Monthly Rewind: January

January is nearly over, which means it’s time for the first ever monthly rewind post! So grab a cuppa, a snack and settle down as I rewind the past month for you all. What I got up to, how I’ve been, books I’ve read and more!

Books Read

The Heartbreakers by Ali Novak

If There’s No Tomorrow by Jennifer L Armentrout

Books Borrowed


Books Bought

Books Won



  • reply & blog hop to those who leave comments on this months posts
  • blog hop at least once a week
  • outline a new WIP
  • read at least 3 books
  • test out GYST days 
  • social media free day

Out of the 4 planned GYST and social media free days, I managed to accomplish 3/4 social media free days. Along with 2/4 properly planned GYST days. So I’m calling them a win and I’ll be carrying these through to February.

I finally outlined a WIP, it’s a super rough outline but the important part, is that it’s there. Somehow I blog hopped nearly everyday, I know pretty insane I don’t know who I am either. I’ve mostly caught up to returning to comments from this month, although there are still a few I need to get round to. 

Treasures From My Travels

Rain @ bookdragonism reviews The Bone Witch by Rin Chupeco!

Becky @ Uptown Oracle discusses a really important topic, whether the book community has a positivity problem

Cait @ Paper Fury has an awesome post on 2019 YA Trend and Genre Predictions (ft Opinions from the Book Community too!)

Tiffany @ Read By Tiffany reviews To Kill A Kingdom by Alexandra Christo!

We’ve all been saved thanks to Kal @ Reader Voracious who’s shared a quick guide on How To Take & Access Notes in Audible

Charvi @ Not Just Fiction shares a super important post, shining a light on How Bloggers are Legally Copying Content and Getting the Credit

Life Updates

This month has been…a drag. Honestly ever since the end of 2017 things have been less than stellar for me and my family, you know when you keep getting things popping up out of nowhere, slapping you in the face. Yeah…I’m sick of being slapped in the face by life at this point. That aside, I started the New Year with my parents both being ill with a virus, I then caught the virus (my parents it was also the flu) and since then we’ve all still been coughing.

My last week of the Christmas Holidays was spent feeling sorry for myself because I was ill, and writing blog posts mostly…then I went back to college and continued working on the assignment which was due in on the 25th. College is actually fun for me, mainly because it’s the only time I properly leave my village…cause wow transport issues. Anyhoo I’m enjoying college still and so far I’ve got Merits on all assignments done this year, a Merit equals a B at A Level. I’m hoping to get at least MMM at the end of this year but we’ll see.

My slump is still clinging to me as I write this, which is frustrating BUT the plus side to all of this is I started binge watching Meteor Garden 2018. The Chinese version though, I’m blaming Soph @ Bookwyrming Thoughts for my obsession though haha. Since she mentioned it and well…here we are. Speaking of Meteor Garden, thank you Sam @ Fictionally Sam and Soph for plopping the episodes onto Rabbit for me. Since I don’t have Netflix, they’ve been my saviors for my obsession hehe.

I would like to touch upon that last year was my first full year of blogging, and it was certainly a year. Lots of things happened, and more things are set to happen this year with Bookend Events as Sam and I do our best, to make it a great event for you all. I’d like to thank anyone who read, commented or liked one of my posts last year as you guys gave me over 12k views for my first year. Which honestly, I was not expecting, I rarely check my stats. The only reason I check them now, is to fill in my daily stats sheet on the spreadsheet.

Blogging wise I’m close to punching my graphics again for pixel-ating on larger screens, so please be patient with me. I know they won’t look nice if your computer screen size is large – but I don’t have the time to actually sit and figure out what’s going wrong at the moment.


Bookending Spring 2019

Bookending Spring 2019 is going to be happening in April! Yes, I said April BUT Sam and I are looking for Hosts to come up with prompts for the Spring event! If you’re not sure what Bookending Spring is, then you can go check the overview post on Bookend Events.

If you’re interested in being a host, then fill out this form for Sam and I and we’ll be in touch if we select you!

Did I Invade Soph?

For those of you who don’t know, I actually invaded Bookwyrming Thoughts last year, albeit it was for two posts. This year, you’ll be seeing more of me there, namely starting from Feb I’m posting bi-weekly on BWT.

