January Goals

It’s the New Year. Pretty crazy if you ask me haha, I mean where the hell did 2018 go? Still, with the New Year sparks many of us setting goals, resolutions that we vow to stick by. Only to forget about them a week later….in my Yearly Rewind 2018 post, I shared with you all my yearly goals. Today, I’m going to be sharing with you my goals for this month. 

I decided that along with my yearly goals, which I’ll put in each monthly goals post. I’d also set myself monthly goals, these goals are split into Blog, Writing, Reading and Personal goals. 

Yearly Goals

  • Eat healthier food: cut out crisps (chips) from my diet, most sugary foods too
  • Self Love/Acceptance: Be able to look in the mirror and not always hate what I see (for the record, mirrors are rude and society’s “standards” suck)
  • Grades: Finish my College course and get the grades I wanted (this will happen half way through the year eeeeek!)


  • reply & blog hop to those who leave comments on this months posts
  • blog hop at least once a week


  • outline a new WIP: I’ve been writing fanfic for the past 2 years and now…I think it’s time to close the door on it for this year at least. I want to focus on finding the story I want to tell, a story I’d want to read…and hopefully that all of you will be able to read one day.


  • read at least 3 books: this year my Goodreads challenge is set at 35. Hopefully, this means if I just read 3 books minimum a month I’ll meet it at the end of the year! It’s also a low goal, but it floats about my normal average.


  • test out GYST days: so I mentioned this on discord and Olivia @ Olivia’s Catastrophe was intrigued by it….basically we’re now trialing this together on each Sunday of this month. GYST stands for Get Your Shit Together. I first stumbled across it thanks to Kayln’s YouTube channel. Which by the way, you should check out!
  • social media free day: Wednesdays are my half day at college, so partially for that reason I’ve gone with Weds as a social media free day. Although…I am still using Discord as that’s not included.

I’m considering making a post on my GYST days at some point…we’ll see. Anyhoo, do you set goals/resolutions? Share some of yours in the comments below, I’d love to hear what you’re planning to achieve this month/year!

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40 thoughts on “January Goals

  1. mirrors are indeed rude! I’m also planning to bloghop more regularly and get back into writing, though I’ll settle for fanfic because I’ve only written blog posts and school stuff this past year or so 😕

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  2. Clo, these goals are awesome! I love Kalyn’s Youtube channel and her GYST day concept. I actually went back and found the GYST graphic she posted years ago. I need to cut out sugar & start blog hopping this year too. Good luck!

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  3. Loved this post! I personally don’t set goals for myself since I don’t end up achieving them, so I look up to people who do. Best of luck to you, Clo! ❤ Oh, and I also just want to say that to hell with society's standards. You. Are. AMAZING.

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  4. Ooh good luck with your goals, especially that WIP! Writing your own story can be so tough, hope you don’t end up ripping apart your hair(I did).

    AHAHA the day I don’t see you on Discord I shall assume you are dead or stranded on an island 😂

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    • Haha thanks girl, I’ve written stories before as I started when I was 11 but now…now it’s time to try and find the story I want to tell and write that so we’ll see. (i frequently scream whilst writing haha I know the pain)

      I mean…you’re not wrong I would probs be dead or stranded somewhere without wifi hehe

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  5. Hey! My goal for 2019 is to meet more bloggers (especially book bloggers) so when I saw you on Kerys’ blog post I had to check you out! Looking forward to meeting you more in the new year! 💕😂

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  6. This is a great list of goals and I hope you will be able to do all of them. I really hope things go well with college and wrapping all of that up 🙂 I also need to work on my blog hopping so hopefully that is something I can improve too… something to add to my GYST list for the coming Sundays 😉 So looking forward to 2019 and I hope it shall be the best for you ❤

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