The Veil Is Thin


*sips tea* Yeah I know it’s a pretty boring drink, but I’m British…and a stereotypical English at that. Now then, this prompt came about because I know Halloween is a day when the veil between our world and the otherworld/spirit world is at its thinnest. That what is said, whether you believe it is up to you.

But Halloween originates from being a day to ward off evil spirits, since the veil was thin, it was perhaps easier for them to get across. So I thought, we could use today to write about what spirits we want to ward off.

They can be paranormal creatures from books, evil characters or things like writers block, procrastination. It’s entirely up to you how you go about this prompt!

What Will I Be Warding Off?

  • Self doubt
  • Writers block
  • Procrastination
  • Fear
  • Oh and grievers…yeah they can stay away from me god they were really creepy in the books but the movies. Man the movies just brought them to life.

pumpkin divide
Self Doubt

I’ve spoken about this recently in a wrap up, but basically I’ve been struggling with self doubt recently. It’s not fun particularly as it’s usually me doubting my writing abilities and/or drawing abilities. Like, am I good enough? Will I ever make it to being published? Along with many other questions, where I just add more weight to this dam.

I think for the last part of September and October, I found my drive again. 2018 hasn’t been a great year for me on a personal level, but I just sorta carried on. Throwing myself into the things I love which happen to be this blog, writing and reading. Whilst my reading has been suffering, I found this fire within me for my blog again.

The thing about doubt is it stems from a fear in us, and it’s not easy to tell yourself that all your hard work will pay off. Particularly when you’re panicking over writing stories cause you’re so used to fan fiction now what if you fail miserably?! *coughs* my point is, I’m going to make it a point to acknowledge my doubt, accept its there and move on. It can’t control me, I won’t let it when I know I can write, draw and I am good enough. But I can always get better.

cauldron witch divide

Writers Block

I truly hate writers block. What I hate more than that is having the ideas but not having the motivation or energy to write them, which is what happened on the blog back in July. In terms of the block for stories, I have a way through it in that I just keep writing, until well…I’ve written the block out of me. I’ll go into more detail on my process of dealing with writers block next year, as I’m planning on rebooting Writers Den (it may get renamed) Still, I truly hope the block stay away for the rest of the year.

pumpkins cauldron divide


I’ve been a huge procrastinator on so many things, and I think that’s been down to my mindset as well as my mood. The good news is, I’m working on my mindset and mood, working to try and get out of the procrastination habit because if I’m being totally honest with myself, I don’t have time to procrastinate. Too much to do, like read, write, blog, college work and work on growing as a person. Procrastination isn’t allowed. It’ll be a slow process to get out of the habit though, first step is to start trying.

cauldron witch divide


I don’t have a lot of fears per say, but I do fear change, the unknown and not having thing a certain way I want it to be. The whole fearing change and unknown are sort of entangled, and I think it’s cause I’ve grown up in one place. Like…I’ve never really been slapped in the face with a huge change in my life until I started college. That was pretty scary for me, just cause new people and I really withdrew from people and just socialising in general.

So change is something which makes me nervous because it leads onto my fear of not knowing the outcome or at least knowing what’s going to happen. I like knowing roughly what will happen, where to go this that and the other, maybe to just cut down on talking to people I don’t know. (which I really struggle with)

But also in social situations and in general, I like knowing my way out of a situation – I need an exit. I probably won’t ever use it or need it, but there’s a part of me which needs to know if I need to get out of whatever situation I’m in, I can leave. Leave easily cause I already know where the exit is.

pumpkins cauldron divide

As for the last thing, you can read my post on Embracing or Destroying Our Inner Perfectionism? where I talk about my thoughts on perfectionism and how I’m going to go about tackling it. I do know that I can’t control everything, but I’ve realised over the years I really like knowing what’s happening, having some control over the smallest of things helps. Probably because I’ve been let down before by other people saying they’ll do something, then they don’t…so it’s just easier for me to do it myself? I don’t know…I do know I am plotting away for things in 2019 which may or may not appeal to you guys.

pumpkin divide

Soooo they’re what I’m hoping to ward off this Halloween and the rest of the year. I really hope you all enjoyed taking part in Blogoween and I can’t thank you all enough for actually taking part. Also thank you to my wonderful co hosts who made this event a lil’ easier to handle.

Sam, my partner in crime and co organiser of the event, you rock. All the hosts, you guys were awesome, thank you so much for being part of this. We all rock, I hope you all have a spooky Halloween if you do celebrate Halloween.

If you don’t, lemme know what you’re gonna get up to today. I can confirm this event will be back next year…reVAMPed hehehe and I’m already excited for that. Until then, keep your eyes peeled on my blog and the others as we have another announcement coming your way in November.

Oh yeah, tomorrow is my birthday and I have a special post going up! So please, do come back for that ❤



8 thoughts on “The Veil Is Thin

  1. Well Clo these are things really worth to ward off or fight for. Experiencing fear is normal. Just remember in a new situation or faced with the unknown that the human is highly adaptable and you probably are no exception to the rule. If it can help … 😉 Thanks for all these prompts it was fun!

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