digress: smol, medium, big it’s ok. You’re still allowed to request to join in/sign up. No one’s going to tell you that you’re not “big enough” – if they do you can tell them to kindly find the door and leave. Numbers aren’t everything.

Wait Clo…Why Have You Only Done One Blog Tour?

Honestly? They’re not something I’m overly interested in, unless I’ve read something by the author beforehand and/or the book captures my attention for some reason. I like scheduling things in advance, I enjoy putting my own content out here, on my blog.

That’s not to say I don’t want to support books and new releases, I do but I do it my own way, which is usually blog hopping to fellow bloggers posts.

I read a lot of backlist books, reading is my escape and blogging is a creative outlet for me. I also suck at working under pressure…I don’t want to let others down. If I let myself down then that’s fine, but considering we typically would have to read the book for the Blog Tour I just wouldn’t be able to commit to that.

Since I’d need a physical ARC as I can’t read ebooks. Both because I don’t have a device to do so (my phone isn’t an option) and I struggle to connect with the story as an eBook.

What was different about Wild Hunger you ask? It’s the first book in the spin off to one of my all time favourite series, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity ok. That’s how I approach Blog Tours in general, having said that I tend to never know when they’re going on.

What are your thoughts on Blog Tours? Have you taken part in any? Do you remember the first one you took part in, what was it like? 

As always, any questions or any topic you’d like me to cover let me know in the comments!

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29 thoughts on “Book Blogging 101: Blog Tours

  1. Such an informative post! I’ve only been a part of a Blog Tour once and that was also just because the author emailed me.
    I think being part of Blog Tours is great but no point if you’re not interested in the book/ author.

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  2. Awesome post with great insights clo!! I love blogtours basically to connect with bloggers and see how everyone posts and presents the same content. But as you said blogtours are a lot of pressure and actually don’t give “our” blog much importance. ❤

    Liked by 2 people

  3. I have done a couple. I offer to participate in them when I am interested in the book and when the time span is reasonable. If not, then why would I? I already have a hard enough time sticking to my own TBR let alone committing to a hard deadline. Sometimes it is nice to connect with authors, tour hosts, etc. but I don’t find that it necessarily boosts my traffic all that much. I think there are better ways to do that.

    Liked by 2 people

    • mhmm boosting traffic does vary on the tour I’d have thought as well as other things. There are like you said, better way to boost your traffic though. My TBR is plotting my demise so like adding on books for blog tours just doesn’t make sense to me, cause it also means I’m reading to a deadline then. Unless of course I love the author or am interested in the book.

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  4. I’ve done plenty of blog tours to know that you don’t have to be a big blogger to participate. Especially your quote, “Stats are nice to look at but you can’t make someone enthusiastic, about a book they don’t actually have an interest in.“ Right!! 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 I still participate in Blog tours but sparingly because tbh a lot of their books they promote, I’m just not interested in.

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    • hehehe if we’re all honest with ourselves, stats can be nice to look at particularly when there’s a spike but you’re not doing the tour for that stats. At least that’s not the purpose of tours, it’s to boost awareness of the book so enthusiasm should win over how big a blog is in my opinion haha.

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  5. I’ve done plenty of tours and will second Danielle with not being a big book blogger. As much as yes, higher traffic sites with higher stats will probably have more chances in a more competitive one that has a MILLION sign ups, it’s not worth the blogger joining if they’re not interested in some way. (Same with a big publisher that arranged them.)

    I’ve gotten very picky with blog tours lately as I dive into wanting more original content for my blog. Usually I’ll sign up if I’m interested in reading the book, but sometimes the book doesn’t turn out to be my type of book and I still end up sticking with the tour until the end, which is usually a con. LOL I don’t want to promote this book because I hate it, but also because I’ve basically committed, I feel it’s a little rude and inconsiderate to say I refuse to post because I don’t like the book. (Thankfully I’m not obligated to be promotional after the tour is over.)

