My Reading Habits Exposed (Nox @ Nox Reads)

Colourful On Pastel is a series of guest posts from fellow bookbloggers. The meaning behind the series name, is because my blog is made up of pastel colours whereas most other blogs are made up of strong vibrant colours. That’s how the name was born. Stick around for discussions from bookbloggers all over the blogosphere.

Eeeek this is kinda going up late, mainly due to me taking part in a readathon but it’s here now guys! We have Nox discussing her reading habits, so sit back and enjoy!

pink dragon divide

Hi everyone! I’m super excited to write a post on Clo’s blog! I chose to write “My Reading Habits Exposed” because honestly, I think that some of them are weird, or at the very least inconvenient.

I don’t know if this counts as a “habit” per see, but I wanted to start with this – I usually don’t buy my books.

It was a little discouraging at first, logging onto bookstagram and watching BookTube videos where everyone showed these large, beautiful bookcases that fill practically an entire wall. Buying books is really expensive, and as much as I adore looking at other book lover’s shelves, I just know that my bookcase isn’t going to look like that for a long time.

So Nox, where do you get your books?

I’ve gotten extremely lucky that my friends and family feed my book addiction. For my birthday, two friends gave me gift cards for Barnes and Noble (which I haven’t used yet because I’m very choosy about what books I spend money on) and my parents agreed to buy one book a month for me. I also subscribed to a book box (because let’s face it my need for merch is insatiable) so there’s another book a month.

But you just said you don’t buy books. Usually. Luckily, I live in an area surrounded by libraries, and my grandparents are more than willing to drive me five minutes so that I can check out a stack of books to read for the next month. And I can renew or check books out online. The majority of the books I read are library books. That’s where I got to read the Grisha trilogy, the Raven Cycle, and where I’m reading the Red Queen series. So if you don’t want to buy books, libraries are very much alive and kicking.

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That being said, I do have a….controversial…reading habit that I must expose *braces self for angry mob of bookdragons*. Look, I try to use anything and everything as a bookmark! I’ve read a book while at a baseball game and used the ticket stub to save my place! I’ve used report cards, bank statements, receipts, and of course, actual bookmarks. But alas, there are times where a bookmark is not available, and in those times…I dog ear the page. I’M SORRY!

purple dragon divide

Also, along with the baseball game, I have taken books to birthday parties, the movie theater, shopping, paying the bills, hanging out with friends, and the IRS. I will pretty much read anytime, anywhere. I read 104 pages of Furyborn the other day while my mom and I were waiting in line to pay out bills (104 pages in a little over an hour). I finished the Raven King while my mom and I were waiting in line at the IRS. I read and wait in line a lot, apparently. The thing is, I’m kind of a busy person. I have school and volunteering and errands. So I have to read when I can. I take the bus for about 3 or 4 hours every school day. I get a lot of reading done on those rides (I actually missed my stop one time because I was so into A Darker Shade of Magic that I didn’t realize my stop was coming up…that one was fun explaining to my grandma). My friends and family know and (begrudgingly) accept this. If I am out with them, I have a book in my bag..or two.

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Does anybody else carry around more than one book with them? I can’t read more than one at a time of course, I get too invested in one story to even think of focusing on another (which is difficult when you’re taking two different literature courses at once so you need to read two books at the same time…send help), but if I think I’m going to finish a book, I bring an extra.

And some of these books aren’t small. Baseball game- brought two books. IRS- brought two books. Movies and pizza with friends- brought two books. My friends actually took one of my books because I was reading while they were eating and I just pulled out another. Always carry a spare.

purple dragon divide

I’m a music person. I need noise to concentrate, so I usually read books while listening to music. It’s interesting because sometimes certain songs play and they fit incredibly well with one of the characters or scene, so certain songs are associated with certain characters/scenes/books. Kavinsky and Ronan’s interactions in The Dream Thieves reminds me of The Pitiful Children from Be More Chill, Major Tom (Coming Home) makes me think of Illuminae, etc., etc.

mugs divide

Well everyone, I hope this gave you found my reading habits interesting! Personally, I think they’re a little quirky, but is there anywhere better to admit them than to the bookish community? Except the dogearing part…I probably shouldn’t have said that one. Oh well!

Am I alone in these? Do you carry around multiple books to avoid social interaction? Do you read at sporting events? Have you ever been in the middle of a book that is so amazing that you forget where you live and to get off the bus? …no? That’s okay.

I’m really interested to hear what your reading habits are though! Where do you like to read? Can you focus on multiple books at once, and will you teach me so I can pass my classes?

Thank you everyone for reading, and thank you so much for having me guest post on your blog Clo! I really enjoyed it.

pink dragon divide

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7 thoughts on “My Reading Habits Exposed (Nox @ Nox Reads)

  1. “But alas, there are times where a bookmark is not available, and in those times…I dog ear the page.” 😱

    Monster! 😜

    I used toilet paper as a bookmark in a friend’s book and when she saw it her exact words were “TP? That’s disgusting. Next time just dog ear the page.” 😀

    I tried reading multiple books at one time and I think that lasted for about a week. I never felt as invested in any of the stories as I should have.

    Thanks for sharing your quirks ☺

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I also rarely buy books. I trade for them at the used bookstores. The biggest downside to that is they rarely have new releases. If I went more places, I’d probably carry books around. I don’t go many places where I have to wait or stand in lines for a long time.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I too use anything as a bookmark but avoid dog-earing pages 😛 I should say you are really a fast reader. 104 pages in just an hour? I can never do that. I can hardly finish 40-50 pages in an hour.
    I too have to travel each day for almost 2 hours and I try to read during that time. Well, I can’t read while listening to music. It is really distracting for me.
    Also, I can’t read more than one book at a time. I tried doing it a few times but wasn’t successful 😛
    Don’t worry these habits are not so weird and you are not alone 😛

    Liked by 1 person

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