My First Impression Of The Book Blogging Community

This post actually was inspired by Merv’s guest post, where she talks about Understanding The Bookish Community: A Newbie Perspective. Merv brought up some interesting points, which got me thinking, what was my first impression of the community? Was my impression accurate or not? And did my impression cause me to worry when there was no need to?

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Finding Blogs

My biggest hurdle when I first started Book Dragons, was finding other blogs. I knew they were out there, I just had no clue where to start looking for them. It was a frustrating time, writing content and not knowing who else to blog hop to. Not knowing where to go for blogs. Other than Cait @ Paper Fury, I didn’t know any other bookblogger. Somehow I stumbled across Evelina @ Avalinah’s Books, where I saw a post that she was starting a discord group for bookblogger. I was so close to not even joining you guys *hides* but then I was like, I have nothing to lose right, so I went for it and that is one of the best choices I ever made early on in my blogging journey.

That discord group is where I’ve met so many amazing bookbloggers, I’ve made awesome friends and I love spending time on the server with everyone. It’s a support network, we support and help one another but we also talk about a lot of random stuff. It’s cool, you get to know the ones who live on the server, those who lurk and those who appear and disappear cause of school and/or life commitments.

If you’re struggling to find blogs, check the comments to a persons post, 9/10 times most of those comments are left by book bloggers. Which brings me to my next point.

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Now, I’ve been in three band fandoms, but really the only one I’m hugely active in is the RoadTrip fan base, we’re roadies. Which is why you’ll see a lot of tweets about RoadTrip *laughs sheepishly* The point is, in a lot of communities you often feel like you’re competing with one another. In the Roadie fan base, I tend to just be chill and stay out of any drama which sparks up, cause I don’t have time for that. *rolls eyes* Girls arguing over a group of boys, or turning on one another is just…I just get disappointed when that happens or when our fan base ends up arguing with another one. Like really? Is it too hard to just be happy that someone got noticed, or a DM. I digress.

The book community is like a breath of fresh air, on my twitter timeline whenever drama kicks off in the Roadie camp, cause like you’re all my people. Sure we have different opinions, different views but we all read, and from reading we’ve gotten wise; we see the world in it’s many colours, greys, and the black and white too.

What I love most is how we’re always adding to how we see this world of ours, through what we read. Over a year ago, I started this blog, before starting this blog I had no idea about how my fellow book dragons lived in other countries. How hard it is to just get a hold of books, how they don’t have close access to libraries. Being part of this community taught me so much, when all I was hoping for was a place to belong, a community who understood what it’s like to be a booklover.

We’re not perfect, sometimes we mess up, but unlike other communities, I think we handle it better. We don’t turn on one another, or at least not that I’ve ever seen, we mostly respect one anothers opinions, even if they hate our OTP we grit our teeth and go ‘yeah cool, that’s your opinion’ some of us like me, may ask why they don’t like them together where others may not want to know. I’ve yet to come across a bookblogger who wasn’t willing to help me when I asked for help.

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You’re Less Than Others

This sort of comes with the nature of blogging, whilst we LOVE supporting one another, we sometimes feel like we’re less than those blogs we hop to. We judge their content and wonder why ours sucks (newsflash – it doesn’t I promise you!), or how come they have more followers than us. We all can say if blogging is our hobby, stats shouldn’t really matter…but in a way they do matter. It validates us, and our content. Getting a like is nice, a comment makes us feel like that effort of writing, editing, formatting was all worth it.

I think at the start I did feel less than other blogs, but that was down to my terrible formatting hahaha. No really, it was crap. It‘s better now. The thing is, we all start out not really knowing what we’re doing, we do our best to read posts on how to do this and that. Do our best to make our blog look nice. You know what? Just write the posts you want to read, I’ve always loved reading discussions hence there were discussions right away on my blog. Along with tags. Review came later. It’s your blog, do it your way.

Don’t feel like you have to read a certain amount of books each week/month otherwise you’re not enough, equally with posting. We’re all in different situations, some of us can manage our time better than others, some of us may have less commitments than others. Manage what you can, you’re still doing good.

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Being Everywhere

Aha yeah, you’ll probably see a lot of us are on many social platforms. I’m most active on twitter though, it’s where I reside other than the discord group. So don’t feel like you need all the platforms. I would highly recommend going with either twitter or instagram first. As a lot of us are on both those social medias.

