Dragons Discuss: Meeting Your Dragons

Dragons Discuss is a new series that gets featured at Book Dragons and at Bookdragonism. It’s co written by the blog owners (Clo and Rain) and is all about discussing a variety of topics, sharing thoughts and opinions, as well as just having fun. 

pink dragon divide

Hey there lovelies, today I along with my lovely bookdragon friend, are launching a new series. Now the deal is, we’re going to be alternating the posts, meaning because the first post is on my blog. Next months post can be found at Rain’s blog. And we’ll keep going back forth and like that, the idea being, that it’ll help her out in building up a following. I just get the enjoyment of doing a new series with someone, you all know I love my discussions. Now don’t worry if you’re going to forget, where the post is going to be at, I’ll link it in my wrap ups, and tweet out the link for you all; as I’m sure Rain will. I’ll leave her socials below for you 🙂

So really today’s post is just well, us introducing ourselves and outlining roughly what you can expect from this series. Also just a heads up, this post will along with all the others, be colour coded. Meaning anything is purple is me, Clo ‘talking’. And blue will be Rain 🙂

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Hullo humans and bookdragons! Clo and I were fated by the heavens to meet, so we can impart the wisdom, in our bookdragon brains. I’m really excited to do this series because this is a new thing to me and Clo is a very awesome dragon to work with. Chloe and I met through a Discord chat made for book bloggers and upon knowing that we’re of the same species, we decided to collaborate so we can rule  help the world.

I am Rain (that may or may not be my real name). I am a bookdragon who has been blogging for almost two months. I love to read, write, sketch, sing, watch movies and/or tv series, and plan for world domination. I have spent most of my life waiting for my Hogwarts letter and looking out for satyrs to guide me to Camp Half-Blood. Aside from J.K. Rowling and Rick Riordan, I am an avid fan of Leigh Bardugo, V. E. Schwab, Sarah J. Maas and Maggie Stiefvater. I also spend 70% of my time traveling through fictional worlds.

I decided to start a blog because I want humans to know the bookdragon culture. I was also inspired by my favorite blogger, Cait @ Paper Fury to finally fight procrastination and publish some ideas that have been living inside my brain for a long time. I knew blogging wasn’t going to be easy but with the support of my friends and the book blogging community, I learned to really love sharing my thoughts to humans and bookdragons alike. I am also thankful that I met Chloe who gave me a chance to do this series with her. She is really worthy of the title “bookdragon”.

purple dragon divide

For those who may have stumbled over onto my blog by accident, dropping by for the first time and/or are from Rain’s blog and have no idea who I am. Hey *waves* I’m Clo, a 17 year old going on 20 something year old – apparently I have an old soul *sighs* Comes from reading, writing and being an only child I guess.

As you may notice, I’m fairly transparent in terms of what I share about myself, mainly cause I feel like that can help you reading this; connect with me better. Anyhoo, I’m a writer of stories, poems, lyrics; I draw and I’m currently taking a Graphic Design course at college (hence my graphics are all drawn by me unless stated otherwise)

You can mostly find discussions here at my blog, reviews do pop up when I get my act together that is haha. Like Rain said, we met on a group chat for bloggers (mostly bookbloggers) and we sort of realised we had a lot in common haha. Plus she’s a fellow bookdragon *chuckles* I actually did a post about why I started blogging (here) which is probably easier for you to go read, to get an idea of why I started.

This series is something we came up with doing, together and basically you get to read us two having a good ol’ chat about all sorts of topics. You guys can also suggest topics, you may want us to discuss too, just leave it in a comment at the end  or head on over to twitter and either DM us or tweet it @ one of us (or both) but use the #dragonsdiscuss hashtag 🙂

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Rain’s Socials




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If you don’t already follow me on my social media, check the sidebar at the top, my socials are little dragon eggs hehe. Due to Rain being at school, and myself going back to college, we can only post monthly, so while it may be a long wait for next post. We are doing our best, busting our tails off for you lovely lot. 



19 thoughts on “Dragons Discuss: Meeting Your Dragons

  1. Hello! Welcome to blogging! I’m. Kinda new too in a way… Been outta touch for a long while then it called back to me hahahaha Following your blog. Love your posts and your dragon theme 😊 Hope to see you on mine too! It’s hookedonbookzblog.wordpress.com See you there! Xoxo

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