Privileges ~ What Are Yours? (Monica @ Torn Pages and Roses)

Colourful On Pastel is a series of guest posts from fellow bookbloggers. The meaning behind the series name, is because my blog is made up of pastel colours whereas most other blogs are made up of strong vibrant colours. That’s how the name was born. Stick around for discussions from bookbloggers all over the blogosphere.

Welcome, welcome for another guest post! This time we have the lovely Monica here, discussing the interesting topic of Privileges ~ What Are Yours? This is such a great topic and I enjoyed reading through this one, particularly as I’m from and live in the Uk. So similarly to Monica, I have certain privileges but again, not as many as those in the US do.

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Hey everyone! This post will start a little bit boringly but Clo gave me such an interesting topic to write about, so stay tuned!

What is privilege?

According to the googles, privilege is defined as this: a special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available only to a particular person or group of people. Here in the world of book blogging and readers, we have our own version and I am here to talk about it!

If you’ve been in any way active, in the book blogging community, the past few months. You will have seen all the wonderful efforts of some people, into spreading awareness about how hard it is, to keep sharing the love for books when you live in a different part of the world.

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So, what are some privileges that I have been enjoying?

I am fortunate enough to live in Canada, where I have extremely easy access to books, in all forms, new or used, either back list titles or ARCs. I get it that not everyone is lucky enough to have the same opportunities.

A little bit of a back story. I first lived in the Philippines, before my family migrated here, in the North America. I succinctly remember becoming extremely envious, when I watch movies like High School Musical or even the animated Beauty and the Beast because they showed libraries. Personal ones or school or public libraries that carried all kinds of books, more than you can read in a lifetime.

Living in the Philippines, unfortunately didn’t give me that same access. One can buy new or used books from bookstores but the issues of not having enough finances, or living a bit far from used book stores, were definitely some factors that caused some distress. To cope with that, I read a ton of Wattpad stories, a sound alternative if you ask me.

Back to present day, where I now live in a country and city where there’s a booming library system, lots of commercial and indie bookstores, charity book shops and even just the amazing addition of amazon and book depository. I also am super fortunate to have started my book blog and to be able to get access to ARCs from independent authors and publishing houses alike. I am for sure not complaining.

All of these, I was only dreaming of when I was younger. Given all that though, if I am to be nit picky, I can still whine about not having as much ARC access and book events as people from the US. As they have all the publishing houses over there and not as much here, but it’s just something that happens sometimes and we get to live with it.

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So, how does it look like for everybody else that aren’t from here?

Not too good. I have read quite a few people’s points of views about this issue and here are some of the obstacles they’re having:

  1. Lack of public libraries.
  2. Expensive book costs.
  3. Limited book stores.
  4. Limited book selections if they find a bookstore.
  5. Lack of english books that are sold or available to them.
  6. New releases might not be readily available as soon as they get published.
  7. Not being able to use services like Netgalley or Edelweiss to request or be approved for ARCs.
  8. Not a lot of author requests to review books.
  9. Expensive shipping costs.
  10. Maybe they don’t even get shipped to by any company.
  11. If they do get approved to receive ARC copies, it’ll most likely be digital and not a physical book because #8.
  12. Not very much or no book events happening at all.

Those are some of the privileges, that us book bloggers experience here, in North America that a lot of readers around the world don’t have. We are extremely lucky, to have all these available to us. So to everyone who keeps on reiterating how much of a consumerist everyone is (that’s a different topic altogether), and to use public libraries, keep in mind that to a lot of people, that’s the only way they can continue with the same hobby that we all have.

At the end of the day, we all love stories and reading, let’s all get along shall we?

How about you, what are your reading privileges? Did I miss something? Comment down below, let’s chat!

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3 thoughts on “Privileges ~ What Are Yours? (Monica @ Torn Pages and Roses)

  1. Well said!! Books are an expensive luxury for me. It is thanks to amazon, I have access to ebooks. We still don’t get much of sales what the rest of the world gets. We don’t have audible here, but it is soon getting launched. Bookstores are very far from home, no libraries. But life goes on. There are always alternatives. Amazon has made life easy for us

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  2. Such a great post and Monica really unpacked a lot of the privileges that many of us have in the bookish world! I feel so fortunate to have grown up in the US with access to books and libraries. I think it is cool that Monica shared her experiences because she’s been on both sides having grown up in the Philippines.

    We need to keep boosting these voices and experiences to raise awareness.

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