Trapped With You

Oof, one day till it’s Halloweeeeeeen! Are we excited?! Anyhoo, todays prompt is all about who you’d want trapped with you in say a haunted house? Now my brain automatically thought OMG we could be trapped with hot fictional characters cause cute moments. Haha…thanks brain. So we’ll see which characters I pick, you can pick one or as many as you wish.

pumpkin divide


He’s precious, and I’d love to just have a good chat with him…also I’d probably hide behind him if something appeared and tried to attack me. Cause he’s a vampire and also…he can save me haha.

cauldron witch divide

Merit, Ethan, Mallory, Catcher

Ok, so seriously I just want them there so I can watch their banter. I LOVE their banter it’s always a joy to read and gives me a good giggle. Plus it’d make me feel safer as Merit and Ethan are vampires, Mallory and Catcher sorcerers. I feel like I’d be safe in a haunted house with them, particularly if we were trapped. Thought knowing Ethan, he’d be impatient and start trying to find a way out. So I’m not complaining to that.

pumpkin divide

So I know this was a short post, but I wanna know which characters you’d want to be trapped with in a haunted house? Or maybe a corn maze? (are they even a thing?!)



8 thoughts on “Trapped With You

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  6. The only reason I’d want to be trapped with hot characters is so that (by the laws of horror films) they can die first :’D

    I’d take someone like Hermione Granger who could protect me from the ghosts!


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