Yearly Rewind 2018

2019 is almost upon us! It’s crazy to think that this year has already happened…although this year hasn’t exactly been a great year for me, despite turning 18. I may eventually write a post on what went on, when its all been sorted, for now though.

2018 has been a crappy year for me personally, my reading has suffered thanks to it, I’ve been on auto pilot for most of the year. And I’m determined to make the most of 2019…we’ll see how that goes eh?

Rewinds are the new wrap ups, we’ll be having monthly rewinds starting next year as well yearly ones. I also have some exciting news, so keep reading for that! Now this post is split into different topics: Blog, Reading, Writing, Life, Announcements. & Goals/Plans.


My poor blog has gone through the mill this year, it turned 1 as well! The design of the blog has changed in the blogs life already….3 times? Maybe 4 times….I think the current redesign is the 4th redesign I’ve done. As we can see, it took me a while to figure out how I wanted it to look.

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Ah my reading suffered this year, thanks to my slump, I had such plans. Alas, I loved the books I read. Below are a few of my favourites, with relevant reviews linked (click on the image!)…or the date their review is scheduled to come out.



Some Girls Bite review scheduled Thu 10th Jan 2019

A Thousand Perfect Notes review scheduled Tue 15th Jan 2019


Whilst I’ve not managed to write a new original story, I’ve been chugging away at fan fiction. Writing fan fiction, has taught me so much, about my own writing habits as well as areas I need to work on. Even though I’ve not managed to write an original book this year, I started and finished a fan fiction…as well as writing some songs, poems.


I have about 6 months left, of college, which is actually crazy. I also turned 18 this year…another crazy thing. I’m an adult now O.o

I got some new bookcases, which were very much needed haha as my books were literally taking over the floor. Speaking of which, here are the books I’ve won/gifted this year thanks to giveaways and a best friend.

I was going to show you the books I bought too, but erm I can’t remember which ones I bought this year xD Next year though, you’ll be able to see haha. What If Its Us was the only gifted book by the way, the rest I received through giveaways! 

Books Won/Gifted

This year I was also lucky enough, to meet Victoria Aveyard and Tomi Adeyemi! Listening to both of their talks before the signing, was so interesting, both in terms of me as a reader and as a writer.


Honestly, 2018 has been a whirlwind of fun, chaos for me. I’ve made so many friends, within this community and I honestly can’t wait for 2019. Something which spawned from friendships was Blogoween…which then got renamed and revamped into Bookend Events.

Sam and I are aware, it’s not totally “perfect” yet, we’re both new at running events. But we can’t wait to get better at running events, to bring the community together, and for us to inject some joy into creating blog posts, tidying up…

2019 brings us the first FULL year of Bookend Events…which will mean Sam and I may go completely insane. In which case, it was nice knowing you, you can have my books. As the time draws nearer for each event, the relevant posts will be updated and posted. For now though, know this….

April 1st – 30th 2019 = Bookending Spring 2019

July 1st – 31st 2019 = Bookending Summer 2019

October 1st – 31st 2019 = Bookending Autumn 2019

December 1st – 31st 2019 = Bookending Winter 2019

I’m also going to be invading Sophia’s blog (Bookwyrming Thoughts) next year…you’ll be seeing me over there weekly starting in February hehe. Oh and i’m co-hosting Novel Newcomers with her next year too. So if you started blogging in 2017 OR 2018 then we’d love to have you on this feature!

Goals & Plans

This year has taught me a lot, mostly it’s taught me that there’s never going to be right moment to do that thing you want to do. There’s here, there’s now…and there’s the hope we all have a tomorrow. (ayeee welcome to Clo getting a wee bit deep on you all haha)

One of the main things, I’ve realised is I live in a permanent state of organised chaos, which is fine you know it works. But I also really, really want to erase the chaos part someday. I’d like to be able to live with things in my life being organised, tidy…whether it be my blog or my bedroom/office.

Another thing is I want to be healthier. Exercise and I are not huge friends…neither am I a huge friend of food most days. BUT I want to eat healthier, because at least then I’m half way there to being a healthier person overall.

I do plan on setting monthly goals for myself, but in terms of yearly goals…these are the goals I’m working towards.

