Book Blogging 101: Memes

Sometimes, our brains have partied themselves to oblivion, so much so we have no creative juice left for blog posts. It’s not a bad thing, we need a break every so often of thinking up topics/themes. Memes are super handy for this, whether you join once in a while or do them every time they’re on. 

What are memes I hear you ask? Well, let’s do a brief recap of what they are before we get into this content type!

Memes –

Definition: Meme’s are known as a type of prompt, created by someone who then offers a link up option. It’s a fun way to join in on something, with prompts already created for you. Link up and then blog hop to others posts. Examples are: Top Ten Tuesday, Sunday Post, I Heart Characters among many others

Pros: if you’re stuck for ideas, memes are your besties

Cons: choose wisely, don’t go overboard with the memes as it’s not really original content coming from you. Having said that, if you enjoy memes go for it!

Stats: med-high if you link up and blog hop

Now we know what memes are, let’s discuss how we’d go about using them, certain rules and restrictions of a meme. As well as why they’re not for everyone.

In the past I’ve taken part in several memes: Bloggers Hop, Down The TBR Hole, Sunday Post. Although I ended up deleting all those posts off my blog because I no longer wanted them here. (NOT the Sunday Post/Weekly Wrap Ups they’re still floating about on here!)

Memes are great for discovering new blogs, they’re great if you’re stuck and just want to do the odd one too. Maybe you’re stuck, need an idea go onto a meme see the prompts and do one of them.


The main issue if you end up doing a ton of memes, if you’re linking up with say 3 memes, the idea is to also blog hop to other people already linked up. If you’re linking weekly to 3 different memes, that’s a lot of blog hopping involved. It also means your content may be heavily dominated by memes, which is fine if that’s what you like, just remember not everyone likes a lot of memes. Maybe do one or two and make sure you have some other content going up. Or just join in on the meme when you feel like it.

Rules & Meme List!

Each individual meme has it’s own rules, so you’re best to check out the memes info page. Generally speaking though, they all usually require you to link up as well as including a link back, to their original meme post.

So that one, people reading your post know who created the meme, two it spreads the word. Three, it’s just nice to give credit to those who take the time out, in creating a meme for us. So our brains can breathe for a while.

Personally, I’d pick a meme which looks interesting and you know you can keep up with, if you’re going to posting it frequently.

I snooped for an extensive list and honestly, I’m just gonna settle and share two links, both may have overlap with memes. But Tanya @ Girlxoxo has a fairly updated meme list. Whilst Dani @ Perspective Of A Writer has a meme directory…I mean pick your poison. (I would recommend you check BOTH lists out, as Dani has some memes listed that aren’t on Tanya’s list!)

Memes, do you take part in any? Have you taken part in any? Share some of your favourites below if you want! 

As always, any questions or any topic you’d like me to cover let me know in the comments!

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24 thoughts on “Book Blogging 101: Memes

  1. I take part to three memes: I Heart Characters, Top 5 Wednesday and Six For Sunday. I don’t do them weekly though. Instead I only take part of them when I like the prompts.

    As a person who loves memes I disagree with memes not being original content since you still need to use your head really hard to pick a thing to write about, like if the prompt is about certain kind of character. But I do get what you mean since they give you some kind of direction.

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    • Hmmm yeah it’s more the fact that not only do you have a prompt to help you, but a lot of other people are also going to be doing that prompt too. So whilst it’s not original content in the sense of unique to your blog or an idea you came up with. It’s still original in terms of you responding with your own thoughts and views on said prompt.


  2. yay for another solid post guide! I love this series, Clo, it’s so helpful and I always learn something new 💕

    I’ve looked at a lot of meme posts, but the only ones I regularly do are State of the ARC and Down the TBR hole – just because I’m still exploring all the different types of posts so I don’t really want to commit to posting any one type (besides reviews and tags, sort of) more than once a month 😅 but I do love all the Top 10 prompts and I like WWW in theory – although I like scheduling in advance so timing-wise that one would be a little tricky to do 😜

    Liked by 1 person

    • aw yay Izzy, so glad you always learn something new *dances happily cause she worries over these posts so much*

      Memes can be fun, and super helpful it all depends on the type of meme you want to get involved in. Oof I hear you on scheduling, it’s one of the reasons I just stopped doing memes I want to schedule things in advance.

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  3. Back in the olden book blogging days memes were called “blog features” and that’s what I still call them. ha ha. I have one of my own, Tell Me Tuesday, that I used to co-host, but that blogger isn’t blogging anymore. I link up with Top Ten Tuesday on my TMT post if I like the prompt, and I link my monthly wrap-up posts to Stacking the Shelves if I feature a book haul. I also double link my Wednesday Whatnot and Book Jacket posts with the new WOW linky, and Books from the Backlist features. I think that’s how most bloggers are keeping their meme posts to a minimum now; by stacking more than one in one post. The posts I link on these features/memes are regular posts I do anyway, so I don’t think it affects my content’s originality at all. 👍✨

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  4. Thank you for this post! I remember spending a good thirty minutes when I first joined the blogging community googling “meme” to try and find out what it meant in a blogging context — this post would have been a lifesaver, haha! Even now, months later, I still wasn’t aware of all the nuances of memes, so this was a very instructive post for me 😀

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  5. I do like memes!! I definitely attribute them to the reason I got my blog up and running with loyal followers when I started out. *flails* I do less now though, and I prefer memes that have really flexible prompts (because it’s hard to see like 398 identical blog posts in your feed oops). I still join in Top Ten Tuesday but that’s about my only one now.

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  6. Thanks for the links to meme directories! I’ve been in a creative slump and there hasn’t been a lot of new releases I’m excited for to do the Waiting On Wednesday posts. I’m looking for something new. I’m definitely going to check out these two blogs for ideas!

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  7. Great post as always, Clo! When I first began blogging, I was obsessed with memes. I must’ve had at least 3 different ones on my blog each week! While I did love the engagement and traffic these posts brought in, I eventually grew a bit wearisome of writing them. I felt like the content I was writing wasn’t original enough. So, now, the only meme I’ll do is Top Ten Tuesday once every blue moon. 🙃

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  8. I like reading memes, but I’ve only ever participated once. You’re right that it usually means a lot of blog hopping, and as good as they are for content ideas, it can get overwhelming fast.

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