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    • Mhmmm I can see it being an advantage if the tour has a ton of sign ups and you have higher stats, but yeah if you’re not interested in the book what’s the point? That’s annoying but I get where you’re coming from, you committed to promoting the book on the tour so like kinda have to go through with it. Least they don’t expect us to be promotional afterwards tho

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  6. I feel like blog tours aren’t all that different from reviewing books from NetGalley (so 90% of the other posts everyone has xD), as in – there’s not more promotion, cause we still get the book from the publisher. It’s just more stress xD the reason I don’t do blog tours is because once you agree, you’re stuck to the same spot and you can’t change the date or anything. And sometimes there are changes along the way. It’s so stressful! I’ve done maybe two and never again after that, gah!

    By the way Clo, haven’t been to your blog in a while – I am LOVING the updated theme! And the paragraph headers! Beautiful.

    You can sign up for some good blog tours with print copies available too, and they will send to you for sure, because UK. I actually have a good blog tour contact that I’m currently signed up for (ask me if you’re interested), but life’s been bouncy and crazy lately, so I feel like it’s too much pressure for me. But the book offers that have been coming through have been amazing! And they all had print copy options.

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    • I mean I think it depends on the blog, I’m one of the few book bloggers I feel like, who doesn’t have a Netgalley account. I also struggle with posting reviews so there’s that.

      ah thanks Evelina! this design style is sticking for the whole year haha, although I may rework on a few things for the review posts it’s basically staying like this now haha.

      Oooo that’s so cool, I’ll deffo DM you on twitter at some point if I ever am interested, but honestly blog tours aren’t something I’m super interested in at the moment. But thanks for the offer ❤

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  7. I’ve hosted quite a few tours through my bloggers group with publishers, where we have been able to give away books to readers in exchange for a review or simply an Instagram photo and promotion of the book and it’s so rewarding to be able to see books in the hands of reviewers who wouldn’t normally receive them. Were very big on own voices reviewers too. So far we’ve worked with authors like Gayle Forman, Jenn Bennett and other traditionally published authors. When I first started blogging, I used to sign up for tours as well, it helped me connect with the reading community and really gave me a profile. Without them I wouldn’t be the blogger I am today.

    I think the trick is to most definitely choose your tours. For blitzes and cover reveals, perhaps post them to social media where they’ll receive more coverage and also won’t clog up your blog. But in terms of promotion, also tag authors and promoters to share your post too! Remember, you’re promoting the author and tour promoter for free, a simple retweet or helping direct their audiences to your blog or socials is great gesture of thanks for the hard work you’ve done.

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  8. i’ve done a couple blog tours and sometimes blog tours are the only way i’ll read something (esp during slumps). and even though they’re promotional i’ve never thought of them as taking away from my voice on my blog. to me it’s just a book review on a given date and i always try to write my reviews in “my style” even when it’s promotional. i actually see blog tours as a way to connect with others in the blogging community who have similar interests to me bc we technically all requested the book for a reason. normally i only sign up for shealea’s blog tours since i know we tend to like the same things but i’ve considered branching out a few times. usually i participate in fantasy related ones xD aside from that i’m also like you, i tend to not know where to find blog tours ^^;; and when i see them they’re already started

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  9. Great post, Clo!

    I don’t participate in many blog tours, and when I do I only will do reviews or interviews on my blog. I think it is a great way for bloggers, especially new ones that don’t have a great NG ratio, to gain access to more ARCs for reviews and possibly build connections with publishers. But honestly it is stressful for me, and I don’t enjoy blitz/giveaway/excerpt posts.

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  10. I just got accepted for my first Blog Tour and I’m excited! And you’re absolutely right, all the numbers aren’t worth anything if the person isn’t enthusiastic about promoting the book and enjoying the book. I didn’t think I would ever participate in a Blog Tour because they were kinda intimidating for me but the books sounded soo intriguing that I just had to apply ^^

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  11. oops I swear I commented on this post, but better late than never? 😅 (I can’t remember now if Notepad ate my comment or WP did, but either way, rude.) in any case, I actually just got accepted for my third blog tour, though I dropped out of the first and have yet to post the second since it’s at the end of this month. I don’t regret signing up for any of them since I’m still exploring all the different aspects of the bookish community, but I do think in the future I want to be much more selective about participation – since I do tend to be a picky reader and I only want to promote books that I genuinely enjoy, I’ll probably stick to authors/series I already know I enjoy (like you mentioned with the one blog tour you’ve done!) and want to support.

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