  • Eat healthier food: cut out crisps (chips) from my diet, most sugary foods too
  • Self Love/Acceptance: Be able to look in the mirror and not always hate what I see (for the record, mirrors are rude and society’s “standards” suck)
  • Grades: Finish my College course and get the grades I wanted (this will happen half way through the year eeeeek!)

Hmmm so what’s everyone’s plans/goals/resolutions for next year? Do you set goals or not? Also can we tell I semi gave up with formatting…no? Cause I can tell hehe, thank you for reading, liking, commenting on any of my posts. Bring on 2019!

If you want to support me and other book bloggers consider donating to my Ko-Fi page. To find out how I’ll use the donation/s, read this post.


36 thoughts on “Yearly Rewind 2018

  1. Sending you all my love for 2019 ❤ I'm so sorry to hear that 2018 was a rough year, but I'm glad that it's strengthen you at the same time. Even though you were on auto pilot mode, I still think you've done a phenomenal job with your blog, especially with all the events like Tidy-a-thon you've hosted! I wish I had been able to participate. 🙂 I also really want to be healthier next year too, seeing as I'm hitting the 20s and I rarely went to the gym this year. Also, that college student diet hasn't been treating me well, so definitely I need to cut out chips and sweets too. We got this! I'm rooting for us both.

    Sending you all my love and best wishes. Happy New Year, Clo!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ohh I loved Radio Silence !! hopefully you’ll like it !

    Nice goals too !
    though anxiety was *usually* letting me stay thin I started to get some weight XD which .. im totally fine with honestly 🤷🏽‍♀️ But yeah … i’m not too friendly with excercice either HAH!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. ahhh this is an amazing recap and I’m so happy for you and your blog and all the growth and organised chaos!! And I love your goals. Those are such good and wise ones. I need to do better at self care too tbh, although self care sometimes is eating chips so yes…I will fail there.😂Also SO FREAKING HONOURED to see ATPN on your list afjkdlsa I can’t even say how much that means to me!

    Liked by 1 person

    • awwww thanks Cait! Haha good and wise, well I try hehe. Self care is something I just shove aside 99% of the time, which is super bad but yeah, it’s the first thing to get tossed out the window.

      ATPN was amazingggggg and the fact that it’s still on my mind now, proves that it was amazing and thought provoking, heart wrenching and just *throws all the amazing words out to describe it*


  4. The end of 2018 was better, because you met me! And now I’m going to invade your comments ❤ no just a little bit. But I really hope this year will be better. I don't know you that well, but I do know you deserve all the best and I really want the best for you ❤ we should implement a physical part in our GYST days! Like do 20 situps and 20 donkeykicks or something :')

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Those three yearly goals are so good and I am happy that self love and acceptance is on there! I know this year has been rough for you and you’ve gotten through a lot. I hope 2019 is productive and wonderful for you.

    “This year has taught me a lot, mostly it’s taught me that there’s never going to be right moment to do that thing you want to do.”

    THIS. I wish I had learned this younger than I did. I feel like I lived almost 10 years of my life on autopilot after high school and it’s my biggest regret. Sure, I wouldn’t be who I am without that, so I try not to dwell, but this is a lesson I wish I had sooner.

    ALSO I saw you have Shatter Me in the pile of books… have you read yet? Do you wanna buddy read?!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aaah thanks Kal *squishes in hug* I think whatever happens to us as people, teaches us things, and at whatever stage in life we learn it…it happens for a reason. Imagine if you’d learned that lesson sooner…would you be where you are now? Would we know each other? Cause I can’t imagine not having you in my life hehe

      No I haven’t I was going to the other day but strangely didn’t feel like it…so I’m down for buddy reading it with you!

      Liked by 1 person

  6. I think a lot about how different my life would be had I made one small decision when I was 18. Like literally, everything would have been different and all my friends in my adulthood I wouldn’t have met. It’s wild to think about and had I not taken the path I did, I probably wouldn’t have gotten super into reviewing books. I can’t imagine my life without you in it either. *squishes in a hug*

    YAY! I have been slumping since January 2 so maybe February for Shatter Me?

    Liked by 1 person

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