Why I Schedule Like It’s Going Outta Fashion

Full on disclaimer here, I’m sat here writing this in October 2018. I know! Crazy right, who in their right mind would wanna schedule THAT far ahead?

Me. I do. I need to cause I like having breathing room, but what with dealing with my inner perfectionist, (my thoughts on embracing or destroying our inner perfectionist). It’s hard to get that breathing room where I know for now, I’m ok. By ok I mean my posts are scheduled and I can focus on other things.

For me, scheduling is my life jacket. Maybe you don’t like scheduling, but have you ever thought about pre writing a few posts?

Consistency is key with blogging, in order to grow your blog, you need to be consistent.  Hence today’s discussion is, why I schedule like it’s going outta fashion. My reasons why, along with alternatives for those of you who struggle or don’t like scheduling ahead.

Less Pressure and Stress

For me personally, I get stressed easily, mainly due to the pressure I put on myself. It leads to me stressing, over complicating things and then I procrastinate. Typically my method of scheduling, involves prewriting the content: a few days, weeks or in this case months in advance. Allowing me to let it sit for a while, before I then come back with fresh eyes. 

If you do it all in the same day, chances are your quality may go down, as you rush to get it out there. (although if you’re one of the lucky ones, who can write quality content in a day, then go for it!)

Seriously, don’t rush, it’s ok to take the time to make sure it’s quality and you’re proud of it. All of us have rushed posts at points, not intentionally but it happens we stress ourselves out and just forget what planning means.

Scheduling ahead even a day or two, can take off that pressure, of needing to sit and churn out post after post. It’ll let you breathe and its my best friend.

Rewriting, Editing, Tweaking

A useful thing with scheduling, is you’re able to let the raw content, sit and stew for a bit. Then later, you’re able to go back, reread it,  edit, tweak it and rewrite any parts as needed.

Combing through your posts again, with fresh eyes is a life saver for spotting typos, grammar mistakes etc. This increases your chances, of having a polished post which makes sense, instead of it being a total word vomit. (we’re all guilty of word vomit posts) Pulling this off in a day, is possible but you’re going to be putting yourself, under a lot of stress.


Theme change anyone? Did we notice my graphics have altered, in terms of colour? My inner perfectionist really raises her head, when it comes to graphics, they need to be perfect. (perfect by my standards, no one else’s, which can be crippling at times. It can also lead to me – full on procrastinating making graphics.)

Scheduling ahead has allowed me to breathe as I know I’ve got time to sort out the graphics. Make sure they relate to the post, that the colour palette works. I can ensure the graphics fit with my pastel theme which is still there subtly, although the base palette is more purple and grey now. 

Consistent Content

If you want your blog to steadily grow, you need some sort of consistency. People need to know you’re here to stay, not have:

I’m here oh wait, I vanished again
3 months later
“I’m back again”

Hiatuses, are another topic all together here. Particularly if you announce it, your blog will probably still grow, if you have content on it already.

In terms of how to stay consistent, don’t overthink it, there aren’t set rules to how often you should post. Although if you asked any of the seasoned bloggers, others like myself who’ve been at this for over a year. We can tell you that ideally don’t post twice a day, also spread the posts out, within the week don’t over do it or you’ll burn out.

When you have so many ideas buzzing about, you’ll often just want to post them all at once, it happened to me. (a story for another time *coughs*) Yet our creative taps aren’t always running, they dry up sometimes, which can put us in sticky situations.

Save some of your content for later, file it away however you want but save it, for the times life rudely interrupts you. Or the days you’re just not feeling the buzz to write a new post. Having some ideas or prewritten posts to fall back on, is super helpful and something I’m busy working on. (mostly I’m stockpiling tags…what’s new there though haha)

Alternatives To Scheduling

“But Clo, scheduling just isn’t for me…”

I mean that’s totally fine, like I mentioned previously, not everyone likes scheduling. If scheduling isn’t for you, don’t fret, I’ve got some ideas below for you. Hopefully these can help you out! 

  • Prewrite a post/s a few days before – leave it then on the day its due to go up; go back to it. Edit, check and then post it. It’ll make your life a lil’ bit easier.
  • Backup Posts – Life doesn’t care that we have a blog, it just strolls on in, throws up on us and waltzes away. Leaving us stressed, in chaos and wondering how we’re going to post that week/month. Backup posts are your life saver…for when you have to clean up the mess it made. 
  • Schedule your TIME – chances are if you don’t schedule ahead, you may find yourself struggling, to just sit down and write a post. This is where time management is key. Schedule out your time, figure out where you can afford to sit and write a post (or a batch of them 😉 )

Make sure to experiment though, keep in mind everything you’ve read here, whilst you find your own methods.

