No My TBR Did Not Murder Me (Life updates, Anouncements & More)

Wheeee hello all. I know it’s erm kinda been a while hasn’t it? So, firstly no I did not get murdered by my TBR. I am still living, sorta and breathing. I’ve just become a hermit recently because thing sgot overwhelming and I stepped back from posting on my blog, to sort some things out.

What’s been happening I hear you ask? WELL LEMME GATHER MY LIST HERE AND TELL YOU.

Bookending Winter 2018 AND Tidyathon

Yep, if you somehow missed those things then hop to it and click onto the related post in the title! Sam and I have worked so hard on Bookend Events, and it’s still a puppy albeit an excited puppy, we’re both new to this whole event running business. BUT we’re determined to make it work, and the Tidyathon is my puppy which is part of the Bookend Events.

A brief rundown is Bookend Events runs quarterly and began with Blogoween. Sam and I got our heads together, to rename it and add in 4 events (one for each season) so it become more of a long term thing. And so it wasn’t a major stress fest at the end of the year. Bookend Events is the umbrella term for Bookending Spring, Bookending Summer, Bookending Autumn/Fall (was called Blogoween originally) and Bookending Winter. We evolved the events, as well as making them as inclusive as we possibly could. The main event is to write 3-5 blog posts. Though the Tidyathon is an extra which happens alongside each event.

For more information though, do check out the posts! We have big plans for the event next year and erm…even into 2020 *smirks* we’re not partners in crime for nothing. We’re just trying to the book blogging community closer together and eventually…maybe even the whole bookish community? Who knows…

Blog Redesign

I’ve been working on this on and off since like August or something ridiculous like that. Basically, I started it and then stopped midway through realising I wanted a new direction. So I found my direction and I’m happy with it, what you can expect (hopefully on the 1st Jan it will be live)

  • My blog theme will be switching from Lovecraft to a new one
  • New colour scheme
  • New featured images
  • Colour revamp on graphics
  • New and updated pages (providing they don’t eat me first…I had a meltdown about them misbehaving on my test blog ok. *sobs*)
  • Some new graphics and the sidebar is gonna look prettier…hopefully

OH YEAH just a warning, cause I’m switching themes my new theme doesn’t have post excerpt enabled in it. So please don’t hurt me for my old posts showing all of itself, I’m hoping to get to reformatting some of them in the Tidyathon. But I won’t get to them till next year probably, so I’m sorry in advance for that.

Content For 2019

I’ve been getting my prewriting game on. In the sense of I basically have two reviews left to write up to post in January, and then January posts are basically written. Except for the goals and wrap up post. I’ve also been planning out content up till March and roughly outlining up to June. Since I like being able to see what I’m planning on having haha. So that’s kept me busy.

Life…aka College

I love college but also hate it at the same time. Mainly because I stress out over everything, overcomplicate things and have zero confidence in my designs haha. Still, what’s new? I’m still currently working on an assignment, which is a Zine assignment. That’s due in 7th December though…so soon.

Also hi, I’m super lazy at the moment so you get zero graphics in this post because most of them will get changed anyway. Anyway, Bookending Winter actually starts TOMORROW well for me in about 2ish hours. But I’m planning to snooze first.

What’s been happening with you all? Are you joining in on the event/s? 



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