Why Do Bookbloggers Really Write Reviews?

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As any other bookblogger, I go blog hopping now and then. One of my recent discoveries is The Well Thumbed Reader, the blogger is currently taking a break indefinitely I believe. But she has HUGE variety of discussion posts, I’m a discussion post junkie, I love them. This post she did on Who Are Reviews Really For? Got me thinking, several things.

1) I started out blogging with tags and discussion posts, reviews came a few months later and even now I’m not the biggest ‘reviewer’ out there

2) Reviews statistically are usually the least viewed type of post we produce as book loggers

3) So why do we bother if hardly anyone reads our reviews?

The 3rd point, is what brought me to this post. Why do we bother, spending hours trying to form coherent sentences for a review, spend ages finding graphics and formatting the posts. If we don’t get the views? It’s an excellent question, one I think I’ve always asked myself since starting my blog. And since I started out not posting reviews, I figured this would be a fitting discussion, considering my blog turns 1 this Thursday (16th Aug).

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We Have Sieves For A Memory

Look, there’s nothing that irks me more, than people asking me what happened in the book I read say last night and me not being able to remember it. Typically I’m alright at remembering the overall storyline, the details I’m usually fuzzy on, but I’m alright with the general gist. Character names? Yeah well…depends on the genre and if they even look pronounceable *chuckles* The thing you have to remember, is we read a lot of books, like even reading 3 books a month or just 1 is a lot when we have a blog to run, lives to live, THINGS TO DO and I’m already a scatter brain with dates. Honestly, dates and the time, I usually have no idea what date it is or the time.

A review can serve as a memory jogger for us, cause we don’t have TIME to keep reread the books that came before a sequel ok!? We just don’t, no matter how much we want to, so a review means we remember what happened before and then can dive into the next book in the series. (lowkey think they should just not make us wait, 69 thousand years for a sequel though. Like really? I want to read that book NOW, cause I obviously have nothing else to read.)

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Share Our Rage and Love

I personally am more likely to read a review for a book, if I’ve read it. I’ve never been one to read what other people thought and decide whether to borrow/buy it based off of reviews, I tend to base my thoughts on the blurbs. I always enjoy reading other people’s thoughts and opinions on a book, it’s interesting to me, as I know not everyone will love/hate the same books. I also love being able to find fellow dragons, who’ve read a book or series I have and I can fan girl with. Or like rant with, cause let’s face it; we could just do it alone, to a wall or our computer screen (although we are also ranting and screaming into a void with blogging but sssssh no one knows).

But having other people to do it with. It gives you a sense of belonging, they’re not gonna think you’re weird for loving fictional characters. Or for not being able to pronounce places in a Fantasy series, cause let’s be real, our brains make up pronunciations for the weird words. It (our brains) doesn’t care if it’s right or wrong haha.

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Free Books

Oh look, yes, some of us will be doing reviews in exchange for free books. Does that make us bad people? No. It makes us human, we don’t have a surplus of £300 to afford all the books we want to read. Some of us get through books really quickly, others go slower, the point is we’re not made of money.

Books are expensive, what we love doing is an expensive hobby. International folk have it harder, because the new releases may not be readily available where they live. So the only way they can get access is through requesting an eARC, in exchange for having that ARC (Advanced Readers Copy) they’ll do a review. Yes we’ll be honest, because at the end of the day, we’re not about to say something’s brilliant if we felt it fell flat. We’re likely to explain our reasons why, we may not have loved it, along with why another person may love it.

But the ability to get free books, is a factor in why we probably do reviews. We get more books, for free, in exchange we give an honest review on our blog. Not bad.
Overall I think it’s a combination of these three points, that are our reasons why, we write reviews. Yes they’re not the most viewed for our blog, unless it’s maybe a blog tour, but at the end of the day.

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Stats are nice, I didn’t start blogging for the stats, I came for the people. I joined to find others like me, who are in love with books. I stayed because I can’t stop blogging. I stayed because the community makes me feel like I belong, you are all my people. No matter what you post on your blog, no matter if you’re just starting out or you’ve been going for 8+ years. I love you, keep reading and remember. Reviews aren’t the only type of post you can write and share, stats aren’t the end of the world.

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I’m sure I’ve missed a few other points, but these were the main points that came to mind. So tell me – why do you write reviews? I write them to share my love and rage as well as for myself. Cause my memory is awful…also cause I like collections my reviews a mini collection. I need help, I know haha.

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39 thoughts on “Why Do Bookbloggers Really Write Reviews?

  1. I was reading this post and was like YES! EXACTLY! hahaha Those are all the reasons why I still try to write reviews, also sometimes I just like to remember how I felt reading a book and it’s really nice that we can immortalize those feelings in a review!

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  2. Lovely post! Yes you are right, the reviews get the lowest views but still I love writing and reading them. I write reviews for the same reason as yours. I like to share ny opinions about the particular book with people around. I love to hear their feedback. I don’t always read every review of others either but I definitely read the ones which belong to my interested genres.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Simant! ❤ Yeah I love writing reviews like when I get in the zone, I have fun I think it's secretly cause I'm in love with stars and my new graphics (which means I'll be formatting all my old reviews shortly hehe) but I agree with you, hearing what others thought of the same book is always fun and interesting 🙂

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  3. I’ve started writing audiobook reviews cause in my national audible none can be found for English audiobooks and when I googled I couldn’t find one either. So I wasn’t sure whether to spend money on it or not.

    Feel you on reading reviews of books I hated 😀 nothing better than raging together!


  4. I write reviews mainly to share my passion and my thoughts on the book. Hopefully to help other readers to make an enlightened choice too and yes to push my favorite authors 😉

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  5. I agree with all the points! At the end of the day, I treat book reviews as discussion posts as well, only, we get to discuss a specific book. I think it’s all about perspective really. And I also have a feeling that part of what contributes to the low page views of reviews would be the sheer amount of books out there. If you are not aware of any given book or haven’t read it yet, it’s hard to bond over it.

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  6. Love this post! Doesn’t matter if it’s a month or a year old 😉 TO answer your question, I think it’s our passion for books that makes us do what we do 🙂 To share our love of and for reading!

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