As for when I first started, I wasn’t overly worried about being everywhere, I already had twitter, and my twitter is used for my blog and personal use. So I already knew how twitter worked, I know a lot more about it now though. Instagram is still an on off thing for me hehe. Stories a lot of fun though hehe.

I think something that made me wary was all of the legal stuff which seemed to be needed, it’s really not scary, well…not if you follow it and if you’re stuck just ask someone. We’re more than happy to help, explain, un-confuse you etc.

purple dragon divide

The conclusion to my first impression?

I was worried about finding other blogs, worried maybe the community would turn out to be competitive. After being in band fandoms, I’d just gotten used to it. People tearing others down cause of jealously, that they got noticed by the band. I wasn’t expecting to find a community as welcoming as this one, who’ll help you if you’re stuck. bounce ideas with you when you’re lost for inspiration.

The great thing about this community? We all want to help one another, in whatever way we can, whether that’s through getting ARCs to those who are International bookbloggers, hosting giveaways or doing a guest post for someone.  We do our best to blog hop to other posts, spreading the love, at the end of the day for most of us blogging is a hobby. Not a job. Yet sometimes, it feels like a job what with all the hats we have to wear.

pink dragon divide

What was your first impression of the community? Do you remember any of your worries before joining? Share your thoughts with me in the comments ❤



26 thoughts on “My First Impression Of The Book Blogging Community

  1. This is such a lovely and thoughtful post – and I feel like you’ve touched on every part of book blogging that all of us struggle and deal with. Evelina is so generous and supportive; I’m horribly not as active on the discord group as I would like to be but it is still so valuable to me (and of course, to the community).

    I had been blogging for about a year or two before I decided to strictly blog about bookish things (although I still publish personal essays and such every now and then on my blog), so my biggest fear was that I was jumping in too late, and that I wouldn’t have anything to offer. Luckily, I quickly discovered the opposite. Like with anything, the hardest part was just starting. I will say that I’ve seen drama and nastiness on Twitter between/caused by book bloggers, but the upside to that is for every couple of negative Nancies, there are at least a dozen positive and uplifting people out there devoted to spreading the love for books and participating in constructive discussions.

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  2. Clo, as always this is a very well written post! When I started my blog, I was worried about the content. I was worried whether I would be able to write reviews or even a single discussion post! Well, we have definitely come a long way from there but there still are times when I don’t have the inspiration to read or write blog posts. They all are temporary though and I am out of these slumps pretty quickly. Something I still struggle with is scheduling posts ahead of time! I always end up writing them last moment 😭

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  3. Excellent post, Clo!
    I was so nervous once I realized how tight-knit the book blogging community was when I first started – from the outside it looked like a Cool Kids Club that I would never be able to penetrate because I started not in 2008. But I was SO PLEASANTLY SURPRISED at how wrong I was and how welcoming everyone was! After 3 months of shouting into the void on Blogspot, I moved to wordpress and started following others & interacting on their posts and twitter, and within a month I felt like I belonged.

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  4. Lovely post because i definitely am feeling these things right now. thank god I joined the discord group or else I really dont know how to find other bloggers. And it was so nice to get to know others too! *laughs* and I definitely felt less than others lol *hides*. But it is a lovely community,I’m glad i can be a part of it.


  5. This was a beautiful post, Clo! I think a lot of people are going to be able to relate. Especially on the initial difficulty of finding like-minded blogs to follow and fighting the self-doubt you feel when you discover so many amazing blogs that seem better than your own.

    To anyone feeling that way, I’d say only you can do what you do. Don’t feel like you need to copy any one else’s blog. Take inspiration where you find it, link back (it helps make friends), and you’ll eventually find your groove. No one’s blog is perfect from day one. ❤

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  6. Clo, I just read everything word by word now… it’s so relatable. Except from the discord (which i’ve uninstalled already btw since it’s no longer working on my phone) I could totally say that this post is meant for every book blogger that attempted blogging ever! Loved this!

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  7. I totally agree with everything you said. I love our discord chat, am one of those who rarely talk (these days). I love how welcoming the community is and I have not ever faced a confrontation yet in there. I think having a lot of introverts helps (just kidding)

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