Would I Ever Have A Co-Blogger?

Well. Isn’t that the question of the year. Would I ever have a co-blogger? A Co-Reviewer? A Co-Anything? Good questions, first let’s see the definitions for all of these. Then I’ll begin a breakdown of my reasons why. The inpiration for this post came from reading Briana’s post @ Pages Unbound on Why The Future of Blogging May Be Co-Blogging. Yes that post is over two years old, but it’s still a good post, and it inspired this one ❤ 

Co-blogger: Has pretty much the same rights and duties as the owner/creator of the blog.

Co-reviewer: It’s pretty much what you think it is: someone who only contributes reviews to the blog.

Guest poster: This is someone who posts maybe once a month (basically just really sporadically) on the blog with a post that is typically a review or discussion post.

~ Sourced via Midnight Blogging 101 @ YA Midnight Reads


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Originally when I started out I contemplated it, but I didn’t know anyone. I also wasn’t sure if I wanted to share my workspace. My blog is my baby, you know it’s my creative space where I get to experiment. Adding in a co-blogger would mean, sharing literally everything. Now I’m fine working with others, but erm…with my blog I have ideas of what I want to do. I like not having to answer to anyone to make sure it meets their standards (cause I would be annoying as the owner, I like things done a certain way.)

What I mean, is I’m in the process of a blog redesign. Sure having a co-blogger would maybe make things easier, but also I’d worry they’d do something wrong. So if they were reformatting old posts, I’d end up checking them anyway, not because I didn’t trust them to do a good job. But because I’m paranoid like that, I worry a lot and my dad’s instilled me this ‘if you want a job done properly, do it yourself’ so erm…I stick by it.

Also design wise…I like my pastel colours I also know it’s not for everyone. I get that, which is why I may not work with a co-blogger? If design, post ideas clash you’re not gonna get on all that well. Which makes blogging harder you know, would I ever entertain the idea?

Sure when I’m maybe older, my life situation will probably have changed or I may choose to create a blog specifically so I could have co-bloggers haha. I don’t know though, I know right now and the next year or so I won’t want a co-blogger. I’d rather spread my wings, grow as a person, blogger and learn as I go.

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See this is a more appealing for me, again though…I wouldn’t. I’m a bit of a control freak when it comes to certain things. I have certain ways of laying things, organising and sorting things. Whilst they may only post reviews…I just…no. Cause then it’s not really MY space anymore, it’d be mine and the unlucky person who has to put up with me xD

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Guest Poster/Contributor

I’d rather use the term contributor here, where someone posts whenever they feel like…resulting in me dying because PLANS! I don’t like unexpected things, appearing ok I like relative organised chaos; namely my organised chaos – which makes total sense to me. To me a guest poster is someone who writes a post for you, to post on your own blog but format it yourself. A guest poster wouldn’t have access to your actual blog haha. I wouldn’t really go with a contributor though, since they’d need access to the blog and admin…paranoia again. Control. Inner perfectionist. Can we see a pattern?

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With all that being said though, I think maybe in a couple of years. Like when I’m in my early 20’s things may change. *chuckles* Sorry I’m just laughing knowing how a lot of my blogging friends would be in their late 20’s by then and older hehe. Made me giggle. The bottom line is, this blog was originally created for me to have a way to share my thoughts and feelings on things. It was a ways to empty my brain out of all the ideas, thoughts and opinions buzzing inside me.

Whilst a co-blogger can offer a new voice, different perspective and a different vibe to your blog. Right now I feel like I’m fine juggling everything myself, I have a support network of wonderful bloggers, whom I love dearly. I have enough ideas currently to sink a decent sized boat. That’s excluding the backlog of reviews I gotta write.

I would however, not mind being a co-blogger on someone else’s blog. I don’t mind conforming to their formatting preferences, etc. In fact I’m more than happy to take on that role, just not having one on my own blog thanks.

pink dragon divide

Well that was a rather honest post, I feel like. Now we know I’d not have a co-partner of any kind on my blog – at least right now. But I would be happy co-blogging with someone else, on their blog (still keeping my own blog on the go too – yes I have death wish). Would you guys have a co-blogger? Would you be a co-blogger on someone else’s blog? Let me know ❤



50 thoughts on “Would I Ever Have A Co-Blogger?

      • So far I have not taken… Because if I don’t like their post, how would I tell them? It becomes an all-together sticky situation. Though I have written a couple of guest posts, but it is always on invitation.
        I am a bit possessive and slightly narcissistic to want this to be my exclusive blog.. But at the same time, I may just change my mind if the book blogger is a close friend or an author who writes well…
        An unknown book blogger – I wouldn’t be at all comfortable with.