Do you schedule ahead? What’s your method for scheduling posts? Or are you someone who doesn’t schedule, how do you go about making sure your blog content remains somewhat consistent?

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58 thoughts on “Why I Schedule Like It’s Going Outta Fashion

  1. I schedule posts but I’m finding that scheduling reviews might not be for me. It s nice to know that if you don’t have time to write for a post for tomorrow there’s already one written and you don’t need to worry about it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hmmm scheduling reviews can be tricky, I guess I just prefer scheduling everything ahead of time? That way I know I’m not going to be scrambling last minute to say finish the book so the review can go up tomorrow etc.


  2. “I’m here oh wait, I vanished again” was me on Tumblr 😅 I like to think I’m better about blogging, but it’s probably still too early to say. I’m actually really bad about prewriting just because my brain doesn’t seem to understand deadlines until they’re right on top of me – I’ll start up a post, think “oh I know exactly where this is going, it’s all good,” and forget to come back to it until the day it’s supposed to go up … oops. I do have most of my content planned out though, if not actually finished, and it definitely helps reduce the “crap what am I posting today” stress!

    but since I’m back in classes this week, I’m definitely going to have to be better about pre-writing and scheduling the majority of my posts. welp.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This is really helpful, I need to get better at scheduling posts. My hubby and I share a laptop(he is in school so he gets it most of the time).

    I find I change my posts a few times before publishing so I definitely agree with ‘letting it stew’ and seeing how you want to improve the post.

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  4. Asides from maybe my first couple of months blogging, I’ve always scheduled my posts. I usually try to have a couple of posts queued so that I can ensure I have posts, remember to post them, and have a bit of variety. This means I can have breathing room amidst school and work craziness, and when all I want to do is watch movies and write reviews about them…well, I can stagger those posts with other content. Sometimes it means I end up delaying a post that I wanted to get out for a couple of months because more important ones came out, but I find it really helps. And then there’s my crazy draft posts…but that’s another story!

    Liked by 1 person

    • haha my drafts are a hot mess, honestly I utilise the pending review section on wordpress and it’s helped me so much, in that I can separate out drafts which are fully written and just need formatting/any which are important and I can’t leave them there much longer haha


  5. I’m right there with you on all of these points! I not only schedule blog posts forever in advance but social media and literally everything else in my life!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Yep I agree !
    If my scheduled posts go low enough, I get panic attacks ! I just.. NO.
    what if I don’t feel like writing/take on extra work hours ?? I haven’t missed a day since a year, I just cant xd

    The best with scheduling is that you have a window big enough that when you get into the mood to write, you can write quite a few and you have the peace of mind that you can take some chill days and only reply/bloghop if you feel thats the only thing you can do that day :3

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  7. I’m pretty impressed at how far in advance you’re writing :’) I like to have the next two weeks’ post scheduled at all times and in my diary I make a note of what I’m planning to have posted on which day 🙂

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  8. My posts are usually scheduled for two to three weeks ahead. The fact that you wrote this post last October is just so neat! Right now, I just plan my topics ahead and then write/schedule them as inspiration hits.

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  9. This post speaks to me on a visceral level. When I don’t have content ready in advance it makes me panic, especially because I’m a mood writer. I much prefer writing when I feel like it and then doing a final round of tweaks the night before it goes live.

    The alternatives you listed are fantastic! Great post, Clo

    Liked by 1 person

  10. I am still trying hard to keep up with the scheduling thing and the impromptu trip didn’t help at all. I love your new color scheme so much more.

    Liked by 1 person

  11. This is so relatable. I actually started blogging ages ago, under different blog names but I haven’t really kept up with any of it until this one. The number one reason I always fail as a blogger is school. My schedule doesn’t really leave much space for blogging afterwards so when I tried scheduling, however clueless I still am to how to do it effectively, has been a HUGE help! I’ve been posting more constantly now and I’ve even got time to make super simple graphics. What a great post, ever so helpful as always! 😀


  12. Lovely post! while I don’t schedule months ahead though that is exactly what I want to do, I have at least one week of posts ready most of the time or I freak out.
    I think scheduling really helps me and gives me time to view everything one last time with a fresh mind before it goes up on my blog.


  13. Oh man, I tried scheduling before but i’m just so bad at it, i’ll do it for like a week or maybe a month but after that i can’t keep it up. it’s something i’d like to try working on this year 🙂 great post (like always!)


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