10 Things I Wish I Had Found Out Sooner About Blogging (Guest Post Elgee @ Elgee Writes)

Colourful On Pastel is a series of guest posts from fellow bookbloggers. The meaning behind the series name, is because my blog is made up of pastel colours whereas most other blogs are made up of strong vibrant colours. That’s how the name was born. Stick around for discussions from bookbloggers all over the blogosphere.
Eeek so today we have the wonderful Elgee here, sharing some wisdom with us. Things she wished she’d known sooner about blogging, so sit back, relax and enjoy this post; full of wise words and pointers! 

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I have been blogging for quite a while now, first at Musings Over Nothing and now at Elgee Writes. I have no doubt there is a lot more for me to understand, to implement and to make my blog better. But I also understand why it took so long for me to reach where I am. 
Sure, I wish I had learnt a lot of things faster, and much earlier. I wish I had given a thought about several things that I did out on whim, some of which turned out fine and others not so much. But I am here to spill my wisdom to others, so that you will figure things out faster than me. Let us get on with it.
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  1. Figure out what you want
I had been blogging for about 5 years before I made it view-able by the public and I didn’t know if I wanted to do that for a long time. But when I did decide what I wanted with my blog, I realized a free blogger account won’t suffice and had to move to a self hosted WordPress.
The point is the older blog I had was strictly personal, for me and my friends. But Elgee Writes is not about that, so everything I do in and for this one is different, and the things I learnt and did for my personal blog do not hold good. All I am saying is figure out what you want from your blog and work accordingly.
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  1. Learn new things
Any blog would look a lot better with custom design, some personal photos and graphics. Of course you can use a default theme stock photos and book covers as well.
But learning the basics of photography, coding and even a bit of designing might help somewhere in the future. There are so many resources just a click away on Google. Utilize them wisely.
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  1. Ask the readers
The main goal for most bloggers is to boost the blog engagement. But they fail to let the readers know what is expected of them.
Ask them to follow your blog. To share the post. Link up to your other posts. Keep them interested. Always end the post with a question and tell them to reply as a comment on your blog. And lastly respond to all the comments in your blog.
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  1. Blog engagement – Quality over quantity.
Another tip to improve your engagement is by leaving comments on other blogs and open a conversation. Ask a question or make a comment that is valuable to the blogger or the other readers.
When you leave comments like ‘great post’ ‘lovely review’, it doesn’t create a rapport nor adds value. Think about it.
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  1. Being civil and polite never hurt anyone
Of course you want people to remember you, but for the right reasons not the wrong one. If you disagree with anyone else’s post, be polite and remember it is their opinion in their own space. If you wanna talk about it, do so politely and state your reasons in a civilized manner and WALK AWAY.
Don’t be a keyword warrior or a grouch. There is enough space for everyone in the world wide web.
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  1. YOU decide on on the level of your privacy
Some of us consider our blogs as a place to discuss only books, or whatever is your niche, while others take it as a personal space to talk about their lives and more.
It is your blog and you get to decide what and how much you want to share about yourself. The same holds good for your social media profiles as well. Take charge of them, as you will.
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4. Clean and minimal blog design
We shouldn’t judge the book by its cover. Sure. But it is a fact that we all love a clean blog and we can’t deny it.
Make things easier for your reader’s eyes, especially the menus and side bars. We understand the need of ads, blog rolls and buttons, but keep only what is essential.
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  1. YOU be YOU
Try to stay as original as possible. Avoid trying to be everywhere and joining every link up and meme possible. Do not let your blog be driven by the hype and read only the books that everyone is reading.
Or read just the ones that is new and popular. Do just what you want with your blog and read what you want. Do not let your blog change that, at least not too much.
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  1. Do not be hard on yourself
Most of all do not be too hard on yourself. Blogging takes a lot of time and it is not always easy to be the fun cheerful persona you may have taken in front of leaders. But that is okay.
Life happens and everyone understands that. Take a break when you need it and your readers may miss you, but they are gonna be there when you come back.
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  1. There is no one way to measure success. 
You will  never find the right way to blog, because it doesn’t exist. There is no instant success formula. Every one does what they think is right and they drive to the success they perceive it as.
For some it might be the number of followers or visitors while a few others blog for the free ARCs they receive from the publishers as a recognition. Strive for what you want for your blog. 
I hope these pointers may be useful to you all. And many many thanks to Clo for letting me have this opportunity to post on her blog. 

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5 thoughts on “10 Things I Wish I Had Found Out Sooner About Blogging (Guest Post Elgee @ Elgee Writes)

  1. ‘Learn new things’ resonates with me especially as a new blogger. Not only have my writing skills improved just through writing more often but I’m already learning how to build a network of like-minded bloggers, promote on social media and write search engine optimised web content.

    I think a lot of people (me included) don’t realise how many skills you build through blogging that you can use professionally, or just for fun!


  2. I completely agree with these! I wish I’d known:

    1. Not to use Blogger.
    2. Having social media accounts is necessary.
    3. Interacting with the community is pretty much the only way to get traffic.
    4. Writing good posts takes a lot of hours.


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