Halloween In A Fictional World

Aaaah hi! Omg you guys, can you believe it’s actually the 29th of October?! I know, me neither hehe. So my prompt is pretty simple, we all read here in the bookblogging community as such, there’ll be many fictional worlds that we’ve fallen in love with.

So I figured, if we had to experience Halloween in a fictional world, which one would we choose? I mean – THERE ARE SO MANY! I just…I may burst with excitement (pumpkins, spice and all things nice teehee)

pumpkin divide

Ok so after a while of musing, glaring at my books on my shelves as they weren’t helping me. I came to the final conclusions of the Shadowhunter world.

More specifically the Victorian era, with Will, Jem, Tessa and aaaah I just…the London Institute *melts* if you weren’t aware, the Infernal Devices hold a special place in my heart. I couldn’t imagine spending Halloween anywhere else really, even if they don’t celebrate it, we could make our own tradition right? THEN it’d be my birthday the next day so like…fun hehe.

Can we just take a moment to imagine the characters in TID going trick or treating? I think Will would try fighting all the people dressed up hehe, aaaah I want this to happen now.

cauldron witch divide

Now I decided to go ahead an add in an alternative fictional world, I wouldn’t mind spending Halloween in. It’s from a TV show, ahem Supernatural. I mean Halloween to them is just like any other day, with the exception of it being harder, to spot demons and what not. I just really want to jam out to the music in the Impala ok, as I’ve never been one for Trick or Treating so like this seems like a great alternative.

Also, Dean, Sam and Cas with you on Halloween. Tell me that’s not something that would be highly entertaining?

pumpkin divide

Which fictional world would you guys have Halloween in? For anyone taking part in Blogoween, and has done this prompt, feel free to link it below. For those who aren’t taking part, lemme know in the comments your thoughts!



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