February Goals

How is it February already? I feel like January didn’t even happen, where did January go. It disappeared along with my carefully laid plans to be scheduled ahead and I’d like it back please, I’m not ready for February. Well, the month of love as I call it, anyhoo today I’m going to share with you my goals for February. Along with a recap of my yearly goals. 

If you want to find out how I did on my January Goals, check out the Monthly Rewind: January post, where I share how I got on.

Yearly Goals

  • Eat healthier food: cut out crisps (chips) from my diet, most sugary foods too
  • Self Love/Acceptance: Be able to look in the mirror and not always hate what I see (for the record, mirrors are rude and society’s “standards” suck)
  • Grades: Finish my College course and get the grades I wanted (this will happen half way through the year eeeeek!)


  • reply & return comments: I’m mostly good at replying to comments, returning them however can take me a while. I want to make sure I keep returning comments to all of you, who leave me a comments ❤
  • blog hop at least once a week: aside from returning comments as a way of blog hopping, I’d really like to blog hop to other posts where they’ve not left me a comment
  • schedule ahead: hahaha I may look organised but January sucked for me, since I’ve been ill since Jan 1st. It meant at times I felt like doing nothing….SO I am kinda behind on writing posts/formatting/scheduling. This needs to change so I can have March posts already planned


  • Fanfic Writing?: as some of you know, I’ve been writing fanfiction for the past few years, and since I’m not ready to start work on my WIP. I want to try and write another fanfiction to keep me writing, as well as to just give me a breaker from blog post writing 🙂


  • read at least 3 books: I read 2 books last month, which was great since I actually started a 3rd one. But I wasn’t going to make myself finish it, just to be able to say I read 3 books. So we’re aiming for 3 books again this month.


  • GYST days: Last month, I and a few others on discord tried our hand at GYST days. I will eventually do a post on GYST days, how I do mine and how you can apply it to blogging. But for now, I’m keeping the GYST days, since they were helpful (when I got up early enough xD)
  • Weds = Social Media Free: Social media is a huge distraction to all of us, last month I tested out going without instagram, twitter etc on a wednesday. The only apps I could go on were discord and pinterest, since I need them to be productive. I’m keeping this as a goal for Feb, as it was really nice having no social media on one day.
  • Try and sort my sleep schedule: If you ask Kal or Soph, or anyone on Discord who’s active on the New Bloggers server. They’ll confirm that my sleep schedule is whacked out. One of my sort of…unwritten goals I guess is to consistently get up at 6am. Then I want to move it back an hour to 5am, and then maybe to 4am. But….I need to get up early in steps. So we’ll see how this one goes.

How did you do with your goals for January? Are you setting any goals for this month or not? Let me know in the comments! 

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25 thoughts on “February Goals

  1. I did pretty good with my January goals. But I was supposed to finish reading my WIP and I didn’t. I’m hoping to finish reading it this weekend though.

    I’m trying to blog hop more this month too! I’ve been pretty successful so far! Haha

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  2. my goal for this semester was to start getting up consistently at 6! I was getting up pretty consistently at 7 last semester, but I’ve been kind of stuck at 7 or 7:30 these past few weeks while I stay up late-ish trying to get used to being back in class and having schoolwork to do 😅 but it’s so worth it, since a nice quiet morning really sets the tone for a good day.

    the goals you’ve set sound realistic without being complacent, and it seems like you’ve been making pretty good progress! you totally got this 💪

    Liked by 1 person

    • I mean 7 or 7:30 isn’t a bad time to be getting up at all, particularly if it’s down to you staying up later to get work finished. Quiet mornings are nice, although every morning in my house is quiet xD

      ah thanks Izzy, I think it’s hard to know what goals to set yourself sometimes, in terms of striking that balance between pushing yourself but also not being overly ambitious which will burn you out. ❤

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  3. All the best for your goals! I try to blog hop and reply and return comments too, but it’s all been a mess! Hope you can sort your sleep schedule. All the best for that. And you were sick? Are you okay now? Get well soon. Tbh, I am a no social media expert. Just saying, turn off all notifications and you will see a difference. I really did.
    Lovely post! xx

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    • Oof yeah I erm had flu like symptoms for the first week of 2019 (great way to start the New Year I know) and then throughout Jan and a bit of the beginning of Feb I still was ill and kept coughing. Thankfully I’m all better now.

      Honestly, I’m just gonna focus on replying to comments, blog hopping and if I spy a comment from someone I know I don’t blog hop to often or haven’t heard of their blog yet. I’ll return their comment, otherwise I’m just gonna become a puddle of stress ahem

      See I turn off notifications but then I’d just rather have them on and be able to ignore them, cause that’s a harder habit to ingrain in ourselves. As our brains see a notification and want us to click it. So I’m resisting the clicking it hahaha


  4. Feelin’ ya with january being crappy..
    But hey, Small steps Clo! You can do it xx Sometimes if you start too much on a spin you don’t actually reach the end.. so I think that’s looking pretty good so far 🙂

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  5. I mean… I take a while to reply AND return comments. Fashionably late, of course, everyone else is just early. 😉 I wouldn’t wait too long or you’ll forget all about hopping back and it’ll just add up on your poor plate.

    And you? Behind? I mean… I’m not really surprised, kind of. After all, you’ve always been a procrastinator. 😂

    AND I AM HERE TO CONFIRM THAT YOUR SLEEP SCHEDULE SUCKS BECAUSE I HAVE TO SHOVE YOU IN TIMEOUT OFTEN. Meteor Garden is a poor excuse to be up even if it may be worth it, just saying.

    Liked by 1 person

    • *over a month later*

      I meannnn I think I’ve figured out how to tackle returning comments, replying and blog hopping…may do a post on it at some point haha. Once a procrastinator always a procrastinator? Hmmm maybe I’ll change that someday, it’s more like I overthink the tasks wait for some “right time” to bulk reply which never comes and now we’re here a month later swimming in comments that need replies. Honestly though, better I reply than not at all imo

      Meteor Garden is a great excuse phahaha and yeah my schedule sucked but now look at meeeee it’s gotten a lot better


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