Supporting Me, My Content & Others

I’m coming at you with something very exciting, it’s something I’d been seriously considering for a while now. Now though, I know roughly what I’d love to be able to do and that requires your guys’ help.

I’m not sure if you’ve heard of Ko-Fi before; simply it’s a way to give donations to creators for their work. I recently set up a page on there and I have plans to hopefully invest in getting Ko-Fi Gold to test out and see if that can help me, and in the long term my fellow book bloggers, out.

I’m getting ahead of myself here, so we’ll start at the crux of the problem. For book bloggers in particular, our hobby is financially draining. I myself at the time of writing and posting this, am a full time student with no job. I earn nothing, which means books I buy literally come out of my, my parents and grandma’s pocket. While I do not currently have a job, I do recognise that I have a lot of privilege.


But in the year and a bit that I’ve been blogging I have realised that not everyone has the same access that I do. I can’t tell you how heartbroken it made me to realise that so many of my friends and book blogging friends didn’t have access or the money to just buy a book: things that I take for granted


A book – which can change you, can shape you. Book blogging has opened my eyes so, so, so much and I’ve always wanted to be able to do something to give back to this community. To help out in some way but I can’t just go around buying people books or donating to their own ko-fi’s out of my own pocket.


What I want to do is be able to support myself and my fellow book bloggers, whether that’s through a donation or through buying a book/running a giveaway.


To help make this dream a reality, I’ve set up a Ko-fi page with a goal titled Supporting Other Book Bloggers and is set at £100, it’ll stay like that until it’s met. From there, I will see if it’s efficient and cost effective for me to run monthly. I want to be able to put money, books, and love back into this community.


How Will The £100 Be Used?


  • £25 will be put into my own funds: this will be used for various things (e.g buying books, saving up for something). If this is able to run monthly, the amount needed to bank roll KoFi Gold will come from this portion.

  • £75 remainder will get broken into chunks, used for donations, buying books on bookish wishlists, and hosting giveaways which include Internationals.


My long-term goal is to not only support my hobby financially, but more importantly, I goddamn want to give the International folk the books and the love, and I’ll be damned if I don’t find a way to do that.


I’m an aspiring author, have been since I was 11, and 11 year old me is crying inside realising that not everyone has the access to books, which show them their voice is heard, that they’re accepted. Books which can also just be a way to escape for a while. To us books are an escape and a way for us to grow as people.


I don’t ask for much in this community. This post is one of the few times I will ask for something from you, whoever’s reading this. Whether you’re a book blogger or not, we’d appreciate your support! However much you’re able to give is going to warm so many hearts in the long term.


Right now I am on a free Ko-Fi, which means the set price to donate is £3, which is a lot in my eyes. If I’m able to get Ko-Fi gold, I will be lowering that to £1/£1.50 for you lovely people; so that it’s easier for you to donate and help me, my/our community out.


Thank you for your consideration and for reading this post. If you’re unable to donate right now, then sharing this post and spreading the word, is a great way to help me out with accomplishing this dream.


47 thoughts on “Supporting Me, My Content & Others

  1. Ah thats wonderful Clo !! I support you whole-heartly. You could even push it further having a patreons and do blog graphics in exchange of funds 🙂 [or can work with ko-fi too im guessing.. after Xamount donated]

    I gotta say I do have thought of this myself 😂 but then.. why would they support me you know? Kudos to you to wanna gove back to our community while doing it xx

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    • Oooo there’s an idea, I may consider doing graphics in exchange for a Ko-Fi donation though that may be an idea.

      I mean hey, there’s no harm in having one, if someone loves your content and wants to support you it’s a nice way to do so! *squishes in hug* I love this community with my whole heart so I’m totally gonna do my best to give back to it

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  2. This is a wonderful thing you are doing! But please, look into revenue office rules because where I live, we have to declare (and pay tax on) every little penny that comes our way, no matter how we get it. I wouldn’t want you to get in trouble! Hopefully you won’t have to, cause it’s donations, but it doesn’t hurt to find out.

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