If you miss my posts over there, I have linked them in the Rewind The Posts section, as well as in Find Me Elsewhere page for you. Also, just go shower Soph with all the love, because she deserves all the love as does Lupe who posts Fandom Fridays.

Rewind The Posts

January Goals

5 Things Bookdragons Do Before Going Away

Book Blogging 101: The Basics

Some Girls Bite by Chloe Neill (Book Review)

A Thousand Perfect Notes by C G Drews (Book Reviews)

Book Blogging 101: What Do I Post First?

Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia (Book Reviews)

Why I Schedule Like It’s Going Outta Fashion

Thank you so much for reading this Rewind post! I am still tidying up my blog, as I sorta flopped at getting everything ready for the New Year but it’s getting there. How’d you January go? Any good books read yet? Let me know in the comments!


24 thoughts on “Monthly Rewind: January

  1. Yay! I’m glad that your blog is thriving, sis. You deserve everything 😭💕

    I hope you’re okay now. Being sick really isn’t desirable. I’m glad that blogging is here to get you through life. GOOD LUCK ON YOUR FUTURE PLANS!


  2. Thank you so much for featuring my post! I hope you’re feeling better now ❤ Being sick definitely isn't fun, but I'm happy to hear that you're enjoying college and binge-watching amazing shows 🙂 I also absolutely love your and Soph's friendship because it's so cute, and I love seeing your posts on each other's blog!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. rewind posts are so much fun! I love seeing where everyone’s at as we get ready to start a new month and make a new start on goals 💖 slumps suck, but wow you’ve gotten quite a bit done this month, yay for productivity! looking forward to more GYST days 😉


  4. Glad your blog is doing good clo! I hope you’re feeling better. Being sick is such a drag. Our entire town got thru the same issue recently. And congrats on your merits!!!! You go rock clo!!!!


  5. Your blog is so great to read and I’m glad that I got a chance to follow it this month, I’m sorry about how things have been going and I really hope 2019 is a much better year for you and your family ❤ and I'm looking forward to keeping up with all your bookish things you share!


  6. Aw I hope everything stops slapping you in the face soon…that’s really awful 😫and frustrating when sickness just clings on forever, right?! *sends you all the good health vibes* And I’m reading this on my laptop but your graphics look good and fine to me!! And eeep congrats on getting some plotting and blog-hopping done!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • It really is, I’m still ill *wonders if this is coming with me into Feb* Thanks for the good health vibes Cait, I think I’ll need them at this rate.

      Aaaah thank youuuu, I’m hoping they should all look fine now. As I figured out this morning what to do with the featured images, so they wouldn’t pixelate. It was simple…just double the size and let me theme resize it for me *face palms* but thank you for checking for me! ❤


  7. Woohoo !! I’m proud of you Clo, having met thoses goals !
    my graphics are doing the same !!! arggh.. looks fine on my 13″, but not on bigger ones, gosh.

    You really did some awesome posts this month xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • aaaah I fixed mine Kristina, try doubling your graphics so they x2 the size they need to be then upload them. Wattpad should automatically adjust them down which means on larger screens they won’t pixelate ❤ if you're still having problems DM and I can try and help you out, and thanksss xx

      Liked by 1 person

  8. I’m going to have to come back and go through all your links because wow lots of content too little time. I totally get liking college and transport issue. Story of my life lol. Glad you had a good month and as always I love your graphics!



    Muahaha I have no regrets with Meteor Garden. Now I just need to suck you into all the Asian dramas and music that I like. YOU’VE ENTERED A BLACK HOLE OF NO RETURN.

    Also, Clo, one cannot simply be a host for consideration when there’s no link to sign up. *coughs*

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yasssss it is what you think it is. Oof, I mean you’re doing a good job atm slowly sucking me into them. And well….I put the link in this morning since when the post went up Sam and I had agreed it’d be on the 1st xD


  10. I’m pretty torn, bc I have found awesome friends on Discord, but they have also been very very mean to me 😦 But overall this month was good 🙂 I read 6 books (woooo)


  11. You had a great month and met all your goals 😁 I think I only read two books this month so I definitely didn’t meet any of my goals because of a reading slump.


  12. Thanks for including my post, Clo 💖
    I’m sorry this month has been trashy for you cause honestly same. I have no time for myself 😢
    Hope you get out of that slump soon though, and omg I’m gonna try sign up for hosting Bookending Spring! 😍


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