7 Things Only A Bookdragon Will Understand

*looks sheepish* ok so I’m pretty sure none of you will know this, unless you have a habit of checking people’s archives. But one of my first posts was 7 Things Only A Bookworm Will Understand. It’s pretty bad…in terms of formatting. Just warning you all cause I don’t think I’ll have gotten round to reformatting the post by the time this one goes up. Anyway, Bookworms and Bookdragons, similar but not the same. So here are 7 things you can ONLY understand if like myself, you’re a Bookdragon.

pink dragon divide

You Want To Eat Someone
For Calling You A Worm

I didn’t used to be like this, in fact for a while I was content being called a bookworm. I think a lot of us, cause like yeah, the person’s stating a piece of our identity. But then again, bookworm isn’t exactly a derogatory term where I live. I know in other countries it is frowned upon to be a bookworm, which is pretty sad. But understandable, considering the words origin is a way of insulting people who love reading. Since there are actual ‘bookworms’ which erm, burrow into paper, eat paper and basically destroy books.

Don’t google it, it’s horrifying and it still makes me paranoid slightly. Anyway, I was alright for years with the term. Cause I guess we sort of owned the term, despite it’s not very nice meaning. But then I realised something, we never came up with the term for ourselves. It was created for us, to shame us for doing what we love most.

We don’t burrow into the pages, we breathe the pages, like the story is our oxygen, the words our blood. We are beautiful people, all of us, and we all share the uncanny ability to be empathetic, to be slightly insane yet we tend to have hearts of gold. The books shape us, mould us, teach us many lessons. We’ve seen so many words, travelled to so many places yet in reality…we were maybe sat in our comfy chair with a candle lit. To us, we could be fighting demons, learning magic.

My point is…we are dragons. We are fierce, we are strong, yet gentle, together we’re unstoppable. So when calls me a bookworm, it almost feels like an insult, almost.

mugs divide
You Hoard Books

Do worms hoard things? No. Do dragons hoard things? Yes. Usually shiny things, or just things in general. We all hoard books, no matter the format, we tend to have this desire to collect them. Protect them like they’re our baby dragons. It’s ok, it’s natural to hiss at people (or growl) if they touch your favourite/special book. Dragons, we hoard things, collect things both physical and mental. Dragons are wise, we’re also pretty wise people I mean we read. We’re getting to live many lives, which in turn broadens are own knowledge and understanding of the world, different cultures, topics and so much more.

purple dragon divide

You Live In A Den

We have dens. Or lairs. Either way, we don’t have burrows or tunnels in the ground do we. Like come on, how are we going to stash all our stuff in underground tunnels for a worm? We’re not. We can expand our lairs, which is always helpful. Not only that, we tend to decorate our lairs with posters, bookish merch, along with shelves and bookcases. Our dens are our homes, they’re where we reside usually whilst we travel places.

mugs divide

Constantly Flying To New Places

Just think about how long a worm would take getting anywhere, like they can move don’t get me wrong. But we FLY places, we’re usually already gone by the time people have realised we’re checked out for the day *chuckles* So whether it be in books or in life, we’re usually busy…always travelling somehow to somewhere.

purple dragon divide

Prone To Torching People Who
Hate On Your Ship

We all experience it, we run into someone who really doesn’t like our OTP in a series. They also may have caught you at a bad time, and you hear or read what they have to say and BAM. You defend your ship, throwing insults at their ship like it’s your target practice. Hitting bullseye every time and then WHOOSH they’re up in flames. Then you remember how to be a respectful dragon, so somehow you grovel away at the person saying you’re sorry. That it’s a sensitive topic for you, cause YOU WILL DIE ON THE HILL FOR THIS SHIP. 

mugs divide

You’re Majestic

Seriously though, dragons are majestic creatures. Us bookdragons are majestic, deadly but we’re those cute dragons, that fool everyone; if you know what I mean *winks* A worm is fooling no one, you’re simply a worm that wiggles and looks pretty damned gross.

purple dragon divide

Dragons Are Definitely Related To Magpies

Look we all love pretty things, shiny covers and we’re sold. Stained edges and we’ll buy another copy just to have those pretty stained edges. Or what about those limited/exclusive editions?! Are you looking at this with heart eyes? I’m thinking of my pretty editions thinking, how I’d probably curl over them to protect them. Typical bookdragon thing that is.

mugs divide

We Don’t Sleep

In life, we learn to make sacrifices, often us bookdragons will chuck sleep out of the list of priorities. Why? Well, we’re majestic being who can function on little or no sleep for a while, we also have much to do. 

Dragons To Do List: 

  • Read ALL the books
  • Eat
  • Hoard books
  • Protect the books and shiny jewels
  • Read blog posts and travel to other blogs to share some dragon-ly love, usually in the form of screaming with ALL CAPS ON MWAHAHAHA

*clears throat* as you can see, no room to fit sleep into our schedule. So we chuck it out and wait till we absolutely need it. Logic that.

pink dragon divide

Wheeee so that’s my 7 things done. I do feel like we all start of as reader, then slowly we evolve into bookworms then we reach that stage of saying. You know What? I am a dragon, you can’t control me non readers watch me as I soar. Hehe, maybe I’ll do a post on the evolution of a reader. May be fun, no?

Let me know if you’re a reader, a worm or a dragon and your reasons why. If you’re a dragon, can you relate to my points? Have I missed anything? Let me know in the comments you wonderful dragons. (you’re all dragons in my eyes)




24 thoughts on “7 Things Only A Bookdragon Will Understand

    • we’ve all been there, we call ourselves a bookworm thinking you know that’s our identity but it was an identity created for us by others who thought less of those who read. So we’re dragons. You gotta go through that stage of feeling like a bookworm before you can be a dragon tho!

      Thankssss glad you enjoyed it! ❤


    • I always had a feeling it had been used as a derogatory term before, but I did google it and it was. It’s sad you know, cause whilst you could argue that we’ve taken that word back. In some countries it’s still used as a derogatory word :/

      Hence bookdragon being a thing, at least for me cause its a term us readers came up with to describe ourselves ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  1. That was awesome! I really get it. Bookworm is in no way accurate. I’ve been hoarding books for 30 years! From golden books and RL Stine to fancy hard copies of The Wizard of Oz series and more. Thanks for giving me a better explanation of it 😁

    Liked by 1 person

    • BOOK DEVOURER sounds so cool, I think as long as we read the books we want it’s really no one else’s place to tell us what we should and shouldn’t read. Nor should they feel like it gives them the right to shame us and say bad things, just cause we read say romance or fantasy.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I am a dragon and I relate to this post sm. I mean I hoard books, live in a den (aka my room), I come @ ppl who dare to say ill things about my OTP(s), I like shiny things and I do not sleep. What is this sleep you speak of and where can I get some?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. LOL! This was hilarious.
    Yes, indeed, i don’t live in a tunnel. I have a cave 😀 Full of books.
    And of course i don’t even remember what sleeping feels like anymore.
    People tend to think i’m cute… but that’s just an illusion. The dragon is just waiting to come out, given the right opportunity 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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