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        • literally me *dies* I think you could always talk through with them about their topic/type of guest post before hand. For instance, when I go into accepting them, I’ll only accept discussion based. And as long as I can format it my way, I got no problem with what they discuss. But that’s just me 🙂

          Yeah unknown bloggers I’d be more wary of cause like ‘how did you find me and what are you after’ type thing xD still I don’t mind if I know them, or have spoken to them in the comments on posts/on twitter etc


  1. I doubt I’d ever have a co anything on my blog, maybe a guest post that is planned and organised w a blogger I read and trust but otherwise N E V E R my blog is my baby!! I love this post ❤️❤️

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  2. Haha I had one guest post and it worked fine. I got the contribution via email and formatted it myself 🙂 Maybe I would have a co-reviewer myself sometime, but not now. They have to get the hang of Ultimate Book blogger hahahaha.

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    • Wooo for guest posting! Oof I’ve got access to Soph’s dashboard (Bookwyrming Thoughts) cause I offered to help reformat old posts xD and I took one look at UBB and wanted to run, that is a MONSTER and it looks ready to eat me hehe


  3. I like having my blog be mostly my own content but I don’t mind guest posts/collaborations. Just the other day a friend and I watched a movie and reviewed it on each others blogs. I would say if you’re worried about giving access to your blog to ppl you can just post the content yourself and mention it’s a guest post that way ppl know it’s not yours. You don’t have to give access to your blog to others. Likewise GPs and Collabs can be planned bt you and friends. Though it seems more like all that isn’t the issue and you just prefer to keep your blog your own. Just remember that there’s different ways to do things in case you ever change your mind, you don’t have to do it like everyone else, nice post!

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    • Haha yeah I know bout that, I’m working on collabs, and I’m fine with guest posts but like having someone as a contributor who would have access to my blog, unless I knew them fairly well I’d not trust them. Plus I like my layouts…my style and yeah xD

      Thanks for reading! ❤

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  4. Great post!

    I think I definitely would love to do a buddy read, co-post, podcast (two or more people even– around a book– or like when a series wraps up– like Talking Dead Style or something), or guest bloggers or co-blogger temp or if it worked out you could unit the forces (Ok sorry DC slipped in there somewhere)… and have like a six blogger ring that is named under a banner or something… why not? There’s power numbers… I think you just have to make sure, in that last scenario, that everyone knows each other well enough and long enough to trust each other’s commitment, content and personality- and that your strengths and weaknesses compliment each other.

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  5. I’ve thought about looking for a co-blogger because my blog is a massive amount of work. I’m a control freak, though. Guest posts would be great, but I don’t know if I could blog with someone long-term.

    I used to be a co-blogger on a blog about the history and ethics of capital punishment. (Random topic, I know.) One of the reasons the blog died was because some of the bloggers never got their posts done on time. The posts required a lot of research. Eventually, running the blog wasn’t fun anymore. It was like one of those horrible group projects in school where one or two people do all the work and the others slack off.

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  6. Loved this post Chloe! I think I am same as you. I can’t share my blog with anyone.. not yet. Being an owner gives you many privileges and you certainly don’t want to share with anyone else. Sharing this space with anyone else would certainly make it more chaotic for me.
    However, I am open to the idea of guest post. I haven’t done it till now but soon I may 😊 In a guest post, you always have the control of the final text and overall post format.


  7. No, absolutely not. I’m still obsessing over the things I posted myself! Much less if anyone else did! haha I am a guess reviewer on another blog, but it’s a totally different genre and even though I have access to post, I conform to their blog. That’s okay so I wouldn’t mind having someone guest review on my blog. Although, like you, I probably would want the post sent to me to format myself. Oh boy. My OCD is showing. hahaha

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  8. I don’t think I want that as well myself. Not now anyways because I haven’t found my voice and blog identity yet so yeah. I’m open to having one though if we will compliment each other. I’m not that much of a control freak, just have to know how I want my blogging to go 🙂

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  9. I’ve done the contributor thing on my blog before and I realized you have to REALLY like the person contributing. I feel like with any of these though, it’d be the same… you’d either love or hate the experience, with no in between option available! For me, there’s probably only a couple of people I could share any part of my blog with and be happy about it. Otherwise, I’m like you… I’m definitely too controlling for all that!

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  10. Yep, I was the same. And then Alex came along; at first I “jokingly” asked if he wanted to post on my blog – I was thinking like, once per two weeks/once a month ?? But, he was clearly into it and asked for two days a WEEK ! 😂Though it was cute my boyfriend was hyped on joining on my baby, I wasn’t intending to leave him such a big place .. but then it wasn’t that bad as i’m keeping my three days, and he has two ; so in the end the blog posts 5 days a week !! and I only even has to panic about my owns,which remains unchanged.. so win/win !

    I also second on the fear of them messing up.. and I have a solution (kind of). You see, i’m the owner; so I have AAALL the rights. Alex have the “author” role, meaning he can edit/plan/post/comment and have pictures in posts, etc.. but only on HIS posts. That way, even if I do trust him, I know 100% he cannot mess up my tags/categories or posts and my drafts will remain there untouched until I say so (as we all know how I love put my reviews in draft..).
    So far he’s done a great job! understood the scheduling, tagging, and my beloved read more — and havent skipped a post so far ! ❤

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